Sucking a cock from my view

Slowly kneeling before him looking my eyes fixed at his zipper, I have wanted this for so long. My mind racing as I see my fingers undoing his belt I can feel myself bitting my lower lip. My eyes watch my hands undo the botton and unzip his pants folding the fly open, god I have wanted this for so long. My hands tugging his pants down then back up to the band of his boxers, my excitement growing. Leaning in for a soft kiss at his navel not wanting to show how ready I am, I want to play this cool. I ease his boxers lower kissing with each inch they drop till he is starting to show, I back away as I want to see it all. I ease them down the rest of the way over him and there it is the thing i had been wanting for all this time. I can feel the smile on my face as my eyes take him in, its everything I had dreamed it would be. Feeling my hands hit his pants letting my know the boxers can not go any lower my eyes keep on taking in the sight. He is soft still, peaceful looking limply hanging there. The full wide head resting just below his balls, It looks so yummy as i try to control myself. I take a deep breath and give a run of my tongue over my lips to wet them a little more, is he watching me I wonder. What is he thinking right now, waite why am I thinking about that, as i see my hand reaching up gripping his soft shaft lifting the head up. God it looks so good, I glance up and meet his eyes yes he is watching me. He has that sexy look on his face that the first time I saw him I knew I wanted to do this for him. I feel my mouth open not even knowing that I was doing so, I feel the softness of his head touch my lips as the close slightly around him. My eyes dart away from his now looking down his shaft to his navel. His head feels big in my mouth something I am not as use to, its kinda erotic feeling. The hair on his navel is a turn on as i feel myself taking more of him into my mouth and softly locking over him. My lips now over his shaft feeling him fully inside my mouth, i wish i could just keep him there like this all day. But knowing it will be growing soon I better enjoy it as much as I can, It feels very powerful to have all of him in there, He does taste really good and his musky sent is driving my wild. My eyes shut now lost in my own world letting my tongue dance under him as i suckel firmly before my eyes open. Pulling back slowly I glance up at him again his eyes are shut but there is a big smile on his face, wonder what he is thinking. loking back down as i feel the head slip from my lips, he is starting to grow some now. It looks very sexy in my hand i think as i nibble at the head, my lips tugging slightly at it teasing it. I take him back into my mouth wanting it all again i feel him at the back of my throat, he has grown. I let out a soft moan but mostly because i know now I can not get him all again, but i hear his maon after mine. Locking my lips softly over him I hold down on him leting my tongue roll on his underside before pulling back some. My own breathing is growing now, why yes i am turned on. Looking back up into his eyes suckeling the head firmly letting my tongue dance over and around the crown, i see his lips moving but i can not hear what he is telling me. I slip him from my lips, He is full and very hard now. It looks big in my hands my fingers around the shaft, I do not remember gripping his shaft i think to myself. I let my hand start to stroke him as I readjust my knees in the dirt. Leaning back in licking at that special spot under the head turning my head to the side suckeling him right there. I hear his moan and my eyes move up to his but the sun now blinds my view of his face, nothing but a black shadow and a big full hard cock in my mouth. Is that truely what i saw our am I just that into this right now that i blocked him out? Down lower I move licking my way till i feel the hair of his balls on my lips, letting out my breath over him. I nibble lightly at each one gentely taking one into my lips suckeling softly, It takes up more room in my mouth then i thought it would. I slip it from my lips my tongue pushing any leftover hair from my mouth, men should really shave them more if they want that done. Wait stop thinking about that right now you are busy. My tongue runs back up the shaft slowly i can feel that he was even harder then before. Up over the head my tongue moves and my lips open as my eyes glance up at his again. I can see his face this time but his but his eyes are shut, my mouth goes down on him again taking him as deep as i can my eyes still unknownly on him. His mouth opens as I hear him say "fuck yes", I feel the wetness between my legs grow. I shut my eyes and move a hand to his balls cupping them my finger tips caressing lightly as my spit runs down his shaft to my other hand stroking him. I can feel that his balls are not as low as they were before, is he close already? Pulling my mouth back only to go right back down my pace growing with my lust, I can hear my own wet sucking and stroking sounds, I find this hot. My eyes shut as I kneel there bobbing now feeling the sun on my body, its warm out and such a nice day. Really the weather i am thinking about the weather while i am sucking cock, Snap out of it girl you love doing this. I feel his hands now holding my head, I let out a moan as I love the feel of his touch. Manly powerful reminding me that I am the one on my knees providing the pleasure. My eyes open and move to his my streached lips holding him into place as he moans that I "look so sexy with a cock in my mouth a moan you suck so well". I feel myself blushing but very turned on from his words, ummm yes I am going to make him cum now. Feeling his grip in my hair, his hardness now moving with the movements of my mouth I keep my lips and tongue working for him. His pace has grown from my bobbing and we are slightly out of rythem now, my down to his up gags me slightly and my eyes water but i keep there working and try to get back on pace with him. I pick up my speed and lock my now dripping wet lips tighter over him to his grunt and heavy breathing. My fingers feel his balls tighten as my lips feel the shaft throbbing, omg he is ready am i going to...... To late as i feel his first squirt hit the roof of my mouth, salty bitter, hot. I curl my tongue back quickly to block a straight shot to my throat just in time to feel 3 more squirts hit my tongue. His pace has slowed some but his grip in my hair hurts a little, i can not move my headback and I am thinking easy man. I feel his head swelling and shaft jump again two more squirst with less power in my mouth, as i find it harder to keep this all in and i need to breath. My mouth opens slightly to take in some air and i pull back some feeling his load run from my mouth and down my chin, he is pumping slowly now as I relock my lips on him and swallow what I have left in my mouth. I glance up at him he looks pleasured a smile on his face and i feel his grip on my hair let go, I slow my bobbing atlast. My lips milk slowly and softly at him getting the last from his penis, at this point whats a little more and I swallow again. Looking up at him I slowly let his cock slip from my mouth and reach up to wipe my lips clean, glancing down I see the load that ran from my mouth into my mid thigh on my jeans, going to have to clean that up before I go home. I feel his hand cupping my right boob and i look up at him, his soft voice telling me that i was a natural and his big rough hand reaching out to help me up. I get up and he pulls his pants up and tucks away his soft manhood. He pulls me in and kisses me on the forehead then down to my ear as his hands cup my ass, his voice soft low as he tells me next time he will be getting this. I feel a firm squeeze on both of my cheeks followed by a soft swat then his voice again telling me "that is if I was a good girl like today".
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3 months ago
would like to be kneeling next to you and seeing and learning from your view
4 months ago
8 months ago
Well written expose' I have performed this feat many times feeling similar emotions as a man unleashes his load in my mouth
11 months ago
well written and hard imagining me being sucked....loved this
1 year ago
Fabulous! You are a natural cocksucker and writer!
1 year ago
Amazingly erotic! You write so well! I've never heard it from this perspective, or quite like you describe it. Having a girl suck my cock is the most wonderful thing that I've ever physically experienced, and I loved your description of what went through your mind as you did him. It makes me wonder what those girls who've done me thought. (It takes me forever to cum, and more than one lady has quit before I came just because her jaws were aching too much)

Thank you for writing this! I don't do S&M very well, but I'd redden your ass just to tell you thanks for sharing it! Please write more; you're a delicious writer!
1 year ago
very hot story . with great woman pov , i was looking for such thing from long time .
1 year ago
well, you know how to please your Daddy
1 year ago
So sexy! You can give lessons on how to properly suck a cock and swallow cum babe! :)
1 year ago
Outstanding, now THAT'S how to eat cock!!
1 year ago
Fucking hell. Shot a great load picturing you getting a mouthful of my meat and taking my jizz. Favourited - I'll be back for more of this one. Mmm... :)
1 year ago
HOT story! Please post more, your writing is a turn on!
1 year ago
This is amazing!! By the time a finished reading this I had cum 3 times! I would die a happy man if you did this to me!!