putting on a show

just a quick little funny story about a little exposure. I was 23 living alone in my Apt home from a night out with the girls about 3am. God i was kinda horny that night so i was in my living room watching a softcore erotic on a cable network known for them. I was getting pretty turned on and teasing myself softly and slowly over my panties. Yep i knew i wanted a good orgasm, so i went to my room got my lovely pink rabbitt and a few pillows from the bed and polpped them on the floor in front of the tv. I stripped out of my panties and t shirt and sat legs parted watchiing. I let my toy trace my body some teasing my nipples and down my tummy to my clit rolling it slowly. As the program moved to a different role I thought I would play along with the toy as the man and me the girl. my fingers went where his did touching probbing caressing the same way he was. Soon i had got up and moved to my knees holding my toys sucking it soft slow easy as i watched the show. I bobbed on my sexy man letting my lips love and carees feeling my wetness grow. She now was straddeling him to get ready to ride him so i lowered my toy to the floor and eased down on it flicking it on. My eyes rolled back as it was just what I needed, god it felt sooooo wonderful. I started to slowly move up and down my lover feeling the eard tickle my clit. My breathing growing as I try to hold back my orgasm till she goes following the show. Possitions change and I am on my back legs parted far and wide my hands are thrusting my toy at a good firm pace into my body i am quivering wiggling with lust on the floor at this point I dont know how much longer i can hold back. Lost in my own world i quickly snap to as i hear a tap on my sliding glass door. I look over and there i see that my shades were wide open and a older man of in his 50's standing there his hard cock out in his hand pumping watching me. I was shocked and embarrsted at what i was doing and had been caught at it. But I was to far along to care or to stop and the fact is i dont know how long he had been watching. the show then switched to doggy and i moved my toy to the couch and slipped it into the cusions to hold it as i backed on to it. My body rocked back and forth at the best pace i could but not matching the show, my watcher stood there eyes glued on me as i pleasured myself. my thighs were quivering my breathing was heavy i could not hold back any longer. I let out a squeal and rolled my hips into my toy grinding it deeply into me feeling the ears dance on my clit. My shivered and shook letting my orgasm take control. It was a wonderful orgasm and i melted to the floor spent and pleased. I looked over again and my watcher was pumping so fast and hard at his cock it was a sexy sight. I wanted his cum. I moved over closer to the door on my knees looking up at him letting him see my nude body up close. His eyes shut and his hand stopped moving, his eyes shot open looking at me then his cock exploaded shot after shot onto the glass of my door face height. i wathing him milk his last few drops out as his cum ran down my window. He smiled and moaned a thankyou before zipping up and walking away. Needless to say the next morning i had some window cleaning to do.

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1 year ago
OMG. so turned on..
3 years ago
Damn! this is a HOT story! I can't get to your window,, but i'd sure love to see some pics!
3 years ago
I loved this. You are so naughty
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
Great story, would have love to be that man watching!
3 years ago