OMG I cheated!

Ok first off i have been wanting this man for a long time. we are good friends and we do alot of couple things together. To make this short and sweet we ended up at a bar very d***k and alone as both other halfs had gone to the rooms. A innocent kiss in the bar turned into a deeper passion and lust filled make out. What were we doing, I don't know. We had to stop, but really could we? He said he thought it was time to go and I agreed. We started to walk back to our hotel in the -2 crisp night my mind racing wondering. He pulls me into a store door way right on main street of this sl**py little town. Pressing me up against the glass back to kissing me hot heavy deep. I can not tell you how manytime i had dreamed of this. I let my hand brush his bulge and at that point he must have known that the game was on. He reached up and firmly cupped my chest as his tongue danced in my mouth. His hands slipped up under my shirt, so warm cupping my over my bra before pushing my shirt up exposing my covered chest. It did not take long till he roughly pushed my bra out of the way to let his mouth find my nipples. His moan of god i have been wanting this gave me shivers. My palm found his bulge as i began to rub firmly at his soft cock. God i wanted to see what i had dreamed about for so long. I firmly pushed him away from me and slipped to my knees before him. my hands worked quickly at his belt then botton tugging his zipper down i tossed open his jeans and reached into his boxers. Everything i had been wanting softly layed in my hands as i leaned in taking him fully into my mouth. He tasted soooo good as i let my lips and tongue caress his member to a nice hard cock. All I could say to him it was everything i thought it would be. With that he reached down and pulled me up and pushed down my jeans without undoing them taking my panties with them. He turned me and said your about to find out. He drove into to me fully one thrust, god i was so wet. His hands gripping my hips holding in deep grinding i was in heaven. He kissed my neck and one hand gripped my hair and my god did he start to take me. Lustfilled hard fast deep with my hands on the glass door way totally exposed to anyone that walked by or drove by. I tried to stay quiet but could not i was soooo turned on his grunting and driving let me know he was as happy as i was. Our hot heavy breathing filled the cold air with a heavy fog and my hands raked the cold glass as my orgasm took over. I flat out melted all over his into a quivering mess. He did not skip a beat as he kept thrusting harder and faster now into me his hands now on my shoulders. I could feel his nails diggin into my skin and he drove deep grunted and let go of all the years of pent up teasing i gave him. He just stood there deep in me breathing hard catching his breath. He pulled from me slowly and i so wanted to keep him in there all night.We pulled up our jeans and we walked back to the hotel with the last words no one has to know right. Inot my room i slipped as he went to his, I dressed in my nighty and slipped my cum filled panties under the bed. I had a wonderful night sl**p knowing i was going to have to give my husband one hell of a blowjob in the morning so he would not question why i was out so late. I do think he enjoyed then next morning as much as i enjoyed the night before.
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
i love to look at your pics and imagine being that guy
4 years ago
Great story loved reading it!
4 years ago
Fantastic story, awesome!