The Erotic Haunting, Part one

The old house had been a lot of things in its time for the most part it had been abandoned and empty. At the turn of the century it had been a whore house untie a patron came inside with a tommy gun and killed the Madame, a few girls and a couple johns.
The first time the relator had shown it to Mr. Jameson she had felt weird in the house. she new that their wasn't any such thing as ghosts but maybe it was just her mind fucking with her, or it was because he kept checking her out. Despite her best efforts he insisted in moving his f****y in. she tried to suggest flipping the property so that we she could get two commissions on the same piece of property. The second time he came to look at it he brought his wife Sara and two teenagers with. They all liked it and wanted to move in right away before school started.
It was still hot when they moved in, at the end of the first night they had moved in enough things to make living there comfortable. their son Jack was up in his room with the door closed and he had out his favorite possession, his laptop. He kept porn saved to it hidden away from where his parents couldn't find it. As he watched the screen he got hornier and his dick got harder. The only thing he was wearing was a pair of boxer shorts that were getting taught and sticking out as his boner grew. he told girls he had a swimmers build what it really was a normal skinny guy body with some developing pectoral muscles and some flat abs starting to show. he wasn't quite broad in the shoulders yet like his dad. Something in the house could tell their was sexual energy some where some thing that had been lying dormant for a long time.
Jack slid off his boxers revealing a shaved, cut huge cock. he touched it lightly and went back to watching his favorite porn clips. He was lying on his side lightly stroking his dick with one hand. The entity was now strong enough to gather its self above his bed but not enough to be seen. Jack rolled over onto his back and started stroking himself with both hands. His dick was big enough to fill both hands and then some. he held his dick in both hands and began thrusting forward with his hips. He arched his back and humped harder. he then stopped and went back to moving his hands beating hid dick hard looking down at his throbbing cock as he started cumming. Shooting hot cum all over his chest and stomach, big thick ropes of cum flowed from his cock. when he had finished and when he went to clean himself up he thought he saw the face of a beautiful woman fade into the ceiling. The entity had liked what it saw. watching that young man pleasure himself had made it stronger and it went in search of more.
what the entity found was Sara and John asl**p in bed downstairs. They were nestled in together laying on their sides. he had on only pajama pants and she was wearing a button up pajama top and panties. She was still hot for a woman in her 30s dark hair shoulder length tits that were perky and full and a slim but well built body. John was big well muscled with a slightly hairy chest. The entity was remembering things now, she was a woman and liked the look of the man. She could not fully enter Sara but could get some control over her. Sara woke slightly and became very aware that her arm was d****d over her husbands well muscled chest and started to feel a little turned on. she ran her hand up and down him gently touching his abs and running her fingertips over his nipples. this got her even hornier. When she ran her hand back down his chest and stomach she touched his thick cock through the thin pants he was wearing. she then reached into the waist band of his pants and felt his hot cock. He was just Starting to stir when he rolled over. She let him roll over onto his back with him still asl**p she pulled his pants down to his knees he took his 8 inch cock in her hand which was not all the way hard yet. cocked her head to one side and slowly licked it from bottom to top feeling it get hard in her hands. John was awake he just looked down at his wife holding his hard cock in her hand she looked at him and slowly worked all of his cock in her mouth. when she felt it tickle the back of her throat she massaged the underside of it with her toung making him moan. Having his hot cock in her mouth was making her even hornier, she could feel her pussy getting wet. Keeping one hand on his dick she slid her hand into her panties and started playing with her wet pussy. she started by rubbing her clit then sticking a finger in her pussy she rubbed some of the juice around. she started fingering her pussy with the same rhythm she worked his shaft with her mouth. John was getting hot to, she never got like this, blowjobs were for special occasions and she never got this into it. she stopped sucking and went back on her knees. I have to have this inside me she said to him peeling off her wet panties. John quickly removed his pants and she climbed on top of him. She stratled his waist and grabbed his dick and put it inside her pusy. putting her hands on his chest she started riding him bouncing up and down on his dick. Rolling her head back in ecstasy. John started undoing the buttons on her shirt freeing her breasts he ran his hands over her 38Cs pinching her nipples lightly then when she responded he pinched them harder. he sat up and took one of her titties in his mouth licking around the nipple then sucking it. She looked down on him while he did this running her hands through his hair. Oh yeah you like to play with my titties she said as she moved her legs so they were wrapped around him.
She rode his cock hard looking down at his full length sliding in and out of her. she was using her arms to pull her self up and down on his dick every time she would thrust herself forward he would try to lick one of her titties. Finally he rolled her over on her back and pinned her arms down to the bed. He started fucking her as hard as he could. Pounding on her wet pussy. He stuck is cock all the way in her and let her rub her clit on him. Yeah leave it right there she said that's gonna make me cum. He ground his dick into her even further. He loved to watch her face when he made her cum. he went back to pumping her and felt her writhe under him. he felt her pussy tighten around him when she started cumming. He let her arms go and she dug her nails into his back. when she finally finished she relaxed under him but he was still hard and needed to cum. He pulled his swollen dick out of her and grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up to his dick and f***ed himself in her mouth. She was still into it. She ferociously sucked his dick working it with her hands. pulling his dick out of her mouth she rubbed it between her big soft tits. he started thrusting forward fucking her tits. he started cumming on her tits she angled his dick and stroked him shooting his hot spunk on her nipples. She loved the way his warm man goo flowed over her boobs.
The ghost liked this to even more so. their were others now a few other women were with her. Girls she knew from before back when the house was hers along time ago.
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1 year ago
the next installment will have a threesome the girl masturbating a sexy sleepover and maybe more
1 year ago
great start & yes more