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this blog is about my facination with sex sexuality and porn. i always felt more sexual than most k**s i think growing up. when i was little i thought it would be cool to be some kind of stripper or some other kind of naked performer. i grew up without the internet we didnt get it untile jr high so my only outlet was the few movies that had nudity my parents had which wasnt much and scrambled porn. I have many fond memories of watching scrambled sofcore porn back in the day. my favs were a hot body video becasue it came in pritty clear. the bare wench progect becasue i had a thing for outdoor nudity (I'll go in deeper with this later.) and lucious liquids mostly due to nickelodeon. im sure im not the only person with a slime or wam fetish that wished to be slimed or pied. accept i was naked when i thought about it. many early boners were inspierd by fantasising about goin down the pie slide on what would you do in the buff.
Posted by redleg37 2 years ago
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