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I remember the first time i jerked off i dont know why i was horny that day but i had been getting boners all day and I was in the bathroom taking a leak and saw a bottle of suntan lotion on the counter. If you read my previous post you knew i have a fetish for slime and goo and like so I wanted to rub some on my cock. got a boner right away from doing it then i thought of course masturbation. i wouldnt tell any one but i still had the little k** notion that it was sick an wrong but anything for some relief. i stroked it a little bit and it started to feel awsom i think i came but not really i was either to young for cum or i stoped my selft i guess i was afraid some one would find the jizz and freak out. that started a chain reaction of alot more jerking off. i found my dads playboy stash a few weeks later. we kept getting these dvd vhs catalogs in the mail that had a for lovers section or high class gay and lesbian porno or erotica sections that sometimces had decent enough pictures. eventualy I got brave enough to use the computer to watch porn. well as best you can with a 56k modem dialup from back in the day
Posted by redleg37 2 years ago
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