gloryhole fun with hubby

After a night on the town my husband and I were slightly d***k and both very horny. We could not go home with the babysitter staying the night so we had to think of something quick. Our little drive took us past one of the adult stores, one we had not been in before. He smiled at me and caressed my leg and asked if I wanted to go in. I reached over and ran my hand over his bulge looking him in the eye and said oh yeah. We parked in the lot and walked in, it was a smaller place then the store we had been in before. I looked at the toys as he followed me and then over to the creams and we picked out a his and hers warming cream set. Up to the counter we went and the cashier rang up out items as my husband handed over the cash. The cashier asked if we would like tokens back or cash, tokens my husband said quickly. I smiled at him knowing we were going to be playing soon, I was so wet and ready all night. We walked back to the booths and entered one. The sex on the screen and the sounds filling the booth had us both in a lust filled state. During our making out my husband told me to look at the wall there was a glory hole. He smiled at me and told me to go into the other booth and we will play through it. So I walked out and he locked his door and went to the next booth as I was pushing the door open a young man walked around the coner and I smiled at him shyly and went into my booth and locked the door. My husbands hand was through the hole and I walked up to it. I let him caress my ass and pussy through my jeans but I so wanted to be touched bare. I quickly stripped off my jeans and panties and let him apply some of the new cream we had got into me. I was on fire and very wet, his fingers felt sooo good. I knelt over and whispered into the hole fuck me. And I turned lined up to it as he undressed. I looked down and there was a hole on this side of the wall as well, there is movement someone can see me. I see a shirt tail knowing this is the color of the shirt of the young man I saw. I feel my husband slowly sinking into me from behind, I let out a soft moan as I had been so needing this. My eyes shut as I lower my head in pleasure my lower lip trembles in pleasure and my eyes open. Right there before my eyes is a very hard cock head pointed up at me. My husband is now pumping into me slowly my lust is growing he can not see me. I lean over and take this young mans head into my mouth. I feel it flex in my lips and a slight thrust forward, it is so hard. My husband is picking up speed now my legs are shaking I am getting so close already. I try to hold back longer and my lips tighten over this thin hard penis in my mouth. He is now thrusting into my mouth with speed and my lips wetly hold him as my tongue rolls under him. I find him easy to take and let him push it fully into my mouth. My tongue feels the head jump then the back of my mouth is flooded with his load. I gag slight as I was not expecting this but swallow to regain my composure, he tasted pretty good and slightly sweet. But knowing I just swallowed another mans cum sends me over my edge and my own orgasm starts slipping his cock from my mouth I scream out my hips rolling into the wall as my husband pumps me. I let my juices go gasping as the young cock slips away from me back to its home. I am feeling my husband pump his lust into me with a slight drip down my leg, I let him finish before before I pull away sinking to my knees unable to stand much longer. My body hot flushed my need pleased reaching out gripping my husband stroking him softly milking the leftover out of him. Catching my breath now I lean over and lightly like and nibble at his head but he pulls away kneeling by the hole. He tells me how hot that was and asked if I was done or wanted to play more. We had not had sex in two week I was not done so I told him to hand me his cream. He handed it over and smiled at me with no clue I had just had a guy cum in my mouth. I told him to get it back through here and he got up and his penis came back to my side. My eyes took his softness in as I opened the cream. My eyes dart over and I see a penis head on the other side, rather large head as well with an old looking hand rubbing over it. I coat both of my hands in the cream thinking to myself if I should play with him as well. I grip my husbands my lubed hand locked over his softness and start to stroke him slowly as I hear him moan. I reach over and place my hand at the other hold and his penis eases into my hand. My eyes take him in, I can tell he is older not sure how much. M fingers caress the cream into his big head and it quickly starts to grow. Kneeling there stroking two cocks I can feel my sex responding again. The other guy gets hard quickly, it is a very very nice one. Thick and long at least two extra inches over my still limp husband and very very hard. It pulls away from my hand, what why I was thinking. I go back to stroking with both hands on my husband and rubbing his balls. He is thrusting into my hand now and slightly recovering from his first orgasm, firming some. I look over to the other hole his cock is back covered in a green condom, it is so hard looking and pointing straight up. He wants to fuck me I think to my self, can I hide this? I am going to try it looks way to good to pass up, I get up holding my husbands cock in my hand as I do. I turn and bend over taking my husband into my mouth as I back slowly onto this man. God I am so wet he slips in easy he streaches my sex more then I am use to and it feels wonderful. I feel my ass hit the wall, I have him fully into me. This makes me lock my mouth over my husband fully. My tongue dancing and rolling under him as I feel this large cock start to pump slowly and short strokes. I so want to gasp but scared to getting caught. I start to suck harder and moan over my husband but this guy starts giving my full strokes. I slip my husband from my lips and softly moan oh god. He is picking speed up now taking my husband back into my mouth I start to suck him hard fast. His cock now firm and full again my lust growing and it must show in my sucking. My husband is now pumping his hips I let my lips hold and milk at him as he fucks my mouth. The man on the other end is now in his zone going faster and harder hit is starting to hit the wall and its making some noise. I can't do this any more I clamp my mouth on my husband harder my head bobbing quickly. The noise of my wet sucking filling the booth and his hardness pumping quickly into my mouth. I take him deep he grunts and I feel and taste his cum filling my mouth. Locked hard on to him I want to scream but I can't. I swallow him still sucking hard till he f***efully pulls his cock from my lips. The guy on the other end now crashing into the wall loudly as I see my husbands face in the hole. Are you getting fucked? My legs shaking thigh quivering I only nod quickly shyly and squeal out a yes unknowing how he was going to take that. My eyes shut as I am so close and I hear my husbands voice say god you are so sexy I love you. With that I loose it and start to orgasm on this mans big hard pounding penis. The wall shaking wildly as he pounds into me. I at last Scream out loudly sure the whole place could hear. my legs weak shaking as I orgasm so hard my sex clenched around him tightly. I feel him deep in me holding there as my husband grips my left boob. I can feel this big head throbbing in me cumming in me with two last hard thrusts. I am gasping holding still and feel his hardness slip from my sex. I lower to my knees spent and gasping kissing my husband hand. I look up into his hole he is smiling. feel better now? looks like it was good. Please come over and kiss me o softly moan. I stand and unlock the door he walks in and we kissed deeply and hugged. My nude spent body in his arms the door open in our embrace as I see the older man that just gave me a wonderful orgasm walk by and smile.
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10 days ago
that gets me so hard
15 days ago
Totally hot!
17 days ago
hot read
1 month ago
Good story. Hubby wants to take pics next time.
2 months ago
Thank you so much for that hot bit...damn I'm leaking
3 months ago
Very descriptive and well written. Hope you share more adventures in the future.
3 months ago
Mmmm, so hot.You tell a good story
4 months ago
very hott. wow
4 months ago
such a hot story! made my cock so swollen that im not sure ill be able to drive home!
5 months ago
Good story. Should of had hubby suck some cock and swallow a load too.
5 months ago
what a hot story!
6 months ago
Fucking hot more please
7 months ago
Ive met a couple of incredibly sexy hprny woman such as this lovely girl in the videos stores.

What glorious cumsluts!
7 months ago
Jesus I love that story!!! Wish my gf would try! lol
7 months ago
Mmmmmmm !!!!! Yes that is a hot sexy story!!!
8 months ago
Hotfuckingdamnit !
hottest story I have read in a long ass time...
shit that was good !
8 months ago
Great story!
9 months ago
Damn! you have one lucky husband. wish there was a glory hole around here
10 months ago
very hot love it very hard now
11 months ago
amazing story
11 months ago
love this story so hot
11 months ago
Amazing adventure! Looking forward to your future endeavors.
11 months ago
loved this story and have saved this into faves....lucky guys
11 months ago
excellent. wish I was there that night
1 year ago
thats a very sexy story, i miss going to the adult arcade with my ex & mmm messing around being naughty! she dumped me and its just different going in there "bi" myself!! lol
1 year ago
Great story
1 year ago
HOT! Lusty!
1 year ago
Awesome story...I would love to have my girlfriend do that and think she would LOOOVVEE it!
1 year ago
damn girl , i just shoot my load reading this !
1 year ago
Fucking hot story