The Doctor,Pt.2

Head back,eyes closed,I could feel his breath on my rear."Oh, you DO like that" he whispered."I do, I really do" I moaned,"Only kinda wish there was something bigger there"Easing his finger from me I expected him to use 2 fingers,instead I got a tap on my shoulder.Opening my eyes I turned to see him unzipping.An overwhelming urge for him came over me.With a sly grin he reached in through his fly and withdrew his cock.Not overly hung it was the kind of equiptment that was made for pleasure.Around 5 or so inches soft,the head was perfectly shaped and largely crowned.The shaft was moderately thick, veiny and rugged.There was just something about this mature,sexy, take charge man.Reaching to hold me behind my neck he pulled me to his chest.I rose up on my toes as he crushed his mouth to mine,his tongue probing lewdly deep.Previously i was considered a dominant,power bottom.With him I felt as if I was there for him to breed me.Finally breaking the kiss he ordered me to my knees."Suck me good,get me stiff and you'll get something larger in your hot ass".I stared into his eyes,slowly lowering myself.He gripped the expanding shaft,took a handfull of my hair and tilted my head back.At around 7,very thick inches,he swiped the head across my lips and face."Lick it,lick my cock" he ordered and I obeyed.I didn't care what this man wanted from me,I was going to service his every whim.He was surprised he couldn't gag me but after 5 mins of trying he gave up.It stood out 45 degrees from his belly, an impressive erection for a man his age.Retrieving the lube he whispered"back over the table like before, on your toes".I trembled assuming the position"please go slow, you're big" i begged.Now into position between my legs,he spread me with one hand as I felt that large head nudge my opening."You think this is the first tight little asshole I've had?""No sir,it's just that you're only my second ever" I lied...To be continued
90% (8/1)
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5 months ago
Iwant an exam like that too
2 years ago
Doc is becoming aggressive.
3 years ago
Waiting for part 3,4 and more.