My adopted mother, b*****r, s****r, and me. (Par

By the age of 16 I had been arrested 4 times. On my 16th birthday I was placed in a all boys school because my mom had came to her wits end with me. As a young black man I felt like the world was against me. The boys school I was at was tough. I often struggled with different task learning to yield to authority. But 1 thing that was good was meeting Juan. Juan was a Mexican but we connected pretty well and became close friends. As time went on we got close and became like b*****rs. We had each other back in everything.

A year had passed and Juan was being released back to his mother. I told him of my situation and he talked to his mom about letting me move with them and finishing school. Well a few weeks later she had agreed.I was then released to my mother at first. My mom happily agreed to let me move 40 minutes away with complete strangers. Anyways, I got pack and my mom drove me to Juan's home. She didn't even get out to meet Juan's mother Diana.

Once I got in and unpacked my things in Juan's room, Juan told me that I would sl**p in the den because the sofa laid out into a bed. That way I could have my own bed. So I would keep my things in Juan's room and share the bathroom with him but I would have my own bed so I was happy with that. I then met Juan's mom Diana and his s****r Christine. They both were good looking ladies. Diana was 40 but had long curly hair that made her smooth looking face look a lot younger. She also had perfect tits (which I later found out were breast implants). We'll get to that part later. After meeting Diana I met his older s****r Christina. Christina was 21. She had long straight hair but looked nothing like Diana. Christina had silky smooth looking skin like Diana but Christina had much more darker complexion. Christina was also like 5'8 while Diana was like 5'3. The only thing they had similar was that they both had some nice breast with thick but athletic thighs.

As time went on I got pretty comfortable with my adopted f****y. Me and Christina would actually hang out every now and then. She would take me to the club with her and her friends, I had begin to love her like a s****r too. I would every once in a while fantasize about fucking her but then I would quickly think about something else. I had made up in my mind I was not going to ruin a good thing for 1 fuck. I was also becoming close with Diana and even had start to refer to her as mom. Sometimes when she couldn't sl**p she would make me hot cocoa and make her some coffee and come in the den and watch tv with me and talk to me about life and stuff. Even though I enjoyed those nights I also felt awkward because after she left I would usually masturbate to the thought of me fucking her tits. They just looked so damn good.

On my 18th birthday, I was half way through my senior year in high school. Diana gave me a birthday card with a 100 dollars in it. It was the most money I had ever received for a birthday. I hugged her for about 3 minutes straight. Mostly because her breast felt so good, and then because I was happy. Christina told me she was taking me out later that night. And Juan had bought me a cool New York Yankees hat. Because I loved the Yankees. So it was easily one of my best birthdays ever. Later that night as I was about to get ready Christina had just got out of her shower and had called me for my opinion on what she should wear. When I came in her room, she had a towel wrapped around her from her breast to just below her butt. So I was a bit surprised but I played it cool. So after I told her which one I thought was the best she turned to take the dress she wasn't going to wear to put it back in her closet and dropped it. She then bent over to pick it up and all her ass was out. I tried to stop looking, but once I seen her pussy from behind I couldn't turn away. Then I seen her look at me while she was bent over. And I was staring so bad I didn't even notice her look at me until it was too late. "I'm sorry." I said hoping she wouldn't be mad. "Brian, you're my b*****r for goodness sakes." She said in a forgiving tone. "I know, I'm- I don't know what happened." I said struggling to find an excuse. "Alright well no biggie." She said with a slight grin. "I'm gonna go get ready." I said as I walked out of her room. "Okay." She responded.

So I got ready and we went out and had a great time at some night club. She brought some friends of hers too and they danced with me all night. Giving me multiple hard ons through the night. By the time the night was over I was pretty wasted from the liquor Christine had been sneaking me that I stumbled to the house from the car when she had drove us home. She helped me to the sofa. She then kissed me on the cheek and told me goodnight. I told her goodnight as well. A few minutes later I was still up and my dick just got rock hard. I assumed by this time every one would be sl**p so I pulled my pants off and pulled my dick out of my boxers to masturbate. I started thinking about all of Christina friends and how I would do them and started stroking my dick. As I was about to come Christina walks in and I guess was about to say something and saw me. I couldn't stop the nut as it skeeted right out of my dick onto the sofa and floor. "Oh my." Christina said in a low voice. "Oh Christina. I'm sorry." I said so embarrassed. Christina looked at me. "No I'm sorry, I should not have just walked in on you." She said and backed up a few steps. "I got clean up this mess." I said and stood up and then put my dick back in my boxers. "Damn." Christina said real low to herself. But I still heard her. "I'll see you in the morning." She said with a smile. "Okay goodnight." I said still embarrassed. "Goodnight." She said and walked back in her room.

After I had cleaned up the mess I made. I heard Diana come out of her room because her door would always squeak when it opened. I tried to hurry up and put my pants on but I wasn't fast enough and Diana seen me in my boxers with a slight bulge. "Oooo." She said silently before saying she thought everyone was asl**p by now. I'm about to go I said I sat on the couch. She then walked on passed me and into the kitchen. All she had on was her panties and a robe. But the robe was semi see through so you could see her breast because she wasn't wearing a bra. And the robe only barely covered all her little petite but. I stared at her ass as she walked by. Christina then walked by me and into the kitchen. I knew that Christina could have probably seen me starring at her mom's ass. I felt terrible. I played sl**p as they walked out the kitchen. I then begin to think of a way to get to Christine so that I would never have to worry about her telling. So I decided to go to her room and act as if I was still d***k.

I knocked on her door. She came and unlocked her door and all she had on was a thong and no shirt. "Oh my god I thought you was mom." She said after seeing it was me. She then put her hands on her breast to cover them up. "Christine its fine, I don't care." I said trying to sound d***k. "Hell mom just caught me masturbating." I said still trying to sound d***k. Christina laughed so hard she dropped her hands and her breast looked so delicious. "Um, that was me that caught you Brian." Christina said with a huge smile on her face. "What?" I said. Then took off my shirt and threw it to the floor. "What are you doing?" Christina asked me putting her hands back over her breast. "Lets wrestle." I said with a smile and still trying to sound d***k. "No." She said laughing at me. Why not I asked as I closed her door shut and locked it at the same time. "Because mom could hear us, and she'd be freaked out seeing us wrestle with no clothes on. Plus were like b*****rs and s****rs and that's probably not a good idea anyways." She said. "Well like wrestle quietly it'll be fun, let's just try it for a minute and if you don't like it I promise we'll stop and I'm gone." I said purposely stumbling to her bed. "This is crazy. Okay fine let me put a shirt on." She said and turned around to get a shirt. My dick got hard seeing her put a shirt on. She noticed but tried to act like she didn't. I knew I had her at that point. She then put her hands up like she was ready. I got off her bed and stood in front of her. She trying to look ready but she was smirking. I quickly grabbed both her hands and pulled her to me and had her in the bear hug allowing her to feel my dick as it was pressed against her lower stomach. She tried to break free but I then threw her to the bed and and still held close to her I positioned my self between her legs when she attempted to roll me over. I knew she felt my dick poke at her pussy through my boxers and her thong. I then whispered in her ear "I'm going to make you submit to me." After I whispered that I licked her ear very slightly. She made a slight hissing sound from me whispering in her ear. So I knew that her ears were one of her spots but she was trying to keep me from knowing. I then took my hands and lifted up her legs, as I lifted up to do that I quickly adjusted my boxers so my dick could come out of them and she could feel my dick on her skin. My dick was poking all around her pussy. She felt it but she tried to act like she didn't. I then whispered in her ear again, "Get ready I'm about to pin you now." I was saying it so slow that I might as well had been blowing in her ear slowly. I made sure to slightly touch her ear with my tongue and lips as well. Causing her to moan very slightly. She then tried to push my head away from her ear. I then countered by grabbing her arms with my hands while still keeping her legs propped up in the air with my arms. I then spoke softly and slowly in her ear as I blew in her very slowly. I told her that I had to count to 10 for the pin to be official. "Brian I'm starting to feel funny." She said real slow and quietly. "It's okay, I got you." I whispered to her. I starting counting real slow and while I was counting I quickly took my left hand moved it on her pussy and slid the front of her thong to the side. "Wait, wait, wait." She said quickly but still whispering. "But I love you." I told her as I slowly injected my dick in her pussy. She let out a low volume moan and put her hands on my back and squeezed me close to her. I then started deep stoking her pussy with my dick. Going balls deep every thrust as I put my hands under her ass and squeezed her ass with every balls deep thrust I took. She was moaning as quiet as she could but the more I started pound her pussy the louder she got.

I tried to not make her moan and groan too loud but I couldn't resist the urge to fuck the shit out of her. So I just kept pounding her pussy. She started cumming all over my dick and I could feel her pussy pulsating as she moaned louder and louder. I then pulled out of her pussy and took my dick out and crawled on top of her ejaculated my cum all over her tits and face. At the same time we both then heard Diana's door make that squeaking noise and we knew she was coming for Cristina's room.

Part 2 coming soon!!!
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2 years ago
great story, can't wait to read part 2
2 years ago
very good start & more
2 years ago
2 years ago
Dude that's fantastic so far!
2 years ago
Great story. I like the intro. That makes you want to read on and on. And then you can't wait for the second part anymore.