wanking for my best friend pt2

So dave and i was on holiday and it had been about three day since he had given me that blow job . And we had pulled some girls and this night we was taking them for a walk on the beach. when we had found a nice spot we started to kiss then i got my cock out for her to play with but the next thing i know the girl i was with got up and ran away.i looked over to where dave and his girl was still having fun.she had his cock in her mouth. i suppose i should have gone after the girl that ran away but i was sat there with my cock out and my best friend was getting BJ and in no time they was both naked and she was sitting on his face as i was only a few feet away i could see them both clearly on the moon light.And her body looked amazing and i loved the way her tits were jiggling about as she was riding dave's hard cock i could not take my eyes off his cock. And by now we had been there about 30 mins and i could hear them both cumming together. Then she looked over to me and asked where her friend had gone.Then she saw i had my cock in my hand and said that she would take care of that for me. But again i was so worked up i only lasted about 30 seconds. i then went back to the caravan we was staying at with dave's f****y. And when Dave got back from taking her home. we sat on our beds talking about what had happened. Then he asked if i wanted to taste her pussy i sat there nothing so he got his cock out and told me to suck it so i got between his legs. I could smell both her pussy and his cum and started to lick his cock like it was an ice cream. It taste so good i then started to suck on his balls but he grab my head and put his cock in my mouth so i was bobbing my head up and down then i grab his cock with one hand and his balls with and just licked and sucked on the head of his cock and i let a finger find its way to his ass hole and played with. then i heard something from outside the door as i looked over i could see dave's little s****r (she was a year younger than Dave and i and was a hot redhead with big tits ) and it looked like she was playing with her self. this was getting me so horny that i then pushed my finger in to dave's ass and as i did this he cum all over my face and in my mouth. I then looked back at the door but claire has gone back to her room.The next day Claire ask to talk to me but that is the next store.
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3 years ago
Great stories, love to hear more of your adventures with Dave
3 years ago
Read both parts now, altho a little short, a good story, had me hard and horny. look forward to the next part