Las Vegas BBC part 2

Up on to the bed I straddled his face and took him back into my mouth. Taking in his sent was driving me wild, I cupped his balls and started to suck him with all I had. I was hungry for him and he knew it. His hips were thrusting up to meet my mouth and his tongue was thrusting in and out of my hole. I could feel it curling and lapping inside me and useing it like he would his cock. My husband had come back now with some well needed drinks and handed me mind. I sliped my body off James for a little rest and re wet my mouth. As I layed there on my tummy James had a different idea. He parted my legs splaying me out there on the bed and hovered over me i could feel his thick hardness running over my ass. My husband reached out for my drink and told me he would hate to see me spill that. James had the head at my pussy caressing the lips and i started to feel him press, I will say i was slightly nervous. I felt his large head push into my sex as i layed there looking forward my eyes on my husband. James wiggled on up over me some more and i could feel his hot breath on my neck now. My pussy was so wet from my lust and the licking it just took I could feel the james was going to have no troubles moveing deeper. he thrust his hips forward slowly firmly my pussy was streaching over him wider then i had ever been streached before. I whimpered slightly as James nibbled my ear pushing more in my breathing was growing and I let out a sharp gasp once i felt him bottom out. He held it in me letting me accomadate his size nibbling my neck. My husband was now nude standing before me guiding my mouth to his limp cock. I took him in fully suckeling frimly feeling James draw his cock back out to the head then thrusting forward firmly fully. I moaned over my husbands cock with a slight wince. James now started to give me the fucking I had always wanted. He was firm steady and every thing was deep as he could get. I layed there body rocking from his f***e the sounds on him crashing into my pussy filling the room. My husband pretty much made me suck his cock but not sure how good i was, my moans gasping and whimpering over his hardness made my mouth slightly distracted. He just moaned out how sexy the sight was then started to cum in my mouth. I let him run from my mouth to the bed as i tryed to please both men. James was not slowing at all his pace was fast and hard now and my pussy was starting to feel the pounding it was taking. I at last had to whimper that i needed a break. James pulled from me as i just layed there taking everything in. My husband gave me my drink back and asked me how i was doing as james stood there rock hard still drinking some of his drink. I could only say that it was really big. I got up wiped the rest of my husbands cum from my lips on a towel and James was back at me asking if i was able to let him finnish. I had to take a deep breath and said i would try. James turned me around and i could feel him at my hole once more I reached down and put my hands on the bed to let him enter me again. He slid in slowly and fully. He held it in me and said he was just about done i could feel his finger stroking my back. His big hand cupped one ass cheek giving it a good firm squeeze, are you ready he asked? I just nodded and he started to pump. If you have ever seen two dogs going at it thats how James must of looked. His pace was very quick and his driving was firm. Each stroke was full as he held my hips. The few times he slipped fully out only to drive it all back in had me yelping and wincing. My moans and cries could be heard from two doors down i am sure only to be followed by some hard whipmering. My body was beeing pushed forward i could not hold myself up and soon i was on the bed again my legs together taking James. His hardness for sure was bruseing my insides and i was hopping he was going to cum soon. He grunted and said he was ready with a quick pop fully in i could feel his cock throbbing and his hot cum filling my insides. Each pump of cum he let out a grunt and tried to get deeper lifting my curled toes from the floor. He had to of shot in me for close to a minute it was life he was never going to stop. Once done he kissed my shoulder and slowly to my releif pulled from me. I just layed there spent used my sex felt like a truck had just drove through me. His seed slowly ran from my pussy to the sheets as i layed there.......needless to say the next day i did as little walking as i could do. It was outstanding time but i have learned my lesson. There are something that are just to big for me and that was it. As far as my husband i was out of commission and once James left I let him stroke himself off and cum over my used ass. Thanks baby for letting me enjoy my fantasy I know I will be setting up yours soon:)
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3 years ago
Great story! I'm glad you got to fulfill your fantasy. I have a ton of fantasies, but reading this makes me think that I'm better off leaving them in fantasy land. In real life, They probably wouldn't live up to the images and scenarios I have in my mind.

Did your fantasy include having it be so painful? Was there anything that happened that wasn't part of the fantasy, and were those things better or not as good as the fantasy.

Just curious. Inquiring minds want to know. ;-)
4 years ago
very exciting , thank you for sharing !
4 years ago
That was a great story I would like to be in your next story
4 years ago
damn that was hot,
4 years ago
fucking hot!!! Love it!
4 years ago
I would love to fill you up too.