The Visitor

Michelle was relaxing in the bath. Hot and full of bubbles. The bathroom black tiles were wet with steam, as well as her glass of wine sat on the side. She took a sip of the cool liquid and thought of the night ahead.

She placed her glass back onto the bath shelf, then rose her right leg and allowing the bubbles to fall down back into the bath, she took her shower gel and lathered her leg. Taking her razor she gentle shaved, did the same with her left leg, and was satisfied with the smooth finish. Of course she knew he would not be happy unless her pussy was smooth too, but that took extra care. After another sip from the cool glass, she rose out of the bath and perched upon the bath side, wiping away the bubbles, spreading her legs to expose her pussy. Taking the shaving foam she foamed her lips and placed her razor within her thigh and slowly shaved away the hair revealing the smooth soft skin beneath.

A smile spread across her lips, not a nick or cut in site and pleased she still had time to wash her hair. Emptying the bath, and drinking the last drop of wine, she turned on the showerhead. As the bubbles drifted away down the plug hole she placed her head underneath the warm water, feeling the water running down her short blonde hair, down her back. Lathering her hair and rinsing the soap away, as the bubbles ran down her breasts over her smooth pussy. Feeling refreshed and very clean, she stopped the shower and stepped out onto the warm towelled bath mat. Taking her towel from the rail she wrapped it around her warm wet body and entered the kitchen.

After refilling her wine glass, she went into the bedroom to select tonight’s outfit. Looking through her wardrobe, gently feeling each silky item, she knew purple would get his mental juices going. She dried her body and slipped on her purple and lace suspender belt, and picked out her long black stockings from the draw. Slowly pulling each stocking over her smooth legs and clipping them to the belt, she loved the sense of the soft fabric going over her freshly shaved legs. Stockings clipped, she put on her purple lace knickers on, she preferred knickers to thongs, the way they shaped over her curvy bottom was delicious, plus they were more comfortable. She zipped up her purple silk and black lace Basque, and strutted over to the mirror. Prefect!

She put on her sexy tall black heels and long silk black dressing gown and returned to the kitchen. There was no need for make-up, he liked it when he could see her real face. Clearing away her wine glass and putting the wine into the fridge, she put the kettle onto boil, when the intercom buzzed.

Lifting the receiver, the screen on her intercom lit up, and there he was, with his sexy smile. “Hello” she purred, and pushed the button letting him in. She returned to the kitchen and prepared 2 mugs of tea.

“Good girl” Sir said, she handed him a mug of tea while he lent up against the kitchen archway. He took a sip, “Come here” he said, Michelle knew what was coming. She placed her mug on the side and approached him. “On your knees little one”, she did just that, her face just inches away from the zip on his trousers.

Sir took another sip of his tea and put the mug on the side. He reached into his pocket and took out a long leather collar, her play collar, the sliver cones upon the black leather glistened in the kitchen light. She could feel her pussy becoming moist, and she could not hide the smile that spread across her face. Sir lifted her chin and put the collar around her neck, she breathed a long sigh as he locked the clasp at the back of her neck.

He looked down upon her face, watching her smile, “I know what you want, and because you’ve been a good girl, you may have what you’ve been waiting for” he purred. Sir unzipped his trousers, “Thank you Sir” she replied. Pulling out his cock just made her pussy moister, but she knew she had to keep calm. His cock was hard, pulsing for her, waiting for her, but just making her wait turned him on. Running his fingers through her hair, and grabbing hold of the long hair upon the top of her head, she sighed and moaned, opening her mouth. Taking the opportunity, he rammed his cock into her mouth, the head touching the back of her throat. She gagged, and waited, “You know what to do” he said. Slowly moving her head back and forth, taking every inch of his cock within her mouth, her saliva washing over it. Her gentle moans vibrated along his shaft, feeling her tongue moving around his head as she leant back and her lips slide over the shaft of his cock as she moved forward.

Sir gently moved her head back, freeing his cock from her wet mouth, and placing it back into his trousers. “Up” he said, and she rose to her feet, moving to the living room he pointed to her rug and told her to kneel.

Down on her knees, she watched as he brushed his hands over her collection of toys hanging on the wall. Inspecting each one, he chose a long purple suede flogger. Brushing it over her face, she loved the smell, the cool tails running over her nose and forehead. She bowed her head exposing her shoulders, Sir brushed the tails down her back, watching her curve her back, like a cat. She leant forward onto her hands, and he took aim, “SWISH WHACK”, a soft moan passed her lips, the heat from the hit spreading over her shoulders, the warm sting she so longed for. Again he took aim, and hit her time after time, her shoulders reddening, her skin tensing, growing hot, and tingling. Moments later he stopped... She wished he didn’t... she rose her head to look at his face, Sir was standing there smiling, he got hold of the ring of her collar and guided her up to her feet, he collected 2 other toys off the rack and moved her into her bedroom.

He loved her bedroom, 4 poster bed, long dark curtains that kept out the light. He bent her over the end of the large King size bed, exposing her bottom, her lace knickers shaping her buttocks into a beautiful sweet peach shape. Dragging his nails over her soft skin, she gently moaned once more. Sir pulled open a draw, and pulled out her ball gag, placed it into her mouth and fastened the back he also placed a blindfold across her eyes. Gagged and blind she was so turned on, Sir could now smell her sweet juices, drawing his nails once more over her bottom, he then smacked her peach bottom, a muffled cry came from her mouth, again he struck, and again. Her bottom reddening, warming and stinging with each hit, he then dragged his nails over her red sore skin a moan of pleasure came from her. Sir unzipped his trousers, taking off his clothes and standing behind her, looking at her, squirming, waiting, wanting more. He struck her bottom 4 more times, reddening it once more, taking her knickers to one side he slid his fingers into her pussy, feeling her wet juices, feeling deep within her pussy, making her moan. Removing his fingers, and licking her sweet juice off, he took the cuffs from her bed post and put her hands behind her back, clipping them in place.

Watching her squirm more, as she felt the cool metal against her wrists and upon her back, he slowly moved her knickers down to her ankles, lifting each foot to remove them. Now her pussy bare to see, her lips moist with cum. Standing behind her, he grabbed hold of the cuffs holding her hands, and placed his cock deep within her pussy, pushing deep and hard, Michelle moaned with pleasure, holding his place he felt her move upon his cock.

He pushed deeper, pulled back, and pushed his cock back deep into her pussy, his thrusting became faster and harder, she moaned with each stroke, each push, trying to scream through her gag. He stopped... “Don’t” he said... She knew, she had to calm herself, she was not allowed to cum without his permission.

She was so close, wanting to cum all over his throbbing cock, but she knew if she came without his word he would stop and leave, leaving her frustrated, angry, and guilty for letting him down. She calmed, she tried to think of anything other than the cock pushing against the neck of her womb.

“Good girl” Sir purred into her ear, he withdrew his cock and rolled her onto her back, with her legs hanging over the end of the bed, to which he tied them to the end posts of her bed. Exposing her pussy, he took a rubber flogger, and proceeded to gently whip her wet hot pussy. His flogging became faster, harder, her pussy becoming sore and red, her throat became dry through her screaming at each hit of the flogger, and he stopped.

Sir could see a tear rolling down her face, he bent down and licked her red pussy, a moan of pleasure passed her lips once more, cooling her lips with his tongue, and he stood back up and re-inserted his throbbing cock within her. Thrusting hard, deep and fast, she so wanted to cum, he slowed down, lent forward and undone her gag and removed her blindfold, she saw his eyes and smiled. “Are you ready?” he whispered into her ear, “yes Sir” she whispered back, at that he thrust his cock, making his action harder and faster, she bit her lip trying to stop herself from coming. He could feel her pussy become wetter, “Now cum” he hissed, she let out an orgasmic scream, feeling her pussy throb against his cock, coming down his shaft, “AGAIN” he hissed, again the scream, again the pure joy.

“Oh, shit, shit, shit, shit,” she panicked, he knew she was on her way to a multiple, “CUM YOU BITCH” trusting hard and fast, deep and powerful into her pussy, pushing against the neck of her womb, she screamed once more, and started to shake and jerk, as if she was having a fit, so much so Sir came, moaning with deep pleasure, she burst into tears, she felt joy, she wanted to explode. Sir held her close, calmed her, “good girl, very good girl”, relaxing, breathing, he released her legs from the bed, unlocked her hands from the cuffs, and held her body close, stroked her hair, feeling her bask against his cooling body. They held each other in this embrace, Michelle thought what wonders could he come up with next.

The end
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3 years ago
Oh hell yes that was unbefuckinglievable! Please tell me where I can find this guy!!