payment sex(fantasy)

In the dark dirt parking lot i stand my hands on the car hood shivering slightly from the cold and fear. Looking across the hood as i stand there at my boyfriend, an other man standing next to him and his gun pointed at my boyfriend. A voice behind me as i stand there bent over holding the hood."You just keep your eyes forward baby and try to enjoy this as much as i am going to." I feel him reaching around undoing my jeans and his hot breath on my neck. Trembling as i keep my eyes locked on my boyfriend as instructed. Feeling my jeans with my panties roughly pushed down to my knees feeling the cold night air over my now exposed ass and sex. His rough hand running over my cheeks cupping my ass feeling m*****ing it. I try to remain calm and relaxed. His voice again breaks the night air "ummm yes" he grunts "this will do just fine as my downpayment till you bring me the rest." I swallow firmly as my boyfriend mudders some excusse as he always does. Anger in my eyes as i feel this mans big strong black hands pull my ass cheeks apart toying with my emotions. His finger dipping into my sex pressing in curling feeling my insides. My sex unready and tight from the cold air as i take his probing.His voice again making me jump."Baby i know this is not your fault but this is going to happen, I will be nice this time and let you use some spit to lube that hole of yours and i think you may want to do that now." At this point i am helpless looking at my boyfriend as i nervously spit into my hand caressing my sex rubbing it in. My hopes is this will help ease the pain of the dryness friction. I spit again rubbing more into myself as i hear his zipper move. Him spitting on his hand and sounds of stroking as he readys."I bet you would like to see what your about to get don't you." The look in my boyfrieds eyes telling me all i need to know. Feeling him press the warm hard silky head to my sex rubbing up and down picking up some of the spit i placed on myself. Feeling him pressing my hole starting to open, my eyes growing wider as i start to feel his thickness of his big black head slip into me. I gasp as he slowly inches in more and more. Him stopping about the spot my boyfriend reaches, I feel his hand leave his cock to my hips."Your doing good baby just a little more left" as he pops his hips forward quickly firlmy. My eyes shoot open as i let out my first squeal feeling my sex f***ed open and oh so deep. Starting to breath faster as he holds in balls deep now letting my body adjust to take him better, I can feel his head pressing my cervex and my pussy still tightly clamped over him. He grinds into me firmly working to get as much as he can in. My mouth is wide open but quiet.I feel his hips roll back a little and he starts to pump short slow strokes."yes baby your starting to loosen up a little now" he grunts into my right ear. I feel him pulling fully back his cock head slipping from my sex only to be pressed fully deeply again into me. I whimper feeling his hardness moving back in i bite my lower lips as not to scream. He pulls back slowly again and thrust's forward my hands clench lips quivering. The look on my boyfriends face shows regret. I feel him pulling back again but stopping half way this time only to drive in hard fast deep, the crack of his hips into my ass feeling his big heavy balls slap my sex. My eyes watering as i yelp out falling onto the hood this time. He now starts to buck fast and firm my body limply rocking on the carhood. My sex taking his use streached wide over his thick hard cock. My hands clenched tightly and i am sure a look of discomfert on my face. I feel a hand lock into my hari pulling my head up his voice"YOU LOOK AT HIM BITCH". My blury eyes catching my boyfriends eyes again. My thighs pressing into the car strating to bruse with each frim hard thrust from him my toes curled painfully in my sandles. No longer quiet as i yelp whimper and scream taking his cock roughly into my sex. His hardness know to me each deep thrust. Head spinning as my thighs spasum the cold hood that was under me is now warm and screaching as my body rocks. I feel both his hands go to my lower back now pressing me hard into the hood. His pace fast and still ever so hard. His grunting growing louder as i feel him swelling in me. A deep drive he moans loudly into the night air as i feel his hot seed start to splash my insides. His hard cock throbbing and jummping inside me as he cums pulling back and thrusting in very hard and deep a few more times. His body resting on top of mine his breathing heavy and labored him fulling in me still as he regains himself. his voice with pleasure in it now"that was one good pussy baby i amlost hope he dont pay me again on monday" feeling him slowly pull out of my now used pussy with a firm swat on my ass, he zips up as i lay there dripping his seed down my things. "Lets go smalls he tells his friend, and thay walk back to their car and pull out dust filling the air.
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3 years ago
This is a very hot fantasy. I have know more women who fantasize like this. And it is often the guys fault.

But why not? We are a bunch of bastards taking advantage of hot sluts like you.

Thanks for letting us into your head. You know once a man gets into your head he'll eventually will end up inside you in more places.
4 years ago
4 years ago