Attitude adjustment

This story is true. The names have been changed out of privacy

My wife and I are delving more into the lifestyle. She found someone that lives nearby that has agreed to help us learn more.

This is a story about a recent attitude adjustment session.

My wife took me to this place where we met three other women. The four ladies sat down in the living room My wife joined one of the ladies on the couch. The other two ladies were seated on chairs on either side of the couch. I was told to stand in the middle of the room. Facing the couch. My hands clasped behind my back and my head bowed..

The four ladies chatted about 3 minutes about how men are pigs. That men needed to learn who was in charge in the world. Then I heard it. Slave the lady next to my wife spoke. I looked up. Why are you still dressed she asked. Did someone give you permission to wear clothes around us she asked. No I said. No what she asked. Mo Mistress I replied.

That’s better. Now take off all your clothes. Fold them up nice and neat. Place them in the corner. You disgust us with your clothes on. You just added more to your punishment. Now stand here naked before us. A proper slave. Hands behind your back. Head bowed to the floor. Don’t speak. Don’t move. Don’t do anything without our permission. We need to discuss your disrespectful attitude and think of ways to properly punish you.

So about 15 minutes I stood naked before them. I heard them talking about me and I felt so ashamed, so embarrassed to be standing naked before three women I never met before today. And all the time knowing my wife was sitting there watching and listening to everything.

Then it happened. The lady sitting on the couch with my wife got my attention. Slave. Get on your hands and knees. Crawl over to the other side of the room. Pick up a paddle from table number one. Crawl back over to me. Stand before me, at my feet. Beg me to punish you as you offer me the paddle.

As I stood there, I felt humiliated standing bare naked before this stranger, asking her to paddle my ass. After a few minutes of pleading, she accepted the paddle from my hands. As I had my hands outstretched to give her the paddle she said to me. This is your first time. I was only going to give you 25 swats. But since you disrespected me by keeping your clothes on, I decided you deserve 50 swats. I looked over to my wife who was sitting right next to this woman.

You have not learned yet have you slave the women next to my wife said. I looked back at the women. You look away when I’m talking to you. That is further disrespect. Just for that you get 100 swats on your bare ass from me. And your wife will hold you down as I punish you.

I’m then directed to the overstuffed chair in the room. I’m told to lay myself over the back of the chair with my head towards the seat. My wife is told to sit in the chair and hold me down. I am sprawled over the back of the chair. The paddle hurts and the pain causes tears. I’m crying as I’m getting spanked and my wife holds me down. Ordering me to stay still, while this stranger paddles my upturned bare ass.

The lady finishes and drops the paddle at my feet. She walks to the couch, sits down and starts to consume her drink.

Stand slave she says. My wife gets up off the chair and I stand up. Get over here. Kneel before me and properly thank me. I kneel before the lady who just paddled my ass. And she raises her foot. Kiss my feet. Thank me for your punishment. I feel my wife sit back beside this woman. I’m now on my knees. My freshly paddled red ass is glowing behind me. I’ve got my tongue and lips all over this lady I never met before. And to top it all off, my wife is sitting right there, taking all this in. I’m ashamed and embarrassed to be doing this. I want it to be over. But I recall, when I picked up the paddle, there were a total of four tables. One with two wooden paddles. The second had two leather belts. The third had three wooden canes and the fourth had four coiled whips.

Then the lady to my right spoke. Slave, it is my turn. Crawl over to the table and get me a belt. I stand before this next lady and offer her the belt. As I do this I am begging her to use the belt on my ass. This time I look towards the woman. My head is bowed, looking at her feet. But I do not glance over to my wife who is sitting a couple feet to my side.

This lady asked me why I deserve to be punished. I tried to come up with some things and it hurt to tell this total stranger why I felt I should be punished. Are you through she asked. Yes Mistress I replied. Well, I was considering only 25 strikes with the belt but you failed. The reason why you are being punished is because your wife says you deserve it. We agree. Your wife is in charge. Your wife says you need to be punished we agree. Your wife is in charge of you. Your wife says make you suffer. Give you something to remember this lesson. I wanted to only use the belt 25 times but your wife says that is not enough. So instead of 25. You will receive 50. You can thank your wife afterwards. Now get over that chair again. Stick your ass in the air and get ready to feel my belt.

I lay myself over the chair. My wife is directed to sit back in the chair again and to hold me down. I bite my lip as I await the first of 50 blows to strike my ass.

When the first blow struck I could tell this was not going to be easy. I kicked my feet and tried to climb out of the chair. My wife grabbed my neck and ordered me to hold still. Then the lady with the belt said this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you. But your wife says do it. So lets start at the beginning. And she delivered the belt to my bare ass. The pain was more than I could bare. The belt found the area where my ass was just blistered by the paddle. I tried to get up off the chair but my wife grabbed me by the throat and squeezed my neck. The belt kept coming and striking my ass as my wife was choking my neck. Finally I stopped wiggling and my wife loosened her grip around my throat. I was able to breath again but my ass was still feeling pain as the leather belt repeatedly kiss my naked flesh.

Finally I just laid there. Uncontrollably sobbing as my wife held me down while another stranger, another woman, disciplined me by using her belt on my bare ass.

After 50, the belt was dropped by my feet and the woman joined the others on the couch and chair. My wife let me up and I walked over to the chair, got on my knees, and properly thanked the woman who just tore apart my as by kissing her feet too.

After about 15 minutes of worshipping the second ladies feet, the third woman said it was her turn. She had me bring her a cane. As I stood before her, offering her the cane and begging her to punish me, she accepted the gift of the cane and told me to stand in the middle of the room. Stand facing away with my ass towards them. Then she made me bend over and grab my ankles. 10 strikes with the cane she said. Don’t move. Don’t let go she said. Hold onto my ankles at all times. If I let go, she will stop and then she will start all over again. Do you understand she asked. Yes Mistress I replied.

The first three strikes with the cane were painful. They hurt but I felt I could stand the 10. But than the fourth strike cane and hands slipped from my ankles. She saw this and stopped. Stand up she said. Then she walked in front of me and reminded me of my failure. She chastised me. Verbally tore into me. Told me how pathetic I was as a male. Women are the superior race. Men are worthless. The only good thing a man is good for is to serve and obey all women. It is clear I have a lot to learn she said. Bend over and grab your ankles. We need to start again she said. I heard at her with tears in my eyes and said one word Please. You say another word without my permission and that ten will be twenty. Now bend over and grab your ankles. This is for your own good. Then she began over delivering 10 more strikes with the cane.

After the ten she stuck one end of the cane up my ass and made me stay in that position. My hands grabbing my ankles while this stick was up my ass. I could hear the four ladies talking about me and I felt more ashamed than ever in this position.

My wife finally got up from the couch. Walked over and pulled the stick out of my ass. Stand up she said. I stood there looking at her. My hands behind my back. Being very careful not to touch my red ass.

Learned your lesson yet she asked me. Yes dear. I’m sorry. I’m ashamed of how I treat you. I’ll be good. I promise. She looks at me and smiles. Than I see her eyes cast downward. Her eyes stop on my crotch. I see her smile go away. I look downward at what she is looking at and I see my cock sticking up in the air. I stand before my wife and these three strange women. I’m naked with a hard on. I can see a glistening from the tip of my penis. My wife sees it to and wipes it away onto her fingertip. She holds her finger up to her nose. Takes a sniff and then touches the liquid on her fingertip to her tongue. After a few seconds she holds her finger up to my face and asks me what’s this. I look at her wet finger with my precum dribbling down her finger. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I say out of fear. She wipes her finger on my nose.

I thought you had enough. But I can see you have not learned your lesson. My wife tilts her heads to the other women in the room. Ladies. You were right. He needs the whip. Then she directed her attention back to me. I thought the paddle, the belt and the cane was enough. I see you need more. They said you needed a good hard punishment. I said you will be good. I see I was wrong. You’re going to get a whipping. I’m not going to stop them. They will stop only when they want. They told me you need to feel ore pain than you have ever felt before for this to work. They told me you need an attitude adjustment. I wanted them to be easy on you. But they said in discipline, punishment must hurt. She then grabbed hold of my hard cock and began stroking. I see now. They have been doing this for sometime. We are new. I thought the whipping might be too much but I can see, by your hard cock, that whipping is what you need. I’m going to gag you. I don’t want to hear a word out of you. Then I’m going to tie your hands above your head and hang you from the hook in this room. These ladies are going to whip you and I’m going to watch. Then when they are done, I’m going to whip you myself. If your hard after all that, I’ll let you fuck me tonight. But now it is time for you to suffer. Then she let go of my cock and slapped it hard.

One lady handed my wife a gag and another lady handed my wife a rope. I hung in the middle of the room. My hands tied above my head. A gag pressed tightly in my mouth. I watched as my wife sat down on the couch. She took a sip of her drink and crossed her legs. She raised her glass and said, Ladies, he’s all yours. Punish him. You were right. Men are pigs. Punish him good. Make him suffer. Then she takes a sip from her glass. Leans back. Stretches her arms and places them on the back of the chair and watches as the whipping begins.
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2 years ago
Good story what happens next
2 years ago
omg what a very hot story!! keep them cumming!!