The Doctor

I work for a large company that provides free Physicals.One,very friendly Doctor had caught my eye.Tall,good looking and friendly in a sexy way I often fantasized about him.The fact that he'de already had a finger inside me several times only added fuel to my fire.At an all guy pool party one summer day I chatted with a stranger.Telling him where I work he asked if he knew a friend of his,Dr. Holden?My heart raced," you and he are good friends?".Well, we share the same interests, he grinned stroking my thigh.I gave the stranger the bj of his life for the info and formulated a plan.A month later it was time for my physical and I was ready.I wore running shorts,tank and flips to the exam. Underneath was a red,silk jock,I hoped would entice.The tall,sexy,Dr. Holden invited me into the office, my file in hand.A short chat and he ordered I strip to my underwear.I smiled at the look on his face seeing me standing there in the jock.Standing at my side he almost whispered,"lower them to your knees".My 8 inch cock was at half mast as he reached under to cup my balls,"turn and cough".I looked down doing so to see my cock laying over his wrist."Everythings fine there"he smiled still close, "now bend over the exam table".My heart raced, my hands shook as I hoped this'de work."Leave my jock down or do you prefer it up?" I smiled back.Putting on a rubber glove and lubing it,"just leave it down,I like to see everything" he said absently.I felt a warm hand on the top of my ass.Circling a finger around my opening he spread lube then eased inside me.I let out a low,breathless moan, rising up on my toes."you okay?"." uh-huh, it just feels really nice" i whisper."really? and how about this?" he asks massaging my prostate. My legs were already locked out but I spread them further.Even though only 5 different men had been inside me,plenty had commented on how my ass was made for dick.I flexed my round,muscular ass,gripping his long finger with my hole.Tilting my head back, i elicited another long moan...TO BE CONTINUED
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5 months ago
Now wheres that doctor located
1 year ago
and then????
1 year ago
Needing more, this was hot!
2 years ago
Good storyteller. I'm hooked to read continuation.
3 years ago
We need part 2 and many more.
3 years ago
nice...cant wait to read more