Biggest surprise ever!

We met on xhamster. He welcomed me by asking me what I'm doing here. Chatting for days, I realized that he was a real perv. We agreed to meet. When I first saw him, he was all I imagined him to be. Classical pervert who looks at boobs, who loves curves and wants asses for dessert.

After lunch, I thought it was time for some kissing. His kiss was soft yet magical. He kissed till I couldn't breathe anymore. He took off my boots like a real gentleman, unzipped my pants, took off my shirt and looked at me like a hungry wolf looking at little red riding hood. He kissed me again and again. He didn't say much but my thoughts were rolling in my head. What to expect when seeing him naked? I did see a lot of men naked but why this man in particular was different from the others. I started unbuttoning his shirt. He had few hair on his chest ( something I like in a guy ) and very white soft skin. He took off his shoes and pants and there the biggest surprise ever. He had the biggest balls I have ever seen, the size of a real ball. He invited me to touch them and all I could think about was the loads of cum and sperm I'm gonna get on my face. This thought made me so horny so I grabbed his dick and started eating it. Yes eating would be the correct term for I was so wet and wanted his cock in my mouth. He pulled my hair softly and then violently face fucked me until I was gagging. His cock deep down my throat, I could feel it throbbing inside my mouth. He was cuming. My tears were rolling on my cheek. My mouth was dripping cum, and I was happy. He didn't say anything but now for round two.
I thought round two? Round too means me moaning like a little slutty slut; having my orgasm, having my cunt filled with that same hot loads of sperm. He lifted my legs and spread me like an eagle spreads his wings. Anticipating the moment, I was on the stairway to heaven, he shoved it in, and I was screaming, wanting more and more. Then he slightly turned me and gave me many lovable spanks, I was getting wetter and wetter. He fucked me more and more doggy style. While doing so, he was pushing his finger in my asshole. It hurt but what whore doesn't like her two holes fucked and fingered. I came so intensly I can still feel my clit asking for more even now. He looked at me wanting more. I shouted: { r u a machine or something? U wanna go again?} he said yes.
I was laying in my back, trying to rest. Cum in my pussy, my ass sore for his fingers. He turned me over on my belly, pushed his dick in my ass and started fucking me. I felt my ass being ripped, being torn. I was screaming please stop, I'm hurt yet deep down inside of me, wishing he wouldn't and that what he did. He kept fucking me until he came again. Guess that's what big balls are for. Loads of cum. By the end of the evening he came many times and I couldn't walk for as long as I can remember.
This is my story, and the sex never stops. We fuck every week, every day and my orgasms intensify with each minute. He makes me reach heaven and even nirvana. My fuck buddy turned out to be a boyfriend securing the needs of his Pervy slutty girlfriend.
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2 years ago
Soooo hot!
2 years ago
I'm sure his balls were drained after that encounter.
2 years ago
wow it's really hot
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story! thank u for sharing
2 years ago
love this one so hot
2 years ago
hot. More detail would have been even better.
Hope you have more stories. (I can't view your profile to tell if you do)