Fucking My Bosses Youngest Daughter

As you already can tell from my profile i am a personal trainer and i have a contract with a privately owned gym to train members there at my own prices...

So one Morning while doing my own workouts i stop and talk with the owner of the gym...were good friends hes about 50+ years old...and his daughters walk in...the oldest was hot shes about 24 and ive seen and conversated with her from time to time but always on a hi and bye basis and then there was the youngest one...Ashley

she was very quite and shy but was diffidently a looker...about 5'4 18 years old nice big tits long black hair and glasses...jus how i lik em lol

anyway..about a week later Ashley come into the gym and asks me my rates...after chatting for a bit she thought my prices were a little high but she really wanted to work with me bcuz of my former clients before and after.... i never really suspected anything from the way we spoke cuz i usually work with alot of females and they usually flirt and stuff but its only bcuz were talking about there bodys and wat they wanna target...and obviously me being a perv i say a joke or 2 lol

so we came to an agreement and she asked if i can come in around 11pm
i usually dont like to take clients at that time but something about her made me say yes and now i know y...when i got to the gym she was already sweating and ready to...she saw me and ran to me with a hug and kiss on the cheek...we got started with some stretches...WOW !!!! this girl is lik a rubber band.. ridiculously flexible....with a big nice tight firm ass...OMG !!

then the regular cardio and weight training...when we were finished wit was about 1:30am and i asked for my payment so i can leave she hesitantly said i dnt have any money...i was pissed....she said im srry i really wanted to work with you but ur to expensive...so i said hey dont wrry about it i jus wont work with you anymore and began to pick up my things to leave...she went and hit the showers saying sorry on her way there...when i was about to leave she called me and asked if i could pass her the soap she left in the front of the gym...i found this a little odd but didnt think on it to much...i put the soap infront of the womens shower door and told her it was infront of the door and ima b taking off so for her to make sure everything was off b4 she left...

right in that second she opens the door standing there naked...
my eyes locked straight with hers...she then said..i dont have any money but mayb u can accept something else as payment...and started walking towards me...

this is the first time i was actually nervous infront of a girl lol i started walking backwards saying that we shouldnt do this...ur my bosses daughter and i can afford to lose my job...she said no one is here we have this entire place to ourselves...i sat on the bench and she sat on top of me started to kiss me...shes 18 years old is all that ran threw my head lol

she started grinding on my dick trying to get me hard but idk i guess i was too nervous thinking about losing my job and her father finding out...

she got up and layed on the benchpress bench and started to play with her pussy...she was so wet she left a spot on my sweats...she said i know u want me
i knew from how u looked at me when i walked in lastweek...im in debt to u...ill do anything u want...

and thats when the b**st came out

i walked over to her as she began to play with her self more intensely
i stood over her as she looked up at me...her head was right at my dick and i stood there doing nothing...she stopped touching herself sat up and looked at me puzzled...she said y0 u gay or something
i smirked ripped my shirt off layed her dwn with my hand around her neck...
i could tell she was a lil scared but that aggression definitely turned her on
she was jus barely breathing as i looked at her up and down....so your 18 i said...she nodded with fear in her eyes and i smiled nd said thats g0od...
nd licked her lips

i began eating her fat sweet wet pussy...she had a sensitive one so i knew id have fun with her...i licked ur clit till it was so swollen it looked lik a lil dick head lol she would look dwn at me and roll her eyes to the back of her head...her legs where shacking...she kept screaming louder and louder...and in spanish...OMG SUCK THAT CLIT PAPi was my favorite thing to hear lol...i licked nd sucked her whole pussy till she sat up and said thats it...

i looked dead into her eyes and said...u in debt to me...and that didnt even over a min. of my time....i grabbed her legs and pulled her towards me...she fell back in disbelief of wat was going on..i started fingering her she went crazy...her legs were shaking nd she was sweaty...she was screaming at the top of her lungs she was gunna come...i began hitting her G spot and sucking big tits....she screamed in a SUPER high pitch voice im coming nd Squirted all over the gym matts...lol i put my finger over her clit nd jus watched her body spaz out...she looked lik she was having a seizer but with a smile on her face...she then said...nobody has every made me do that b4...i kissed her shoulders nd neck nd whispered into her ear..lets do it again...she smiled with a cheesey grin on her face nd instantly layed back down...she squirted again but it wasnt as large and intense as the first...i pulled my dick out nd she began deep throating me...this girls head was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she took my whole cock down her throat lik a champ with no gag reflex
i began fucking her face nd she jus took it with an occasional pause for air
it was the best head ive gotten in a LONG time nd she was only 18...so i could jus imagine wat shes been up 2 in highschool lol...

she started sucking my balls while i tlked dirty 2 her...she loved it
u nasty little fuckin slut...uve been sucking dick for a long time havent u....Smacking her across the face....she jus kept saying yes papi ima nasty little slut papi...ayee..

i stood her up and flipped her up sidedwn nd began eating her pussy again while she sucked my dick...OMG this girl is amazing with the head work...i almost let her drop head first on a 45lbs plate lmao

i then said i wanna fuck...she asked if i had a condom nd i said i didnt but i wanted to go raw...she hesitated and walked away from me...i pushed her into a corner nd began rubbing my dick on her soaked pussy....she let out soft moans nd said do wat u want with me...use me...take ur payment...i rammed my dick right in....she screamed

i fuked the shyt outta her she began feeling weak in the knees so i turned her around nd lifted her up...bagging the shyt outta her pussy...her eyes rolling to the back of her head screaming loudly...YES YES YES Papi YES

she creamed all over my dick

i then layed her dwn on the floor she then crawled over to the mirror of the gym nd spread her fat ass open...Come get some more daddy....is wat she said...

i smacked her ass till it was nice and red...her eyes tearing up a bit but she never said stop...i began fuking her while pulling on her long silky hair...
this girl had to lose her voice with all the screaming she was doing...

i would occasionally smack her ass nd she would say...yeah papi jus like that...make me your little bitch...take that 18 year old pussy jus lik that
i pounded every inch of my dick inside this girl until she collapsed on the floor... i told her to hit the showers lol

once we got in under the water she began sucking my dick again getting me harder then b4...my dick was a str8 missile that could cut a diamond in half from how hard i was... she then lifted her leg up and said Fuk me

and so i did...i fuked her so g0od she came instantly...then i layed on the shower floor water hitting my face..i closed my eyes nd she began to ride my dick...her pussy was s0 fuking tight even with the hours of fuking we were doing
i finally pushed her off and came in her mouth...she swallowed my cum and we finished taking a shower...it was almost 5am and our morning clients began to arrive...she left the gym and i began working with my regular client as if nothing happened...lol

eventually her s****r wanted sum personal training...but thats another story
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3 years ago
very hot she sounded like a pro !!! ur living the dream