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I love swinger clubs and sometimes ladies are curious and they ask me about them. So here goes some things about swinger clubs.

Every country has its traditions and I have only been to a few. Basically there seem to be two types. In Germany, Holland, Austria and Belgium, when you enter you are given a key to a locker, and a towel. There you change, or in fact you strip, and usually people leave on their underwear or lingerie. Sometimes they just wrap themselves in the towel. I like this because it is very uninhibited, people feel immediately relaxed. It is unpretentious an sensual. In fact it is a bit like being at the beach,which is another thing I love, but that is another story.
In France the tradition is for people to remain dressed, although sometimes ladies will wear lingerie. Of course when the fondling and the feeling starts, clothes fall off, and when the fucking happens people are as naked as when they were born! In Spain it is less fun because single males are physically separated from couples. There are areas for all, and areas for couples, so sometimes it is more difficult to establish contact, to start the seduction game rolling...
Sometimes the clubs have pools or saunas or jacuzzis, and usually there people just go naked, sometimes discreetly wrapping towels over their most intimate parts, sometimes being exhibitionist and (discreetly or less discreetly) allowing fellow guests to have a good show. In most countries (but not France) swinger clubs usually have one or more TV screens showing porno movies. I guess the idea is to get people in a sexy mood, but I think that often porno movies are just like lessons in anatomy, so I am not sure that it helps the mood. Some movies can be fun and sexy though. Often the drinks are free (you pay an entrance fee) but people do not usually drink so much - that's not the point. Often there is a buffet where you can hang out and have a bite to eat with other guests. That is a good place to start a conversation, and to get to know others.
Swinger clubs are a great place to do anything you like, or nothing at all. Everything is permitted, nothing is obligatory! Some people go because they like to watch others being naked and playing sexy games, or fucking. Others go because they like to be watched by other people when they have sex.Others go to diversify, to swap partners. Sometimes there are gangbangs... I'm lucky because I like everything! Often women will go with other women. It is very rare for men to go with other men. There I am also lucky because I enjoy watching two women together, and I am not interested in other men at all!
For me, I really enjoy relaxing at first, especially if it is at a club with a pool or sauna or jacuzzi. I love the feeling of my balls and cock floating in warm water, and sometimes some sexy game or conversation will start with a neighbour. Or I will sit in a sauna, allowing small drops of sweat to gather on my skin while I chat and watch the same happening to a lady guest. Often women have shaved pussies, which I find very sexy, but others keep their pussies au naturel! After a good pool or sauna session I will move to the bar, and enjoy talking and joking with whoever is there, hopefully some interesting women. And then I will wander around a bit, watching what is happening in the different rooms. Then, if I am lucky (which is about 80% of the time) I will join in some fun and games...
All types of people go to swinger clubs. Couples, single men, sometimes some single women, though not I don't remeber seeing that here in Spain. And all ages. Usually the younger people are in their mid-20s, and I guess the average age is about 35. But sometimes there are men and women in their mid-50s, couples or singles. For me, the sexiest thing about somebody is their smile and their attitude. I can't say that I like fatter women or thinner women, or blondes or brown-haired women more. What gets my juices flowing is a great smile and a friendly fun attitude, so that is what I go looking for when I start talking to women in a club.
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