Daddy's co worker Chris part 1

Goingto the mechanic was always a drag, though Daddy worked there and got me discounts it was lame sitting and waiting. I had plans and I wasn't in a mood to be waiting hours.

It was a rare hot autumn day, one of those days where you regretted putting on all those layers only to find out you are too sweaty after taking off that heavy sweater.

I was in college then, rather than searching for the girliest magazine I could look for I entertained myself looking through the waiting room window for signs of activity on my car.

It wasn't long until my female patience ran thin, after bothering my daddy at his office, after him accepting to pay for my repairs, the bitch inside wasn't happy at all.

Not caring about the signs and being the daughter of a boss at the shop I walked in to satisfy my need. That need sluts get when they crave it, when panties slow soak up, when your tastebuds wonder endlessly for that taste. I went to the back, with the excuse of looking for my car and there he was, this sleazy and greasey looking man, wrinkles on his face, tall, with big hands and dirty uniform.

Can I help you miss? He politely asked as my slut eyes tried to measure his bulge. How much longer? I asked playing with my hair. Not sure, we are down 3 guys right now, please go back to the waiting area, insurance reasons, he said while working, no eye contact.

Oh that feeling of rejection, this was not good. As I stormed out angry and now with my pride as a slut broken, I went to see my daddy. Daddy who is that rude man working on my car, is he any good? I asked as he was on the phone. I'll call you back, he said as he placed his phone down. Hun, we are down 3 people today, Chris and Rick are very busy so please cut us some slack, he said annoyed. I didn't see two, just one, I replied. Rick is picking up parts, he should be back by noon, Chris is working 3 cars at once, if you excuse me I have to back a client.

As I walked out, I went to the waiting room. Looking out the window, there he was, working another car beside mine. After taking off my bra and panties, leaving me with onlya pair of tight jeans and a red tanktop, I went over to my car with excuse to leave my extra clothes inside for safe keeping.

As I got closer to him, my pussy pulsated, I was excited. Hi, dont worry Im here just to put my clothes in my car, I said. He responded with a cold okay. I made time, and as he stood to look up, we crossed sights.

My nipples busting out to his eyes, with my pink victoria secret panties on my hand. Surely this day must be taking a toll on you Chris, daddy says Rick is out getting parts, wont be back for an houror two I said as unbuttoned my jeans. Chris quickly looked up, left and right, the back of the shop gave a clear view of incoming intrusions. By the time he looked back at me, I was already naked with only my sneakers on.

He lifted me with one arm and placed me on the back of the pickup, Bend over he ordered. I turned around and lifted my bubble ass to him. Damn, he said as he wet his fingers and slowly put on of them in my pussy. I moaned, lets have a taste, he said, sucking his fingers. Damn! Prime meat! He said as I could his his breath on my holes. He licked my ass, making wetter, you like that dont you? He asked me and I moaned a yes. He licked my pussy, sticking his long tongue inside. I moaned. This is what you wanted, isnt it? He asked as his unzipped his overall. I smiled. Such a slut! He said. I just want you to fix my car, I said as saw his huge cock slippingbout semi hard.

I was on my knees, stretching my mouth like a snake swallowing. Tears came on, I gagged taking it all in, he got harder. He grabbed my head and pulled me deeper, my droll pouring down my chin on my tits, making cold floor wet. Fuck you give good head he moaned as he pulled my head out of his long hard cock.

He zipped up and went on to working again. I was furious, wiping the droll from my tits, putting my clothes back on and sitting down in the wait area. I couldnt get his cock off my mind, my ass and pussy wet, minutes passed and my car was done.

Said bye to daddy, and went back home. As I gathered the clothes, I found chris written on a piece of paper with a number. That night, we would see other again,but this time on my turf, a bed. To be continued.
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6 months ago
Awesome story Beth! Way to take control of the situation!
7 months ago
i love your slutty adventures