Trying To Be A Good Girl PT. 2

The following day I found myself with mixed emotions. I knew it was wrong for me to have sex with this young guy but at the same time I was so excited from thinking of it that I simply had to masturbate. I remembered how it felt to see his young cock so hard and wanting me and even more how badly I wanted him in me somewhere.

It was raining this morning but he showed up right on time. I told him that he not need to work in the rain but then he said that his friend and he were willing to get the job done. His friend was sitting in the truck and I told him to bring his friend inside and have some coffee and see what the weather would look like in an hour or so.

His friend, Rob, was even more handsome than Todd. As soon as I poured their coffee, I wondered whether Todd had told his friend about the day before or if he wanted to keep me for himself? The slut in me was ready for both!

Since it had rained all night and I figured that Todd would probably not show up I was dressed in my jeans and simply a casual top. While they drank their coffee, I went into my bedroom and stripped down to put on something sexy but then I decided to just get naked and wear a robe.

Rob was a very handsome k** and all I could think of was seeing his cock and pleasing him. I was unsure how to let them know that I was ready for sex but then we had an electrical storm and the power went off. We sat there for about an hour just making small talk and then I decided to make a move.

I stood there in the kitchen and opened my robe and asked them if they wanted some pussy? Before they could speak, I cupped my titties for their approval. Rob's hand went straight to his crotch and it was readily apparent that he needed relief.

I took both of them to my bedroom and asked them to undress before me. They quickly did just that and there before me were two beautiful cocks, fully erect and more than willing to pleasure me. This was unlike video porn where a guy keeps stroking his cock to keep it hard. These guys were not going limp until they had cum and I was perfectly willing to be the receptacle that they cum in!

I was confused, what to do first? I simply had to see how it felt to have Todd in my mouth. He was uncut and I had never had a cock like that in my mouth.

They both approached me and I reached for their swollen cocks. I wanted so much to have them both fuck me and at the same time I wanted to suck them to a complete climax.

At last I reached for Todd's cock and kissed it with the most passionate kiss I could muster. I took him into my mouth and began to suck. While doing this, Rob was positioning himself to fuck me. Being the young gentleman that he is, He kissed and licked my pussy before entering me. He fucked me slowly but very deeply in perfect time to the way I was sucking Todd's cock. If they had wanted to switch around it would have been fine with me but in a very few minutes, this female slut was about to get the treat of her life! Two teenage cocks cumming inside her body. One in her mouth and the other in her pussy!

There is nothing better!!! Ladies go out and find a young guy or two and show them what sex is all about! They will love and never forget you.

It is such a shame that young guys meet a little slut who has no idea of how to please a man and they end up dating or marrying her. Mature women, take care of these boys!!!!!!

I took them to my bedroom and asked them to undress for me.
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3 years ago
Wow, Reddy, I love that you are willingto be so open and detailed about your experience...that makes your stories so much more erotic! You obviously have discovered the extreme pleasure that you can get from being a true Slut! I know because I am a Slut and I try to achieve that feeling as often as possible! God, I love those young cocks too! This story made my cock hard!
3 years ago
very nice would like to hear more