Neighbor Pete,cont.

I know I moaned as I massaged the head using only my lips and tongue.I looked up at him to see his head back,eyes shut tight,breathing deeper.I whispered that I love huge cock,opened wide and displayed my unusual gift.When I was about 17, a very well hung older man taught me how to deep throat.The act of concentrating,relaxing and opening the back of my throat has impressed some very large men.This was the perfect time,he was swollen but still soft,better to conform to my throat.Opening wide I took a deep breath and slowly,inch by inch,took everything he had.I held my breath and swallowed.That caused my throat constrictions to work the shaft buried within."Jesus fucking Christ" he muttered cupping the back of my head to bury my face into his groin.I guess I stayed there about a minute or so,feeling him grow and stiffen.I backed off to the head,twisting my wet mouth around that perfect cock head.Once more I took him deep but this time used even more suction and quickly returned up.This time he backed out of my mouth gripping the shaft,"lick my balls for me" he begged.Sliding further under him I took each of the large balls into my mouth.Swirling my tongue,using gentle suction I tugged on each seperately.He gripped the shaft hard now,using long strokes on that beautiful meat. His cock stretched across my face as I stuffed both into my mouth to t-bag him."Oh fuck,oh fuck oh fuck" he gasped over and over.His body stiffened,he rose up on his toes and I felt warm jizz running down my back.Swiflty stroking through his climax he had one more body shudder as I left his balls.I looked up,took his spent cock and gently ran my tongue his length.I tongue bathed the perfect specimen,cleaning any remnants."Next time I want your load down my throat" I ordered."It was just so fucking good he moaned,you didn't like it?".No, I loved it, I could feel your ball sack move and convulse when you came,I just love the taste of cum" I smiled.Under my tight shorts I was rock hard and needed relief.Still holding him in my left,I wet my right hand and proceeded to pleasure myself."You really do love sucking cock,don't you?"."Oh I do,I love servicing men your size"I moaned.I knew this wasn't going to take lone,especially when he helped.Reaching behind me he gripped my ass whispering"I'de love to fuck you in your asshole,it's so thick,round and muscular".Leaning back against the tile I was close."I'de let you baby,I'de let you slip this big cock up my tight ass,I'de take everything you have as long as you need".He f***ed a little of a finger up my rear and that did it.I turned to the side and with a deep grunt climaxed.Long,thick ropes of cum exploded from my cock splashing against the wall, he f***ed more finger in me.Tensing up I gripped his finger causing my climax to continue.Finally done,I wiped off the tip,licked my finger and smiling lazily at him."UMM, I decided,I'll take the house" I grinned.The next story will be about the 3rd and last of my regulars.
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These are great!