Neighbor Pete, cont.

It'de been almost a week since I gave Pete his first guy,blow job.I decided to let him process the event and with 3 other regulars,I wasn't lonely.I'de chosen the 3 for several reasons.Being married they were very discreet.They each had different times they could visit and they all were in desperate need of my skills.I'de only had anal with 2 men in my life and besides giving them so much pleasure I didn't enjoy it at all.Only one of the 3 ever sees me during the week.A big shot at a bank near my house,he drops by,when possible,on his way to work.Our first time meeting he explained that his wife had caught him cheating and kept him on a very short leash.Don't get me wrong, I love kneeling before a man to give a long,luxurious blow job but these quickies were hot.I proposed I meet him nude and on my knees at my carport door.He could walk in, unzip and pull that big cock out and feed me it, right there.It worked out for both of us.He's an amazing guy.At around 56,he achieved a rigid erection,could almost cum on command and produced quite a load.Even those weeks when I got to suck his cock 3 or 4 times,the last was as big as the first.They all ended the same.With his hands along side my face,he'de guide my mouth along his shaft faster and faster.He never really talked to me(which I love),instead he moaned and grunted his approval.When he was ready he always muttered"milk it,milk it, milk that cock".Rising up on his toes,legs locked out,he'de pull my face hard into his groin.In the back of my throat I could feel the big shaft spasm,swell and empty it's contents down the back of my throat.Doing my best,I'de swallow around him,letting my throat muscles work his shaft.Unable to take anymore he'de slide that creamy shaft from me and look down ordering me to lick his cock clean.A minute or two of licking the remnants from it,I'de kiss the big head sweetly."great fucking blow job as always" he'de grin.Patting my head he'de tuck it away,zip up."See you tomorrow",he'de add leaving.The slut factor of this man using my mouth for his pleasure was REALLY a turn on...In my next stories I'll describe my sex with my 3 regulars as well as Pete's reactions,hope you enjoyed.
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3 years ago
yes, hot storys, like it so much
3 years ago
I like the way you think...."slut factor", etc! Great work!
3 years ago
not bad want more
3 years ago
This series is VERY HOT!