Bored house wife part 3

So bored with her boring older husband with no sex drive, she needed to be fucked so badly, she had used her plastic man so much but it wasn't the same. She picked up the phone, and toyed with it for a while biting her lower lip she wondered if her neighbour was home, she remembered the first time he had hopped over the fence, it was so hot he had fucked her sensless. She flipped the phone looking for his number Coffee? she put and sent it. almost immediately the reply came back, come over home alone x. she checked herself in the mirror feeling the wetness between her legs already the anticipation.
Knocking on his door, she could hear her heart in her chest, she knew at any moment they could be caught by his wife, his k**s or friends but she couldn't help it she wanted him. He opened the door grinning widely, he pecked her cheek as she entered, following him into the kitchen nice to see you he said, seems ages she hoovered near the breakfast bar, well you know she said time goes, licking her lips she looked him over jean cut off shorts and white T, he looked as hot as ever. Coffee? he said grinning she nodded he filled the kettle and put it on turning to her he he walked over lets cut the crap he said grabbing her to him you didnt come for coffee taking her hand placing it on his crutch and already growing hard on this is what you want isnt it. All she could do was nod, good he said as he unzipped her jeans pulling them down dropping to his knees he pulled her panties to one side, she felt his tongue on her clit, and moaned as he lapped at her pussy pushing his fingers into her, mmmm so wet he moaned as he sucked and licked her pussy, her knees buckling as she felt her pussy contract mmm he grinned getting up, he pulled off her jeans and panties, half naked in his kitchen she felt so bad, he undid he jeans pulling out his big hard cock, he turned her and placing her hands on the breakfast bar he spread her legs rubbing his cock over her ass reaching and biting the back of her neck spreading her ass cheeks with his cock, his fingers moving down pushing them into her so wet pussy. she felt the head of his cock push into her pussy, she pushed back pushing hard in and out he fuked her, one hand in her hair, mmmmm he slid in and out of her pussy, reaching across the counter he took the cooking oil bottle opening it he poured a little on to her ass cheeks with his fingers rubbing it over her ass cheeks and ass hole pushing his fingers into her ass hole, this is what you realy want isnt he said as he pulled his cock out her pussy and pushing it into her tight ass ooh fuk she moaned as he pushed oh god, mmmm he moaned such a nice tight ass, turning the bottle over he becan to fuck her pussy with it as his cock fuked her ass. harder faster he fuked her, oh god oh god she moaned his balls tightening he flooded her ass with is cum,,,,, pulling out the bottle her pussy soaked turning her back his hands reaching for her 38DDs he squeezed her hard long nipples hard mmmmm wish we could carry this on he said but my wife is due home any minute, Im home tomorrow text me if you want more
Pulling on her jeans she stumbled out the door her ass and pussy sore and wet, cum leaking from her ass, but god she felt fuked and couldnt wait till the next time
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