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as I had stated previously i always had this desire to do exhebitionist things. i didnt really act on them till my late teens. i used to like to be outside alot without a shirt on. one of my favorite things i liked to do was jump on my trampoline in the summer time wearing only shorts while going comando. some times i would like to go out into the woods behind my moms house get totaly naked and jerk off. thier was just something about the woods and being outside that got me all geared up. later that same summer i got brave enough that a few nights verry late while i was up late watching porn on the computer this time i was at my dads house in town i walked around outside his place at night all naked and fully erect i couldnt bring my self to jerk it there but it was still a thrill. that was also the same summer i got my first laptop and i also had a camcorder i could hook up to it to. i posted a few naked pictures of myself to msn groups which sadly isnt around any more and i lost the pictures or else i would have posted them here. that got me really horned up. i didnt get any more stuff of myself up on the internet till a year or so later. i took some new pictures and posted them to yahoo. what i really wanted to do at that point was do a webcam chat. that didnt happen till x hamster came along. i figured out how to use my old camcorder as a webcam it didnt work all that great. once i got it going and it took a while to get any biters on here i was in the old chat with the tiny screenes and had to compete with a bunch of people at once for attention. finaly one guy started paying attention. i was so nervous and excited when he asked me to take off my clothes but as soon as i got my hard dick out for him the camcorder turned off and i couldnt figure out how to get it back on. eventualy i figured it out now im a fairly regular performer on here i just wish i could get that rush again like the first time.
Posted by redleg37 2 years ago
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