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Last week my husband had a business trip to wonderful Las Vegas and after some talking we thought it would be a good way to take a little trip for us as well. So i got my tickets and went with him. He had a two day meeting so i had free time to myself during the days filled with much needed sl**ping in and time at the pool. At night we went out and enjoyed what the town had to offer. Well Friday his last day of his meetings I thought i would be a little sexy for him and bought a new tight black dress that stopped just over my knees, I had my hair done as with my nails. Looking forward to some special time with him tonight I decided i would go with out panties. His meeting was a few hours away from finnishing up so i went down to the bar at our wonderful hotel to have a few drinks and do a little gameing. It was just a simple bar top poker game and i was doing well and the free drinks were hitting the spot. As i was sitting and playing this guy started up with some small talk with me. He was tall with a good build bald headed black man. After some time I could tell his was hitting on me quite good. I did find him sexy to look at and he was very kind. I got a few text's from my husband as i sat there talking and i told him where i was and that this black guy was hitting on me. He joked in my mind asked if i was going to take him up to the room tonight. I responded back only if you want me to honey still thinking it was a joke. He told me he was going to shower and he would be down in a while. So i sat there Talking with james and cashed out. He had offered to buy me a drink and i accepted. we moved from the games to the other end of the bar and he asked me why i was there. So i just told him i had meetings and needed some free time. At this point my husband had texted me to tell me when he got to the bar that i did not know him and thought it was sexy to see a man hitting on me. James asked me about my ring and where my husband was. So I told him he was at home watching our k**s. He told me his story that he was there on business as well as my husband walked up and sat on the other side of me. He just smiled and said hi and i did the same. soon the three of us were chatting and laughing with many drinks going down. Both men at this poing were hitting on me and it was kinda a sexy feeling to me. My husband just reached over and squeezed my right breast I acted shocked and he laughed and said he was sorry he just had to. James looked like he was going to protect me from this mans action but i said it was ok and i would take it as a compelment giggling. I looked at james and asked him do you want a feel as well. He just smiled and his big black hand softly cupped my left breast. I was grinning from ear to ear feeling his soft squeeze at my chest. He took his hand away and told me it was only fair that he let me feel him now he took my hand and placed it on his leg right over his manhood. I could only say OMG really. He just smiled and said really. My hand caressed the size of his bulge in his pants feeling very thick and a little extra long. I told him i was impressed, at this point my husband grabbed my other hand and placed it on his something i was use to but could feel he was rock hard. James reached over with his hand running up my thigh pushing my dress up as he went tell he hit my uncovered sex, he smiled and said that i was a dirty girl. i kinda giggled. I was soaking wet by now and ready for some pleasure. James fingers teased my slit and clit as i kept on caressing both cocks. I was so turned on i thought i was going to orgasm right there so i stood up quickly fanning my face. I made the offer of coming to my room to james and my husband, both telling me yes. We made our way to "my room" and I started to make out with both men feeling their hands caress my needing body. I was dieing to see just what james had in his pants for me. After kissing james deeply i slowly lowered to my knees and started to undo his belt and botton on his dress pants. Tugging the zipper down his hardness pressing against his pants i lowered his pants. i softly kissed his navel as he took his shirt off. My fingers slipped his boxers down exposeing his very hard very thick very black penis. I gripped him in my hands looking it over I was thinking a good 8 to 9 inches. I leaned in and took him in my mouth kneeling there feeling his hands on my head as i softly slowly sucked him. My husband at this point was laying on the floor lapping at my sex from under me. I was so turned on and my breathing was growing. It did not take long for my husband to bring me over the edge and i squealed over james cock and started to suck hin very hard. I once i had come down from my high i was kinda thursty and asked my husband if he would go get us some more dirnks. he got up and left the room. James stripped out of the rest of his cloths and we moved to the bed for some good be cont
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3 years ago
hot and sexy part one.
4 years ago
very good start & yes more
4 years ago
Oh yes, this is promising, do keep going.