Jim, the conquest pt.4

Go to my profile to read 2 and 3.If his pattern was correct he'de be by on sunday for a repeat, I was going to be ready.Sunday noon, he showed up as expected.I'de thourghly cleaned my ass and rubbed down with coconut oil.Again on the ladder I painted the molding in a T-shirt only.A porn played on the T.V.,a mmf 3way with the guys sucking each other.This time he just walked in and smiled at the sight."Well hello there horny man, I see you do love my bj's", I smiled to him.Standing directly behind me, my ass at eye level, I arched my back."think about what I told you about fucking an ass?""I thought about it" he said leering at mine."Tell you what, grip my ass,see how firm it is".Moving closer those 2 huge hands gripped my cheeks,squeezing firmly."Damn, you got one hard ass", he commented.I braced on the ladder, this was good."Spread my ass and see if it's something you want to put that big dick in".His thumbs went to my crack and he gently spread me wide."Gotta admit, you got a pretty asshole, kinda tanned",he whispered.In anticipation, I put a tube of astro glide on the coffee table."Watch my hole", I told him as I constricted and relaxed for him."If you were inside it that's how I'de work that fat shaft".One thick finger probed my opening, I stopped him."See that clear tube on the table?, put some on your finger".Knowing what I wanted he lubed his middle finger and returned to me.I'de parted my legs and bent over the top of the ladder, he parted my ass again.He pushed in to the first knuckle then paused.I took a deep breath and groaned,"more but go slow" I instructed.His finger was the size of some cocks but he gave me it all.I tightened my considerable ass muscles around him then released."Damn, its like a vise in there",will my dick fit?" looked back,"you want your dick in there?""Yeah, I do, I really do".Pulling his finger from my ass, I came down and knelt before him. This time I opened his pants completely.I went under that already hard dick to T-bag those big balls.There's something about a big set of balls that makes me so damn slutty, I die to drain them.Spending a few mins on them I swallowed that fat dick whole.A few very wet trips up and down him and I broke free.Facing the T.V., I went face down ass up and invited him in."Use lots of that lube on your huge cock, I don't want you to ruin me for the next guy" I smiled sweetly to him.My heart raced watching those big hands slathering lube from tip to base.He kicked his pants free and mounted me,"now go slow at first" I begged.I've taken only one really big dick back there but he was very experienced, this was going to be a challenge.He lined up the big head, touched it to my hole then pushed.It was a searing pain being stretched so violently like that but I hung on.He never paused,just buried himself balls deep, I let out a muffled cry.I could hear him panting back there as he held himself in place.I could see his face in the reflection of the T.V., he was back in his special place mentally.Head back, eyes closed he moved his hands to grip my hips and began.A slow but grinding motion, I could tell this was gonna be a good one.Part of me wanted to be the one he was fucking, not the hot neighbor woman,"thats it baby, fuck that ass good, take your time and fill me up"I urged.Despite my voice it was clear he was mentally fucking her.Oh well, atleast I'm getting some good dick, I thought.For a bit the only sound was the group on t.v. and his balls slapping mine."You fucking whore, you like my cock in your ass?" he said to her.Mmmm hmmm, I answered. "Your fucking husbands never gonna feel the same when I get done in your asshole"."Your gonna be here begging for my cock, I'm gonna seed that hot ass deep".His thrusting was faster, more violent, he was making me pay for her teasing.I was biting my lip at the painful sex but I wanted to please him.Now in a furious pace, gripping me tight he slammed that big dick home one last time and emptied his balls as far into me as he could.Holding me in place, it took a few mins for him to recover.I tried to ease off him but in one swift motion he pulled free, furthering hurting my abused little hole.Seeing him again in the t.v., he put his pants back on, didn't say a word and left.I layed flat on the carpet, my asshole pulsing, a sticky,sweaty mess and knew I was the first to satisfy him with an asshole.
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6 months ago
that was great.. hope there is more...mmmmm
6 months ago
I wish it was me!!!!!