Tribute to my teacher

This is a tribute to the Lady who accepted the challenge from my wife and I to help teach us both and allow us to experience some sides of the kinky lifestyle. After spending time with us in conversation she accepted the challenge but warned us things are not always what they seem. She said, as our teacher, she may show us things or make us do things we may not like. She explained the benefits of keeping an open mind. She went onto explain that as our teacher she would not be a Lady. She would instead quite often be cruel and sadistic. There would be times she added that we might feel we hate her guts. Nothing personal she said. When she plays she said she lives to see her play toys cry and scream. She gets off on not only inflicting pain but sitting back and watching others inflict pain upon her play toys. My wife and I discussed it and told our future teacher to let her hair down. Neither of us wanted her to hold back. We wanted the full effect. Don’t hold back we said. We are mature enough and secure enough in our relationship that we accept what will happen. Whatever that may be.

In the last 30 days my wife and I have experienced aspects of both the Dominant and the submissive side. My wife spent about 80 % of her time as a dominant and I spent abut 99% of the time as a submissive.
Our teacher pushed buttons and tested our limits. Not only did she do this personally but she arranged for others to join in our lessons.

Ur 30 day contract is almost over. There will be a graduation ceremony taking place very soon. For me to graduate, I must survive a gauntlet. The rules I have been told will include the upcoming Super Bowl game.
At the graduation ceremony my wife, our teacher, the store clerk who still holds the key to the chastity cage locked on my manhood. Along with at least 7 other guests at the teachers choosing. Right now there will be ten guests total. Maybe upwards of 20 I have been told. No idea if they will be men, women or a combination of both.

The way the super Bowl comes into play I was told is that the final score of both teams will be added up. Say the games ends in a low score of 7 to 6. The total would then be 13. But if it is a high scoring game, such as 28 to 24. Than the total would be 52.

For the gauntlet, I will be stripped naked. My arms and legs will be stretched out in an “X” fashion and chains will secure my limbs. A metal spreading gag will be placed in my mouth. I had one in my mouth recently. My mouth is stretched in such a way that I can breath freely but not allowed to speak what so ever. Than a hood will be placed over my head and secured. I also had this hood on for size. No one can see my face and there is an option to snap a blindfold over my eyes if they desire.

In the room will be a table or tables with instruments of pain and torture piled upon the table or tables.

The number of the football score total will be announced and each guest gets choose one or more of the instruments and strike them upon my naked flesh, as many times as the final score was. So let’s say 20 guests. The final score was 50. That would mean I have to endure over 1000 strikes with a multitude of pain giving and torture devices.

To choose who gets to go first, a bingo ball cage will be used. Each guest will have a number ball in the cage. The age will spin and the first ball to drop, that will be who gets first crack at me. The guests will have balls at the ceremony. I still have no balls I am told.

Then if I survive that ordeal, the guests will be asked who wants to have their way with me. One hour alone, in a private room. Anything goes they will be told. Like in Vegas, what happens in that room, stays in that room. The offer will go out to men, women. Anyone there. I must agree to not only submit but agree to 60 minutes of no holds barred. Anything goes with whomever the bingo balls decide. Limits will be agreed upon prior but in reality it will be anything goes.

Than after the 60 minutes, we will both emerge from the room and I will take my place, in the center of the room and kneel before all the guests. While I kneel there a vote will take place to decide if I graduated or not. Then I hear, something I’m not happy about will take place. A new chastity cage will be brought into the room and handed to my wife as a graduation present. She will also be given the key. Then, as I kneeling before these guests, they will discuss out loud, should I be locked back into chastity. My fate rests in the hands of these guests. My wife will have final veto on the vote one way or another. If they decide I am to be chaste again. My wife will come forward and hand me the cage. I will then slip into the chastity in full view of the guests. As I stand there, showing off the new toy, my wife will hand me the lock with the orders to secure the cage.

Then if I’m once again locked in chastity, my wife will have a decision to make. She will have three options. One option is she will place the chain around her neck and the key will take it’s home between her breasts.

The second option is she will choose someone else to hold the key and she will place the chain around that persons neck.

The third option is she will let the balls decide. Anyone who might want to carry the key will place their numbered ball in the bingo cage. The cage will be spun and which ever numbered ball comes out first. I will offer the key personally to that person.

The first two parts of the gauntlet I can live with. I’ll take the beating. At the same time hoping for a low scoring football game. I’ll accept the 60 minutes with whomever alone and behind closed doors. But the third, if given a choice, I would say no. My wife and I discussed this and she says she is willing to go along with it. I told her I’m not happy but if she is happy, I’ll agree to all three.

So the first two are set. I know I’ll be chained and quite possibly tortured by many individuals. Then comes 60 minutes, alone with someone, behind closed doors, for who knows what. The other guests will be just outside the room and can hear what goes on. So I’m not afraid of that. Just concerned about the unknown and with someone unknown.

The third part I place my future in the hands of these guests. Will I have balls when I leave the party or will I once again suffer the hell and torment of living a chaste lifestyle. And if I am once again chaste. Who will hold the key and how long will I remain in chastity this time.

My wife and I have both signed a contract agreeing to all three. Whatever happens, happens. My teacher has warned me she may well likely go beyond the score of the football game. So matter what the score she says she plans to hurt me. She reminded my wife and I that we both asked her to let her hair down. Don’t hold back we told her. So in front of everyone their, she says nothing personal but she will see to it my flesh has marks to remind us days later of the ordeal. I looked at my wife. My wife looked at the teacher. My wife said do it. The teacher looked at me and said I promise you pain. I know you can handle it. So get ready I’ll be the Bitch that tears you down. don’t worry. You’ll thank me for it later.

So this is in tribute to my teacher. She’s done so much in such a short amount of time. I could not pay her enough for all she has done. I can only call her Mistress. Let them chain me up in restraints and let the chips fall where they may. My wife has stood beside me during these past 30 days and I’m sure she will continue to stand beside me. Even if I am kneeling naked before her.
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