My nosey neighbor.

I never thought about the size and shape of pussy's until I bought a camera that had a timer on it. I've taken so many pictures of my snatch by now that you would think I would stop. But, I'm infatuated by the size shape color and perfectness of my cunt.

It's amazing to me that its so pretty.

One day as I was poseing for my cunt pics I had opened my curtain to let in the wonderful afternoon sun. I opened the window to allow the fresh breeze in. Nothing better than to feel it waife across my open snatch.

As I posed in different ways, first on my back - ass in the air - legs spread as far apart as I could; with stockings and my favorite black platform heels on. Next on my belly the camera up close and personal. I'd been trying different positions for about a half hour turning this way and that.

I had managed to make myself hot, and would you believe me my crazy neighbor was sitting next to my window watching. I had thought I'd seen movement several times, but since he's usually working this time I day I just figured it was a bird or even a cat.

Anyway, with all the heaving and oil running down my ass crack I had managed to get myself excited and when I had saw him it had made it even more exciting.

I began to take pics of my fingers in my pussy, messaging my clit, one in my ass one in my cunt. I couldn't stop myself. Digging under the bed I removed my portable dvd player my boy toy George (It's what I call my Vibrator: From the old bugs bunny cartoon. The giant say's he's got a new friend and he's gonna hug him and squeeze him and pet him........)

And that is just what I planned to do to my toy George. Turning on the video, (as it was primed with my favorite girl on girl pussy licking and sucking video already in) I forgot about taking pics and just decided I would give my nosey neighbor something to tell his wife about.

As I watched this blonde chick devour this brunette with the most lovely real breasts I have ever seen I grabben my nipple in my left hands fingers. I pinched it, pulled it. Several times hard enough to make myself squill.

Don't worry now my right hand had george and I was was fucking myself good. Lubed up george was the most wonderful appliance I owned. I slide George between my thighs to my taint around my asshole back up to my clit. I made this lap several time then I would shove him deep inside me.

I'd pull him out and do the same thing again. I knew the old man next door must soon be having a heart attack by now, but it was too late. I was hot as hell and sure wasn't gonna stop now.

I rolled over onto my belly pulled my knees to my chest and fucked myself. I could see my neighbor peck around the curtain. His eyes grew wide, mouth flew open, but he didn't say a word. He watched as I took all of George in. I started talking dirty to him.

I never said his name, but I let him know that I knew he was watching. "Come on daddy fuck me, harder baby you know what mamma likes. You like what you see? Isn't that a pretty cunt? I bet you wish you could taste my sweet pussy.

I was excited now. I could feel my juices run down my leg, I was so close. I could feel my toes begin to curl, that sweet sensation when your belly goes taunt, your legs pull closer together and a slight suction noise from your pussy clamping down. "Oh, my god George. I'm coming, fuck me harder baby, fuck me harder."

I came in an explosion of juices and dirty words. My body quivered from the after shock. Limp and satisfied, I quickly rolled over to catch a glimps of Old Man Klein before he ran away. I still get a smile on my face when I run into him at the mail box. I wonder what he's thinking when he see's me.
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2 years ago
excellent! wish it happened to me
3 years ago
And this is a wonderful thing!
4 years ago
Great fun and very hot!
For sure, mr. Klein longs to see you again and
grow a large man once more with his ol´ mr. little.
4 years ago
i think i need a neighbor like u and u need a neighbor like me. lol
4 years ago
If I was your neighbor I would of been too busy jerking off to worry about not being seen.
4 years ago
great story! I wish I was your neighbor!
4 years ago
great story!
to bad i wasn't the neighbour.
i would have ring the bel.
4 years ago
That is an awesome story. I looked at your pictures and you do have a very pretty pussy. Thank you.
4 years ago
If I were your neighbor, I certainly would have cum over and given you a hand... and most likely a tongue and thick hard cock too!