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My Thoughts About The Live Cams

This will probably be bouncing all over the place so please bear with me, it will come to a point eventually.

I've recently discovered the live cams and have become somewhat of a fan. I have always loved porn, magazines in the beginning then pictures when I got a computer and finally movies when the porn sites became more developed and internet/computer speeds increased. Now that I have found the live cams it takes porn for me to a different level. I don't jerk-off to them nor do I ever see my self doing that to cam shows, however it does stimulate my mind in the fact that I can actually communicate with the "actresses" (if that makes sense). To me porn is 2D in the fact that they are going through the motions but you as a viewer don't know the full story other than what is scripted. With a live cam you can in a way get to know the person(s) on the other side of the lens.

Though my wife and I watch the cam shows I rarely use my own cam and my wife will probably never use it because she is so shy. It took me a long time just to get her to agree to have a pic of her boobs (which are beautiful!) for her avatar:


Alright back to the blog... Even though I personally don't check out the male/transsexual/gay cams I have a high respect for everyone who is brave enough to show themselves on cam for what could be the whole world to see. For what ever the actor/actress' reasons may be for getting on cam it takes someone that is sure of them self to do a show like that IMHO. Which brings me to the idiots...

I've only been viewing the live cam for about two weeks but have already found a pattern with some of the viewers:

A: Some of my fellow viewers are cool and let the actress/actors do the show her/their way.

B: Some of the viewers are insistent with telling the actresses/couples what to do in a commanding fashion. I don't agree with that, it's one thing to ask a cammer (it's too much of a pain in the ass typing "actresses/actors [when it's a couple]" so they will be referred to as "cammer/cammers" from now on in this blog) politely to show or do something but it's almost abusive to constantly demand that they do something (unless it's been discussed and the cammer agrees to be submissive) IMHO. Then for them to send the demand over and over is completely rude. Not just rude to the cammer but rude to the other viewers in the room that are trying to have a conversation or compliment the cammer.

C: Then there are the spammers, the ones who pop in to send a link for their own cam, pics, profile, etc... over and over. It's total BS IMHO! Those assholes are worse than the spammers that hit the vids/pics in the fact that they keep doing it every time the chat screen scrolls up.

D: Finally the complete ASSHOLES! These lowlife dip-shits are only here to degrade the cammers for whatever their reason is be it because they have low self esteem, they were picked on through out their lives, they couldn't get a woman even if they tried to pay, etc... These assholes should have their internet access revoked then put in a cage naked out in public so the world can laugh at them! It is inexcusable to make fun of and degrade someone who is sharing them self in such a personal manor! I don't care what the cammer looks like they deserve respect for sharing themselves with us.

Think about it, the cammers help make xHamster GREAT. The cammers are part of a group that makes xHamster run along with the vid and pic uploaders. Yes xHam staff technically "makes" xHam work and should be applauded for their efforts but if it wasn't for that group of content providers including the cammers xHam wouldn't be as great as it is today.

Alright I think I've gone on enough (though I could fill many more pages) I guess I've gotten to my point. Give the cammers respect, if you can't do that then stop watching them. Try to give them help when you can like reporting the spammers, go to their pro and hit "report spam". When you see a cammer cheating, like showing a vid, showing an empty room, a BS pic, etc... report them because they are taking views away from the real cammers that deserve the views. Like I said before if you don't like the show just politely leave. If you do like their show tell them, they deserve it.

To all the real cammers: my wife and I thank you for sharing yourselves and helping to make xHamster the great site it is!
Posted by reddogleader 3 years ago
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2 years ago
i love the ladys and never say anything nasty to anybody ,just because you wish to show your body ,i think its very nice and i for one really enjoy you lovley ladys showing ,i love breasts myself but every one to there own ,just be nice to all xxx
2 years ago
Hell yea !!!!!! I've done 2 shows. And try to call the viewers by name and interact with em. Not an easy task. My baby keeps tabs of the viewers and lets me know if I missed interacting with someone & reports the spamers. There are alot of viewers that makes the repeated requests/demands. I dont mind when a viewer asks me if I will do something, but once I say "Sorry, Im not comfortable doing that" they keep demanding it. That is so rude !!!!! Davey has not done a cam and wont because of the ass holes. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Thank you for posting this blog. Its nice to know some people have morals. Love your profile. Straight forword and to the point. Thanks for the share.
2 years ago
I'm a cam girl as well and I wished I had more viewers like you in my rooms.

Thanks RDL :) (smooches)
2 years ago
Could not have said it any better myself..

I can never get to understand WHY someone has so little in life to do, other than sitting harassing people who love their body and arent afraid to show the world what they got.
Its kinda painful to me everytime i come across people who do this, it shows soo little respect for others, both thoose on cam, and the others who enjoy whats going on and dont want to be pested with unwanted "distraction"..
So i really think you nailed it dead center here

But dont let the pricks and lowlifes get you down
Let the haters hate, be everything they envy.
Shine when they bring the rainy clouds

Hugs and big ass smile

2 years ago
Wow great, I love it, thanks for posting this. You got my admiration and respect. Hope everybody here reads this.
2 years ago
Great blog! I agree 100% I hope reporting the assholes really works!

Keep up the good work. You are a DOLL!
2 years ago
This is soo whats up!!!
Thanks babe..Ur a doll for this!
2 years ago
so true what your saying babes. thank u. xxxxx
2 years ago
2 years ago
Ya, well said RDL, I believe all cammers must share this in their profiles :)
2 years ago
Well said, I have seen alot of idiots on the cams, credit to lillywhitebooty and Lacystars the other day for putting them in their place with a live rant. The cammers are brilliant and xHamster would not be the same without.
2 years ago
Great Blog RDL!! As I find myself watching these live cams more and more, I see the total lack of respect For the cammers ,as they put themselves out there, some for pleasure, some for the money for what ever reason they are doing so they desrve respect!!!! A token or even hello and thank you,sometimes goes along way !!! Great Blog !!!
2 years ago
God bless you!!
2 years ago
Very nice
2 years ago
hell yes
2 years ago
You left out that some of the folks on camera are assholes themselves and randomly block people for no reason other than sheer pleasure of being mean.
2 years ago
a couple of min ago u blocked me cose i posted a link in ur chat.
i just wanna say i did not mean to hurt or disrespect u.
in fact i'm a very big fan of yours, and i'm really sorry.
may i ask u to unblock me please.
love u hardxavier.
2 years ago
your logic is very correct
2 years ago
i lurve this :P

have you read those asking for FEET/ ARMPITS? lol
it always make ma laugh crazy...
those are the parts that i really coundt show off.

but my viewers are most of the time cool, relaxed and i love it when we are havin fun and REAL FUN in my room..
sometimes, i throw jokes like-- i hope no one would ask me to show liver, lungs, or other internal organs.

the degraders are the most i love.. they hit me with: YOU ARE FAT! :P but after telling me such, they couldnt fight anymore coz im gonna say--- calling me FAT and BITCH wouldnt make their cocks bigger harder and juicier..
2 years ago
Great blog post I agree 100 percent.
2 years ago
for me, what you've cited about some viewers is very relevant,
i totally agree with yr blog,
those who do livecam desserve compliments & respect
2 years ago
yeah nice blog there! sometimes its disgutsting to see how people communicate with each other!
3 years ago
nice blog. I agree with your assesment of assholes in the live cams. I'm all for people being nice and just watching.
3 years ago
You make very good points. I have the outmost respect for the people who dare to go on cam, I would never dare to do that myself.

I'm even too chicken to get verified here, i fact I've been visiting this site almost since they started, and only recently signed up here.
3 years ago
You named it all and you are so damnd right!
Thank you!
3 years ago
3 years ago
I really and truly appreciate viewers like you out there who make my exhibitionism even more fun. I will happily say that I definitely don't feel like an actress per se but rather a kinky woman who loves to entertain with her sensuality, intelligence, and humor. People like you are the reason I keep doing this and truly love it. Yes, the assholes can make it really fucking hard and when my room was glitched and I couldn't ban people I had some really hard times but it was my followers that helped me through.

Again, thanks for this post. I will be favoriting it and hoping more people will read it!
3 years ago
I couldn't agree more with you. Well done for the post hope others get the MESSAGE, let them do it in peace
3 years ago
3 years ago
I couldn't agree more with you. Thank you for being so respectful and your welcome ;p GREAT BLOG