My Cousin Got Me Started Pt. 2

After Don and I had sex that first time it seemed like every adult that I got near was trying to put the make on me. Women would comment as much as the men about what a cute butt I had and they always made mention of how much my breasts seemed to keep getting larger. I wondered if this was because I spent so much time masturbating and standing before the mirror fondling my tits. I would imagine showing them to guys and looking at their cocks as they got harder and harder and watching as they jerked off for me.

Anyway, My f****y was planning on this camping trip. They had a very big motorhome that will sl**p eight people with no problem. My problem is that my mother is a constant nag. She will jump on me for leaving wet towels and bathing suits laying around and a million other things. I have learned over the years that my best bet was to take my own tent and set it up a good distance from them. I bought a tent that is big enough for two people. It is tall enough so that I can stand inside, no more of that crawling in and out like a ferret. Air mattress is a joke! You either slide off of it during the night or the stupid thing goes flat. sl**ping bags are a pain in the butt, you are either too hot or too cold. I bought a large sheet of foam rubber and cut it to fit my tent. I place it on the floor of the tent and cover it with a blanket. Then a sheet goes over that and then the top sheet. Cover it with another blanket, position to pillows at the head of the bed and it is my personal little bedroom. I also have a cooler and a small charcoal grill so I can do it all on my own without all the grief at the main campsite.

I knew that we had some relatives planning to visit but some of them I could just barely remember. Everytime I would hear a commotion at the motorhome I was obligated to go up and welcome whoever it was. This was a pain in the butt because they were either old and boring or so young that they got on my nerves. Late in the afternoon my mother was yelling for me so I made the trip up there and much to my surprise, there stood a couple with a girl about my age and although I could barely remember her, I knew it was my cousin who I used to play with when we were very small c***dren.

Kelly was an absolute knockout! Beautiful in every way and although she was trying to hide it, her body and her pretty face had all the men paying attention no matter what she said. The conversation got around to where everyone was going to sl**p. Kelly said that she had her own little pup tent but even my mother suggested that she stay at my place. My parents ranted and raved about how I had to be comfortable or I was hell to live with.

I invited Kelly to come down and check out my tent but she said she had heard enough so we went to her parent's vehicle and got her duffle bag. When we got to my tent she was like a little k**. She thought it was the greatest thing in the world to be away from those k**s and the bickering adults. I told her to lay down and see if this bed was better than an air mattress and she thought I was the smartest camper who ever existed. I told her that there were drinks in the cooler and she asked if I had any alcoholic beverages? I told her that I didn't but we could sneak up a little later and steal some from my dad. It was a plan! The more we talked, the more I liked Kelly. She was two years older than me but we had the same interests, MEN!.

She got around to asking me if I have ever had sex? I felt so comfortable with her that I told her about what Don and I had done. She said that she had always wanted to get naked with him but it was like her parents could sense what was going on and they went out of their way to make sure they were never alone together. We talked for a few more minutes and my mother aws calling us to the motorhome. She had things for us to do so Kelly and I got busy. When she could no longer find anything for us to do, we told her we were going back to my tent and we would see her the next morning. She seemed happy with that and Kelly grabbed my arm and said, "Keep watch for me." I had no idea of what she was up to but she ran back to her dad's suv and snatched two 6-paks of beer out of his cooler and giigled as she wrapped them inside a jacket and off we went to the tent. She took the bottled water out of the cooler to make room for the beer and I remembered that I had forgotten to erect the canopy outside the tent. She helped me with that and we settled down to have beer.

It was getting dark and the bugs were beginning to get on our nerves so we went inside. I had a small battery powered lamp that I showed her in case she needed some light during the night. As we drank more and more beer, the conversation returned to sex. She asked me who else I had sex with and I told her that Don was the only one. She said, " That is such a shame, your body is meant to satisfy the sexual desire in people." I noted that she had not said sexual desire in men but my thiughts were erased by her telling me of some of her sexual exploits. She told me of the different size cocks she had seen and how some of them would cum as soon as they entered her and how they had sucked her pussy before and after fucking her. I was getting hot! It was totally dark by this time and she scooted closer to me as we sat on the bed. She raeched for my hand and held it as she told me about having sex with a lady that wsa a friend of her mother's. She went into great detail and I felt myself getting wet.

Afetr several minutes of this I felt her breath near my lips and then when her lips touched mine I was so hot I wrapped my arms around her and plunged my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue was as hot as mine and we fell back on the mattress in alover's embrace that just felt out of this world! We held that kiss for a long time and she raised up. I wasn't sure what she was doing but then she guided my hand to her tits. Although it was totally dark I knew they had to be beautiful. Her nipples stood out even more than my own and I just had to suck them. She held me close and invited me to suck and bite them while I felt her hands removing my top and then my bra. Her mouth was hungry for my tits and she really knew how to worship them!

After several minutes she whispered in my ear,"Let's get naked, I want to suck you." We seperated long enough to remove the rest of our clothing and I have never taken my clothes off so fast! I damn near ripped my panties off!

We got between the sheets and kissed as we fondled each other's tits. Mine were aching and I wondered is hers were also? She broke our kiss and I felt one of her hard nipples at my lips. I sucked it into my mouth like a starving c***d! She whipered, "Do you like my titties Honey? They are all yours, you can suck them anytime you want." I went from one to the other and reached for her pussy. She was as wet as I was and she begged me to put my finger in her. She didn't need to beg, I was already wanting to touch and feel her.

She broke our kiss again and in the darkness I had no idea of what she was doing but she moved around so her face and mine were touching but she was sort of upside down. She kissed me and this was all new to me but it felt great! After several kisses she moved lower and now our tits were touching. She was able to kiss my stomach as I kissed hers. I knew that if she kept this up that her pussy was going to be at my mouth and mine would be in perfect alignment with hers. We were going to suck each other and there was absolutely no hesitation on my part. I wanted to taste that sweet little pussy that has had so many cocks cumming.

At last, our bodies were in the perfect position. I did to her just as she was doing to me and we held each other tightly. Neither of us spoke but the the sucking and slurping was getting louder by the moment. Then, when I thought I would fucking drown her with my juices, she pulled away. She quickly got into position with her parted legs between mine and moved closer so now our pussys were touching. She held my hand tightly and began to grind her pussy against mine. I am not sure which felt better but I do know that this was fantastic! I reached for her free hand and held it tightly as we pulled each other tightly together. She whispered, "Pretty Baby, you are going to make me cum!" I remember whispering to her, "Cum for me Kelly! I'm going to cum with you! Oh Fuck Yes!" Then we lost all control and our bodies took over. I thought sex with Don was very exciting but it was nothing compared to this! We kissed several time and fell asl**p naked in each other's arms. I found myself thinking of the treat I had to look forward to as soon as it gets daylight. I will see her naked and she will see me. I have a feeling that we might skip breakfast with the rest of the f****y.
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2 years ago
sounds like a very exciting camping trip and another cousin to have fun with
3 years ago
That is a very hot story! I am glad that you are bi too! Taboo things turn me on a lot!
4 years ago
oh the visions you got floating in my head. great story Reddy
4 years ago
I would have loved to see this....and maybe get tp participate
4 years ago
great story so hot!
4 years ago
Great story, love the detailed descriptions of the participants. 5*****
4 years ago
Another good one, thanks.
4 years ago
excellent very hot & sweet
4 years ago
Very nice, love the taboo stuff
4 years ago
You have done it again Reddy! Damn!, If you could only see how hard you have made my cock! Please write more.