Sir's Choice

Sir was on his way, she stood patiently for his arrival, dressed in her short mini-skirt, black halter neck top, stocks and suspenders. He arrived and they went into the living room, he approved of her chosen outfit, however wanted to chill out. They sat chatting on the sofa, when a glint in his eye appeared.

He took her face into his hands and started to kiss her, knowing it turned her on, she could already feel her pussy becoming wet, it didn’t help with a night and morning of horny delicious thoughts running through her mind. Sir stopped and looked into her eyes, she tried to look away but the hold he had on her, she just wanted more. She slid down the sofa, Sir now on top of her, caressing her arms, her legs around his waist, as she grinded against his body.

They kissed with passion, her pussy more engorged with horniness, Sir moved his hand down her body, stroking her breasts, down between her legs to feel her hot pussy, grinning at the realisation she wasn’t wearing underwear. “Such a horny little slut”, she smiled at him, blushing with shyness. He gently stroked her clit, teasing her with the anticipation of sex, rocking her hips to show wiliness. Sir removed his hand placing his fingers to her lips, allowing her to taste her sweet juices, as she licked his fingers he kissed her more, the two of them licking his fingers, as he continued to kiss her, he removed his fingers, and untied her top. He exposed her breasts, gently moving his hands over the bare skin, making her nipples erect, taking one of her nipples in his teeth, gentle nibbling on it, moving on to sucking, then biting, pulling her breast out, a small moan left her lips as he released her nipple, he moved onto the other, doing the same action, her hips rocking begging for more.

Sir kissed her again, pushing his fingers deep into her pussy, deeply kissing her, sucking on her tongue, her pussy becoming wet with each rub of her G spot. Before she knew it he had hold of her nose, unable to breathe, kissing him more, her pussy becoming so wet, she tried to pull away, with nowhere to go, she trusted him, but it felt like forever, she tried to pull away again, still he held on. Her brain was panicking, she couldn’t breathe, but she didn’t want to stop, as he released her moving his face away from her, his fingers started massaging her pussy faster, she was becoming uncontrollable, “please Sir”, he said nothing, fingering her, watching her frustration, watching her losing it, “PLEASE SIR”, still quiet, she didn’t want to let him down, but too late, she came, a power shuddering orgasm ran through her body. He slowly stopped, removing his dripping hand from her. Grinning, “tut, tut, my little one”, she dared not look at him, Sir ordered her off the sofa, and told her to strip, she took off her skirt and top, stood there naked before him, he sat on the sofa, looking at her, her face crimson with guilt.

He ordered her to her knees, unbuttoning his jeans, exposing his hard cock, he grabbed hold of her hard forcing her mouth onto his cock, pushing it to the back of her mouth, sucking on his cock, as he controlled her head with her hair, pushing it up and down, making him moan with pleasure. Then he pushed her back, still holding her hair, kissing her once more. He took off his shirt and jeans, sat naked on the sofa, his cock erect, signalling her to come to him. She placed herself on top of him, “Do you want it little one?”, “yes please Sir”, “what do you want?”, “Sir I want your hard cock deep into my pussy Sir”, he held her hips, looking into her eyes, the silence was all around them, he pushed her hard onto his cock, with her pussy filling hard and fast, she cried out, she moved upon his cock, with his guiding her with her hips, up and down, taking her nipple into his mouth nibbling, biting. The pleasure coursing through her, she wanted to cum again, “please Sir”, “not yet”, as she bounced hard on his cock.

Sir pushed her off him, moving her into a crouch position over the sofa, he pushed his fingers into her pussy, making her wet all over, dragging his nails down her back, playing with her anus with her pussy juices, he then started licking her anus, fingering her pussy, then he stopped, instead pushing his cock deep in to her ass, a cry passed her lips, as he fucked her hard, “this is for coming without asking, for being a dirty little cum slut”, “yes Sir, thank you Sir”, he reached round rubbing her clit as his cock filled her ass. “Please Sir, may I cum”, “No you dirty slut, you’ve had your fill it’s now my turn”, he fucked her harder, and harder, she was finding it hard to control herself, he stopped rubbing her clit, holding onto her hips, as he thrust. She moaned with pleasure, he was breathing heavily, almost ready to cum, pushing harder, “PLEASE SIR”, before he could answer he came, removed his cock, turned her over and smiled, “No, you may not”.
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