I turned up at the store just like she had asked wearing a long coat loose jeans and just started to wander around the aisles not really looking at anything I felt a hand reach inside my coat and squeeze my cock which started to grow hard to her touch she unzipped me and took my cock out so she could wank it
I pulled her hand away as I heard someone walking down the aisle when they passed I reached into her coat and was delighted to feel her naked puppy I ran my fingers over her wet pussy lips and pushed a finger inside she leaned against the shelves and I started to finger fuck her
Again we had to stop as someone was coming close to us we wandered around the store wanking each other as often as we could many times I was so close to shooting my cum all over the floor after about an hour of teasing and playing
She found a little alcove and pushed me in from where we where if you walked by you would just she her not me I got one my knees opened her coat and just a just stared at the sexy sight in front of me
She had black high heel shoes black stockings suspenders no knickers just a beautiful shaved pussy and two big beautiful tits no bra
I opened her legs a little wider and pushed my mouth against her pussy using my tongue to open her pussy lips and get to her clit I started to lick and tease her clit and pussy running my tongue the full length of her pussy and back to her clit I pushed my tongue into her pussy to taste her
I started to finger and lick her at the same time slowly building up faster and faster she grabbed the rails of the shelve and started to moan her whole body stiffened as she started to cum I just kept going make her cum again and again
We heard someone walking past us so I stopped and she fixed her coat moved away so I couls stand up
We kisses and she licked my lips to taste her cum we walked out of the store to my car which as she had asked parked in the far corner of the car park I opened the boot as if we where loading bags into it she bent over in leaned into the boot of my car lifting her coat to show me her beautiful naked ass I opened my coat and just pushed my cock into her wet pussy
I started to fuck her with deep thrusts slow at first I reached for her tits and started to fuck her faster I grabbed her hair as she pushed back onto my cock I could feel my cock as it pushed in and out of her pussy I would pull it out to the tip and then back in hard and fast
I told her I was going to cum she turned around got in her knees and put my cock into her mouth I fucked her mouth as she wanked my shaft I could take no more and started to cum she pulled my cock out and let my cum all over her face
When I was finished she stood up kissed and said lets do it again soon and walked to her car with my cum running down her face
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good story..where's this shop?