Horny Emails from EX GF - Wendy

Hi baby!

This morning I masturbated with the cyber cock gently pumping my tight ass and the other little vibrator massaging my clit, while I was wearing your silk boxers....mmmmmmmmmmmmm...I had them pulled to the side, exposing my swollwen clit and lips. I came sooooooo hard. Now your boxers are wet with my pussy juices...

...Your nasty angel


Oh, my baby...

I showered and slipped into the sexy, red nightie...I laid down in my bed and pulled the nightie up around my waist...Fantasizing that you were there tonguing my clit and ass, your finger reaching far inside me...I brought myself to a throbbing orgasm with my toy...

You were holding me down with your muscley arms...so I couldn't squirm away...




My love...

I will scan my breasts...a rear view...my throbbing clit...whatever you
would like, to please you and turn you on...

Your Love


My baby...

I have been reliving each sensual moment from yesterday over and over
again in my mind. I have fantasized about you kneeling in front of the
fireplace in my bedroom, with me facing you and you gently kissing my
nipples. I have caught myself several times today playing with my nipples and thinking it's you and drawing a deep breath and a sigh. I still feel you inside me...the head of your penis pressing on my G spot. Our lovemaking is so incredibly sensual and erotic and so extremely caring. I have found myself in a trance most of the day with thoughts of you...

I love you my darling, with all my heart...


Sometime I want you to cum all over my breasts and my face and
then you can massage your cum into my soft skin..


Oh darling...I am playing with my nipples as I write...when we are
done I will...stimulate myself with "our toy" to a steamy, wet
climax...fantasizing that you are between my legs with your hot


If you were in my ass...gently pumping me...and I was stimulating my
clitoris with the vibrator...I would cum so loud and so hard...I would be dripping wet with my juices...


Do you know what would excite me to a "screaming orgasm?" We are in
my hot tub...the jets are swirling the hot water around our naked
bodies...I am facing the wall of the tub and you are behind me...

I put my legs up over the side of the tub...so that my pussy is right
in front of the jet.
I am leaning back in your arms...you are kissing the side of my slender neck...
gently you slide a finger in my tightening ass...The jets make my clit burn with desire...your finger feels the pulsing of my ass as I am thrown into
a screaming climax...I slowly sink back into your arms...


My pussy is very hot and moist here in this shot, as I had just pleasured
myself to orgasm. I wish you were here, so I could pleasure you...My lips and
entrance were very slippery with my cum. Hmmmmmmmmm...maybe an ass shot next?
Would you like a picture of my finger in my pussy, or my ass?

Your very horny love...


My most loved...

Here is your treat...I wish you were here to tongue it. You know what
happens to my pussy when you suck on my nipples, don't you? I get so wet
and horny!
My pussy aches in anticipation of your hot, hard cock pushing its way deep
inside me...God...it makes me moan and squirm. I love putting your hard
cock in my warm mouth and sticking my tongue in the slit in your cock, then
licking around the head. Baby I need to fuck you...I need you to fuck me.

very horny...


A little askew by the scanner glass...but my titties love to be touched by
your lips, tongue, fingers and cock! Let's lotion up your hard cock and then
fuck my titties, 'til you cum all over them and in my mouth. Then we can
share a passionate cum kiss.


Hi my baby...
Yikes!!! I was horny and thinking of you...I just finished 6...YES SIX!!!
orgasms, from playing with the toys you gave me. I slipped the Thai ass plug
in, all wetted up with the lotion you brought here and the egg, way up inside
my very moist, hot, nasty pussy. Then I pleasured my clit with the BIG
cock...They brought me all those intense orgasms in about 15 minutes. I tried
not to moan too loud, as my windows were open. All the while I was
fantasizing...seeing you licking and sucking my lips...then turning me over
and slipping your big, hard throbbing cock in my...ass. After you came in my
wet, tight, ass, you tenderly kissed my back freckles.

Are you sure you can keep up with me? :)


Whoa!!! Whew!! Oh, My!! Yikes!! Yesssssssssss!!

Now that's the old I remember. I love your nastiness! I about had
an orgasm just by reading this! My panties were wet after reading that!!


Oh, and I masturbated today with both the "big daddy" and the "little daddy." I brought myself to two throbbing orgasms. Sure wish it was you that did that to me instead...mmmmmmm.


(With all due respect to your feelings...and mine too!!)...How about we just
pretend that we are meeting for the first time, and we just fuck each
other's brains out (smile)... Like we did the first time we met...


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3 years ago
Do you have any more letters they are so hot thanks