Neighbor Pete, cont.

After our talk, I had returned to sucking Pete's cock for him.The following Friday I'de just finished with my realtor when Pete dropped by.Sitting on my couch,pants around his ankles,he mentioned his wife was going out of town for the weekend.Since our talk I hadn't required anal from him, this weekend I was going to make up for lost time.20 mins later I drank down his load from the gloriously thick 7 incher and licked him clean.That nite I spent time with my dildo in preperation for the next day.Around 10 am on Saturday I saw his wife drive off and dressed for sex.A T-shirt,short,tight cotton shorts and flips,I went over.A neighbor across the street watched me enter Pete's house, it struck me as funny.A while ago,Pete saw a man groping my naked ass at my side door and 2 hrs. later I gave him the first of many blow jobs.Grinning,he opened his jeans for me,"getting an early start are we?". What he didn't see was the tube of Astroglide in my hand.He is an amazingly horny man.Even with constant sex from his wife and me,he gets instantly and rigidly stiff.At full erection I looked up, took my mouth off him and began applying the lube.He stood expressionless as I looked up,"you're gonna give me what I need today.You're gonna take me to your bed, mount me from behind and give me a long,slow ass fuck".Thourghly coated his breathing had increased.Reaching down he guided me to my feet,turned me and pushed me to his bedroom.Stripping off my meager clothes,Pete pushed me face down onto his bed.The big bed was still messy and smelled of pussy and cum.The excitement washing over me I realized the big wet spot inches from my face."Did you fuck your wife this morning?" I moaned to him.Mounting me he straddled my hips,I felt his erection at my opening."Yeah I did, thought about this the entire time,see how much I came?".Reaching back I could stand no more and spread my ass for him.Feeling the large round head contact my ass hole,I felt him add his weight and he popped inside me.It made me jump a little and grunt loudly as he f***ed himself balls deep.He laid his weight onto me, I felt his hairy chest and belly against my back.My asshole was on fire due to his thickness but I knew it'de pass soon.His face was next to mine as he slowly withdrew to the tip and returned to balls deep."So, your new friend,he as big as you heard?"Pete whispered.It took me a second to realize he was talking about the guy I lied about several days ago.He was still slow fucking me but really f***ed himself in on the down stroke.He needed to hear so I recounted the old story."It was, he was huge,so black,so thick,he lasted forever Pete." Our sex had moved me up to the wet spot,I continued me story." He loved my cock sucking Pete,he f***ed himself on me." "like his cock?"."I loved it Pete,you know how I love big cock"."He fuck you?"."No Pete,he rubbed it all over my ass, he wanted to,he was so big and he never got stiff enough,I'de of let him,I wanted it."Pete was fucking me rougher, the story was taking effect.He had both hands on my waiste pounding deeply into me.Head back,I moaned,"thats it baby,take my ass,make me your slut".Grunting with each stroke,he was manhandling me now.For a flash I had a strange realization,I knew what his wife felt like.The bed shook as he had completely let himself go.""He grunted and reached climax.His left hand went from my hip to my neck and he gripped me.Arching back he drove himself to a new depth and paused.I could feel his thickness as it spasmed,convulsed and emptied the contents into me.He kissed my neck hard,"that what you wanted,that the ass fuck you crave?" he growled."Oh God yes,,ssooo fucking good Pete,you're gonna make me want more."He chuckled and lifted up off me dragging his spent cock from my ass.I could feel his cum running down my balls and it hit me,we made another wet spot.
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1 year ago
mmmm super sexy awesome;)
2 years ago
Super fucking hot!!!