First Night together

This is a true story and it happened just last night on 9/3/2011
My Girl(becca) 19 yrs old, 220 lbs, 5'8 and very sexy brown hair down to the middle of her back and I made plans for me to come over and told her I'd pick us up something special. He called it White gold (marijuana strain) he warned me not to smoke it alone and i told him it would be ok. well later that day i went and met up with becca and we went to her place and chileld on the couch for a while slowly building up the teasing we were giving one another and when she was ready to smoke i pulled out the White Gold and we smoked the entire 20 sack and her roomates helped us smoke it. (fast forward an hour after smoking)

We finally made our way to the shower for her first shower with a man and as soon as the door was closed she pinned me agianst the wall. (I'm 5'10-5'11 170 lbs long brown hair slightly wavy) and as she pinned me she kissed me with an intensedy i never felt before and i loved it my dick was instantly rock solid. (which is a good 11 inches long and very thick) by this point i had stripped off her tank top and bra sucking on one of her tiny nipples that sit perfectly on her 36DD breasts. i feel her [ulling at my pants as i feel them drop and her hand goes into my boxers pulling out my dick she drops to her knees and takes half my dick down her throat and plays with my balls. I pulled the back of her hair (which drives her crazy) she moans and takes my dick deeper down her throat as i thrust hearing her gag i pull out of her mouth and i begin to stroke my dick as she sucks and licks all over my balls one at a time. i look down at her and she starts teasing my tip with her tongue causing precum to bead and slide down my dick. I pull her hair again and slams my dick down her throat causing her to gag again and i thrust over and over again hearing her gasp for air. i pull my dick out again and cover her breasts with my hot cum causing her to shake and moan with her own orgasm.

More to come if you like my first story.
i apologize if its bad its my first story and im still trying to remember it all.
57% (8/6)
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3 years ago
dont rush the creative process and you will get there good start
3 years ago
3 years ago
more details & it should have continued
3 years ago
its nice but you should have kept going!!!