Sin Sity Singer Club in Sydney

In order to reach Sin Sity in Sydney you have to climb a steep set of stairs almost hidden behind a nondescript pizzeria, not far from the of town. At the top of the stairs the space opens up to a bar-room with plenty of wood and in a corner a Jacuzzi, lovely for relaxing with or without friends. A spiral staircase winds itsd way up just next to the Jacuzzi, and behind it several other rooms opened up, variously occupied with beds or sofas for lazily or not so lazily lounging in. Upstairs there is a sauna and a couple of other rooms for romantic liaisons.

I’d been there before so as soon as I had stripped off into the mandatory dress-code – a towel around the waist – I headed to the bar and struck up conversation with two ladies that I had smiled at on the way in. Cathy and Cheryl were their names, and I’d say they were both about40. Cathy was plumper and smiley, a real blonde I guessed. Cheryl had bigger hair and was blonder, though that was because she was a bleached blonde I thought. It was really easy to strike up conversation and very relaxed, Australian-style. Cheryl told me that she lived by the beach and described how she loved to lounge on the sand, which was just up my street because there is nothing I am fonder of. (Almost). A number of other people hung around, some couples some singles, occasionally wandering off to adjoining rooms.

The Jacuzzi beckoned but the ladies both preferred to continue their conversation at the bar so I went in by myself, and the surrounding mirrors allowed me to exchange smiles with the girls as I enjoyed the soak in the bubbly warm water. I always find in Jacuzzis that it is not long before my balls are enjoying the gentle watery massage and my cock begins to grow, not into a raging hard-on but quietly into a state just one small moment away from a full erection. With the bubbles, I can lay there and feel my cock floating up happily, with no need to be self-conscious because the turbulence of the water offers a veil, except of course when sometimes the tip of my cock surfaces like a dolphin coming up for air. I was in this self-satisfied state when Cathy came over and sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi for a chat. She was wearing a loose short turquoise dress, and as she sat, her legs crossed, not much of her thighs were covered. She had a good sense of humour so we joked and laughed, but she decided not to accept my invitation in for a soak. “I’m going to see what’s happening upstairs” she said, motioning to the spiral staircase which was just next to us. I watched her as she climbed and was delighted to notice that with each step my view became more interesting. “Cathy”, I called to her, “can you stop right there for a moment?”. She was right above me and my view led all the way up her thighs, which of course she realised. She smiled down at me, turned around a little, and poking out her backside she lifted up her skirt to flash me her ass, with her pussy just visible. “Like this?” she asked. “Perfect!” I grinned back at her, with my cock now clearly hardening and emerging from the bubbles. Looking back to the bar I could see that Cheryl was wearing a broad smile, having watched the whole scene.

I rejoined Cheryl at the bar for a drink and we quickly became reengaged in our conversation. Like Cathy, she was also wearing a short dress, though in Cheryl’s case it was backless and just slightly longer. The conversation flowed and I was enjoying discreetly stroking her back, when I let my hand slip down to caress her ass. It was a moment of delightful revelation, I could feel that she wore no knickers, just like Cathy. “You naughty girl”, I said, “have you forgotten something?” She looked me in the eyes, took my hand, and put it up her skirt so that I could feel her shaven pussy, naked under just a few inches of cloth. “It’s way too hot to wear knickers” she said looking serious at first before breaking into a raunchy wide grin. “Funny you should say that”, I said, taking her hand in mine, “I feel the same way”, and I lifted her hand up under my towel so that she could feel my naked cock, obviously erect at this point. We giggled and the girl behind the counter, with whom we had been chatting pretended to chastise us: “You two are needing a bucket of cold water!” Within a couple of minutes we found ourselves winding our way up the spiral staircase.

Face to face, I placed my hands on her back and ran them down her body, my fingertips caressing the back of her thighs. Her muscles stiffened as I gently stroked her legs and she closed her eyes, letting out a groan of pleasure. “That feels so good”, she purred. I let the tips of my fingers loose upon her body, running down her tense legs and her straight back, and then I took the bottom of her dress and pulled it up as she raised her arms so that I could pull it over her head. I dropped my towel, and we looked at each other naked, my cock standing out hard. “Take me”, she said as she slid down onto the bed, her arms above her head as though she was surrendering as she lay down. I knelt beside her and allowed my hands, very lightly, to run up and down her slim body. Her breasts were the perfect size to be cupped in my hands and when I complemented how round and firm they were she told me how proud she had always been of “my titties”. But for me her best feature was her legs: long, elegant and perfectly toned, I soon found out what her secret was. She was a dance teacher, and her legs were a product of the hours that she danced every day.

“Turn around”, I told her. She rolled over so that I could massage her back. Like a cat being pleasured, she was soon raising her hips so that her ass stuck up a little, and I knew that she was inviting me to explore her intimacy with my sensitive fingers. I ran my hand down the crack of her ass, over her little asshole and down, further, until I reached her slit which was deliciously wet. Penetrating her just a little I wet my fingers and then spread the juice over her pussylips which were parting as though they had received some inaudible order. She groaned with pleasure, and I turned her over, her legs falling apart as she came around, so that her shaved pussy was offered to me in all its naked glory. I went down with my tongue, licking slowly up her slash, up and down, and then parting her cuntlips to reveal her clitoris. I treasured and teased her clit, while fingering her hole, gently at first and then more firmly. She was soaking wet by this point, moaning with delight as I played with her pussy, caressing her clit with my tongue and penetrating her hard with two fingers.

Pulling my head back I put a hand on each of her ankles and lifted her legs, spreading them wide so that her gash lay there open, wet, juicy and red, waiting for me to penetrate her. My cock was standing perpendicular to my body, and it moved inside her almost of its own accord, entering deep. I love the sound that she let loose at that moment, a sound that was both a relief and an anticipation of much more to come. I could feel that she was so excited, and for me there can be nothing more exciting than to sense a woman’s excitement. She was very relaxed with her noises and I could hear the a****l enthusiasm rising from deep within her until, finally, her orgasm came, as I knew it would, loudly and with her fingers digging deep into my arms. For a few moments I kept quiet, feeling her warmth on my cock and enjoying the experience of her joy, and then I began to move again, slowly, my cock reaching around inside of her. It was not long before I allowed myself to ejaculate, generously, exhausting all of my energies in a few devastating seconds.

We lay there, perspiring, our sexuality completely exposed and wet, enjoying the proximity of each other’s body and the energy that we had shared. “That was great” I said. “You know”, she answered, “sometimes we have these experiences with guys when we think Hey, why don’t you go off and have some sex lessons before we try this again? And then there are other times, like this one, where we just meet and it all happens like we had been practising forever!”

Let me tell you, there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than to feel a woman’s enjoyment. That is what really turns me on! And with Cheryl it was like she said, it just went right from the first moment. So as you can imagine we had big smiles on our faces when Cathy put her head around the door: “You two having fun?” she asked…
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4 years ago
Really enjoyed that. I look forward to exploring sydney more
4 years ago
very good