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I was chatting to a woman on a swing site for a while and she was telling me she really wanted to try some outdoor fucking as she had never done it but had from time to time played with her pussy outside and loved the feeling of maybe someone seeing her
We decide as it was her first outdoor fuck we would go somewhere very quiet and she how she felt about it
I picked her up and as we started to drive to a quiet spot I know she said she was so excited and horny and to prove this she grabbed my hand and pushed it between her legs so I could feel how wet she was
She was so wet it was easy to push my fingers into her pussy and finger fuck her for a few seconds
The feel of her pussy was starting to get my cock hard and she glanced over and noticed told me to drive careful as she reached over and released my cock
I was rock hard by this stage and she was wanking me nice and slow but as we started to get out of the city she got more horny kneeling up on her seat and sucking my cock I knew I just had to stop soon
I found a nice quiet park and pulled in she was wearing a long coat with a short skirt and top underneath so as we walked through the park I had my hand on her naked ass fingering her asshole and pussy she was rubbing my cock through my trousers
We found a little path leading into some bushes and heading in I push her up against a tree opened her legs and buried my face into her soaking pussy as I licked and fingered her she was moaning I turned her around and started to fuck her enjoying the view of my cock as it slide in and out of her pussy she was pushing back hard and said she wanted to fuck me so I lay on the ground and she sat on my cock fucking me fast and hard
I reached up to release her tits when I noticed a man looking at us I whispered in her ear we are being watch thinking she would want to stop she just moaned loader and fucked me faster lifting her coat above her ass so the guy could see my cock fucking her
She came on my cock at least four times and whispered to me was he still there I said yes and he was now wanking as he watched
She climbed off my cock turned around and sat on my face so I could lick her soaking pussy she reached for my cock and started to suck and wank me
I told her I was cumming and she pulled my cock out of her mouth and let my cum hit her face and tits
When she climbed off me I noticed the guy was gone she said the guy had cum just as I had shot my spunk all over her
We headed back to the car and she said it was better then she ever taught it would be we had fuck a few times outdoor now each one in riskier and riskier places I will have to tell you guys about them sometime
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1 year ago
horny story, in fact they all are
2 years ago
hot story!
2 years ago