Wanking for my best friend pt3

It was the next day and Claire pulled me to one side to say that she had seen me sucking on Dave's cock last night when every body was asl**p and i told her that i had seen her as well with her hand in her panties and smiled at her .
Then she told me that if Dave and i did not start doing what she told us to do then she will tell her mum and dad.I then asked what she wanted me to do .She replied i want to see your cock and as i have already told you she was a hot redhead
with at lest 36dd tits. And just her asking to see my cock was making me start to grow i looked around and could not see anyone so i got my semi hard cock out then she took in her hand and started slowly stroking her hand felt so soft
but oh so good it was then i tried to feel her tits but was told i can not touch her and all i wanted to do was play and suck on her nipples. After about ten minutes i was begging her to let me touch her and i could feel my ball start to tighten
and i was breathing heavy and just then she stop and walked away. i then went after her and told her to finish me off but she just laughed at me and said you have to do as i say not the other way round . i though that was it but she said.
No i want to see you and Dave having sex. what we don't do that all we have done is give each other blowjobs. Yes but tonight when every body is out you and Dave are going to fuck each other as i watch. I then had to tell Dave about his bitch of a s****r
and what she wanted. like fuck am i doing that i only fuck girls not boys he said then he went off to talk to Claire. All she kept saying was she will tell everybody. we did not have a choice .so that night we all had showers and went out
to the f****y club but after about 45 mins Claire came to Dave and i and told us its time to have some fun. Back at the caravan we all had a drink and waited to be told what to do. At first she told us to kiss which i found i liked as my cock
started to grow Claire could see that i had a hard-on and told us to get each others cocks out and rub them together.I looked over at her to see she had no panties on and i could see her lovely pink lips of her pussy and a beautiful red bush just above her clit.
By now both our cocks was getting covered in precum. She then told Dave to get me undressed and then said that she has seen me sucking his cock and now she wanted to see her big b*o sucking on my cock then i looked over to her and she was playing with her clit
and her tits were out as well.Seeing her and having Dave sucking me off was starting to get to much for me then she then told me to get on my hands and knees so Dave can put his 7" cock in my ass. i was so worked up that i could not wait but i was
still worried that it was going to hurt as i have never had anything up ass before .Then as Dave started to push his cock in it felt more like his whole fist and i pulled away to be told by Claire to stop it and take it like a man then she gave Dave some sort of cream to rub on my ass and his cock
and as he did this he push a finger in and out for a bit then two and as he did it felt so good i told him to put his cock in this time he got the head of his cock in then stopped to look at Claire. He then asked her to get under me so she can suck my cock as he fucked me and that way she can see it all close up
which she did and then i had that beautiful pink pussy about 6" from my face and the smell it was heavenly and now Dave had over half his cock in me and pushing on my prostate which was making cock cum as Claire sucked then she hooked her leg up over my head a pulled down
so i could eat her pussy Dave had worked up a bit of speed and going deeper and deeper in to my ass and i start to have my first anal orgasm and my whole body starts to shake and Dave keeps going faster and faster and now im biting and sucking on Claire's clit
and then i can feel her hand going up to my ass and she grabs hold of Dave's cock as he is still pushing in and out of my ass then she pulls him out and starts to suck on his cock then she puts it back in my ass. This goes on for about five mins
then Dave starts to cum all over my ass and Claire's face. Claire then starts to suck on Dave trying to suck him dry and all this time im still eating her pussy trying to bring her off as well. By now the cum had started to run down my ass and
on to my balls and cock.So she cleaned it all up and told me to stop licking her and start fucking her so i then put her on her back with her legs up over my shoulders. Wow her pussy was so tight and i could feel her soft walls of her pussy trying to milk
my cock and for some one of her age she knew just what she was doing.i then looked over to to see Dave sat on the other bed with his cock in his hand wanking like mad as his cock never went down after cumming. Then i could feel my balls
tightening up again as Claire was starting to have an orgasm and her pussy was getting so tight i could not take it any longer and started filling her pussy with cum . then Claire started to push me off her.As i got off Dave was there with
is big cock and started to fuck his own s****r. As now she was no longer in control we was so i told Dave to take her from behind and i then put my cock in her mouth she seemed to love it sucking on my cock and ball cleaning both mine and her
cum of me. She then started having her 4ht or 5th orgasm and Dave started pumping her full of his cum as well then we both started licking at her pussy as both mine and Dave's cum was dripping out then Claire started to have her last orgasm of that night.
We then cleaned our self's up and went back to the club and it was never talked of again and that was the last time we did anything as well .
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Hot story
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Shame thatrio for the rest of your life's finish there, you could be a fucking t
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You guys gucked her good!