Football party, with many guests, later today.

Football party, with many guests, later today.

This morning our teacher dropped by to see how preparations were going for the football game party. As I cleaned house I overheard my wife and our teacher discussing party games.

How does that point after kick work my wife asked
Let me show you our teacher said

They came into the living room where I was and made me strip off all my clothes and hand them to my wife. Then I had to spread ,y legs. Spread them as wide as I could without falling. Then I placed my hands over my head and pressed ,y palms together in a fashion the refs use to signal a safety I was told.

Then out teacher demonstrated the point after kick and as she talked she lifted her shoe and made contact with my manhood. The chastity cage I wear somewhat protected my cock. Except for those sharp plastic points that reminded me they were still there.

But my ball sack did not fare as well. My balls are exposed and when she kicked, she hit a home run by making firm contact with my balls. Or should I say she kicked my balls through the uprights.

I missed that can you show me again my wife asked.

Our teacher told me to assume the position and she kicked my balls again. This time she kicked harder than last and my balls paid the price.

What if there is a field goal my wife asked.

Get back in position our teacher said. Spread you legs wider she told me. As I stood there she said to me, close your eyes. So I stood there naked. My legs spread so far I was about to fall. My hands pressed together and over my head. My eyes closed and my mouth was quivering in anticipation.

What if it is an over 50 yard field goal attempt my wife asked.

Our teacher demonstrated by kicking me so hard that I fell down on my face. The pain was too much for me this morning.

What about the opening kick my wife asked as I was rolled up in a ball on the floor.

Get up our teacher said to me. I’ve got one more kick to show you. I struggled to get up. My body was filled with fear and pain. Spread your legs wide she said. Wider she insisted. This ball has a long way to go she said. I spread my legs to the point my male anatomy could not spread any further. Then our teacher told my wife to take my hands and hold them behind my back. We don’t want you falling again our teacher said to me. Now closed your eyes.

I stood there for a couple minutes and the sweat formed on my naked flesh. I already got kicked so hard in the balls that I crumbled to the floor. Now I was standing there, awaiting what I feared ,might be an even stronger kick.

Than I felt a hand on my balls. I could tell the hand was my teachers because my wife was holding both my hands behind my back. Hold still my wife said. Keep your eyes closed. It’s coming she said.

Then I felt a set of lips kiss my ball sack. A second or two later my entire ball sack was inside my teachers mouth. My wife continued to hold my hands as out teacher proceeded to fondle and toy with my balls.

Want to cum for me I heard a voice say from down between my legs. Oh yes Mistress I said. Then do it she said. Cum for me. Cum fir me now. Her finger found her way in my ass and against my prostate. Her mouth had one ball in her wet mouth and while her teeth dug into one ball, her fingernails dug into the other.

Cum for me. Jack those hips. Cum for me now.

I was in a predicament in more ways than you can imagine. I was standing in the middle of the room, stark naked. My legs were spread painfully wide and my wife was holding my hands behind my back. Our teacher, my Mistress was between my legs. Most likely on her knees. My eyes were closed as our teacher was toying with my manhood and giving e a prostate exam at the same time.

I was pumping my hips, like I was fucking a woman. I have not done it for awhile but I still recall how it’s done.

As all of this was going on my cock was filling with bl**d and growing in ways, shouting to the world, here it comes. But as anyone in chastity knows, the cock may want to grow and spray its male juices buy the walls of the chastity cage has a different thought. And most if not all the time, the walls of the chastity cage win out.

I can’t. I can’t I cried as I stood there trying with all my might to cum as I was told.

My wife whispered in my ear. Soon you’ll be cumming. I want you inside of me tonight. Your going to take me to bed. I’m going to spread my legs for you. And I want you to fuck me. Fuck my pussy good and hard. Fuck me like your life depends on it.

As my wife kissed me our teacher let go of my balls and stood before us. I want you to fuck me too my Mistress said. I heard you can make a woman scream. Show me what you can do with your cock she said. My wife than said to me. I want to watch this. You’ve watched men fuck me. Now I get to watch you fuck women. You better do good she said to me. Make me proud. Otherwise I’ll see to it that you are locked in chastity again. And instead of only 7 days, how does 6 months sound. 6 months of chastity for you. I opened my eyes, oozed into her face. And I could clearly tell she was serious.

Now go take a shower. Your owner will be here soon. She has the key to your chastity. If your nice, she’ll let your manhood free. You do want that chastity cage off don’t you she asked me. Yes dear. More than anything. We’ll see my wife said. You best be ready to kiss her feet and kiss her ass. Your life depends on it my wife said. I want your cock back inside me. But if your locked in chastity, you leave me no choice but to fuck other men.

I’m horny. Real horny. What’s it going to be. Will you be the one. Will you do your husbandly duties and fill my sexual desires. Or will you remain locked in chastity. Continuing to wear ladies undergarments around the house. And make you watch other men, REAL MEN, use their cocks to probe my pussy.

I want sex with Real Men and real men are not chaste like you. There will be cocks in pussies here. Every day and every night there will be cocks in pussies. I want you to be the one to fuck me. Be the husband I married. Fuck your wife. I want you to climb on top of me and drive your cock home. I want hard sex. I want it rough. I want you to hurt me. Make me feel so god. I want you out of that cage. Otherwise I’ll keep having men drop by and you can watch as they take your wife. Watch them slap me around. Bite down on my nipples. Shove their cocks in me so hard that I scream. Than watch as their juices dribble out of my pussy.

If you remain in chastity I promise you, you will get laid too. I’ll see to it that your ass feels what my pussy craves. Every morning and every night I’ll see to it your pussy is fucked hard with cocks. I have cocks in the other room you know. I have friends, female friends whom I sure would gladly bend you over and fuck your ass. Would you fuck my husband my wife asks our teacher.

Call me and I’ll gladly fuck him for you. Then the teacher looks at me. I’ll fuck him so hard that he squeals like a pig. I’ll make him scream my name as I ram my cock up his pussy. Then our teacher tells me, I have cocks that will split you in two. We won’t need no lube. You’ll be on your knees, sucking my cocks. Then you will bend over. Spread your cheeks. And beg me to fuck you. I would rather have you fuck me but if you are chaste, I promise you and I promise your wife, I’m ready willing and able to fuck you anytime, anywhere, anyplace. You’ll be my botch. I’ll slap you around as I lead you around by the leash. I’ll do things to you that will make you hate me. I’ll let your wife watch as I destroy you. I know things you don’t know. And trust me I have men that fear me today. One touch. One look and I’ll have you on your knees begging for mercy. Just think about it. If your in chastity. Your life will never be the same. Your wife says six months. I say lock you up for one year. Give me the key. Make me your owner. And I promise you some of the most sexual encounters you could ever imagine. I may even keep you for a few days. Let my girlfriends and boyfriends have their way with you. Not one of them will be nice to you. You’re be a dog to everyone of them. If your wife says lock you back up. I want to be there. I want to see your face as that lock is turned and we all hear the click of the lock as it closes shut.

My wife kissed me and said it’s your choice. Be good and let your cock hang free. If not, I saw a much smaller cock cage at the store. I’ll gladly buy it for you as my Valentine’s Day present to you. And I’ll see to it that your Mistress here remains your Mistress for another year, And not only that, I like her idea. You will offer her the only key to your chastity. I want her to own you for one year. She’ll make you a bitch and a cocksucker all in one. My pussy will be filled with any man I desire. And your pussy. Well let’s just say you’re the bitch. You take whatever is given to you. I think I enjoy watching you spread your legs for a man. How about a big black man. One with muscles and a cock that hangs down to his knees. Let’s see you take that thing over and over again.

I did. It hurt at first but he held me down and made me take it all. He gets off on rough sex. We’ve done it before and I’ve asked him to do I’ll again. He said he’s got a couple friends with a little bit smaller cocks. As I was on my knees before him I said bring them both I said. One in my mouth. One in my pussy. And one in my ass. You may have to slap me around o make me take them all. I promise they will slap the shit out of you and f***e you to take it all.

I tell you this because he will do this to you. If you go back in chastity. If you are my chaste husband again, I promise you I’ll find men and women who will fuck you so hard you will crawl into a corner and cry.

So you decide. Become my husband again. Take that chastity cage off and fuck me like a husband should. Or get yourself locked in chastity again and I can assure you at least one year treatments you will never forget.

My wife walked away and went into the kitchen. Well what’s it going to be. You want to fuck me or do you want your wife to fuck you. You fuck me and I’ll give you nothing but pleasure. You let your wife fuck you and she will hurt you. I’ll see to that.

I looked at my Mistress ad she said don’t answer now. Your owner will be here soon. Get ready to get on your knees and beg her forgiveness. I hear she has a soft spot in her heart for you. I’ll tell you though. If I had the key. If I was your owner. I would make you do things you would hate me for the rest of your life. I’ve only had you for 30 days. I was just your teacher. You put that chastity cage back on. You hand me the key and I let it hang between my breasts. I can assure you these past 30 days were kindergarten. You get back in my class and I’ll let you see the advanced level. As your wife says, the choice is yours. Sex with your wife and I. Pleasure you can only imagine. Or hand me the key to your new chastity and pay the price. She kissed me on the lips for at least 30 seconds. I felt her tongue inside my mouth as she kissed. As she parted lips she said I can be nice or I can be mean. She then squeezed my balls and said you decide. Now go take a shower. I may have you on your knees, licking my pussy when you get out. Then she slapped my bare ass and said go. I watched her walk into the kitchen as I walked behind, on my way to the bathroom.

This was my morning. How was yours?

96% (13/1)
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