my first black guy

i am a middle aged housewife who likes to have some "extra fun" once in awhile but recently just had my first black guy.
robert is a tall black man that makes delieveries to where i work and recently i started flirting with him some and after awhile he told me there isnt anything he likes more than to bang a white wife so i told him "im a white wife and very interested" so he took me up on it and we set up a time to meet at a motel.
we walked in the room and he put his hands on my hips and started to kiss my neck,then he grabed the bottom of my top and pulled it off of me and i undid my bra and he started working my nipples.
i lowered myself onto my knees and started to undo his pants and the biggest cock ive ever seen popped out..i was shocked and then felt his hand on the back of my head and i started to lick the head and then sucked it..i could barley fit it into my mouth.
i stood up,pulled my pants off and got on the edge of the bed and he started rubbing the tip on my pussy and gave it a felt sooooo good.
after awhile he grabed my hands and pinned them against the bed and said "im gonna cum inside you and your gonna take it" and it dawned on me that i never told him my tubes are tied so i figured i'd play along and said "please,dont" and acted like i was trying to push him out of me and he gave it one last push and came in my pussy and said "there you go,filled you up" and luaghed at me.
i figured he was having fun so i never told him i couldnt get pregnant so why ruin it for him and to be honest...i kind of liked it.
94% (26/2)
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2 years ago
oddly enough i thought it was kind of cute how he was acting all big and bad so i let him think i was worried about it.i havent met any of his friends but i would be game.
2 years ago
I like the "accidental pregnancy" twist too, glad you "played along" both with that and the "white wife" banging! Of course there will be more stories right,,,,,I mean you haven't even met any of his friends??????