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Wow that's a first!!!!

Ok this isn't so much a story just needed to get it off my chest!!!!

Lets call her Jules! She has been a fuck buddy for a while. Nothing serious but always there when we need it. She got d***k one night an asked to be fucked in the ass! Who am I to deny a woman the pleasure so I obliged !!! Ever since that night she has been hell bent on fucking my ass an I won't let it happen. This drives her crazy, she tried everything. Licking my ass! Was a first and great feeling. Then stuck a finger in my ass! Not as good as licking but oddly pleasurable. She finally wore me down till I agreed she could use a small toy but I told her she had to wait til later. That drove her insane and she tried to get me fucking every chance she had. We end up back at her place where she practically tore my clothes of and tossed me on the bed. She went right for my ass with her tongue! She was a hungry little ass licker. Then I got the best blow job I had ever had. She was just in tune with my cock and her mouth. She slid her fingers in my ass and quickly found her rhythm. I was in a world of my own. She had me at her mercy. Then with out warning shoved an egg tipped wand in my ass!! It hit spots I never knew I had. It caused fear and excitement all in one. With out warning I felt waves of orgasim stirring deep inside. She took all of me in her mouth which she can barely do and gave the wand a Lil push and twist. Before I knew it my cock erupted with volcanic f***e. I shot twice down her throat and she pulled me out when four more ropes landed on her face chest and mouth. I was spent my knees weak and shaking. I felt help less and confused and unsure of what just hit me! She stood up whispered in my ear gave me a long deep kiss , wiping my own cum on me. Took off her completely soaked underwear tossed them to me and left. I think she got the upper hand!
Posted by rdt82 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Hot story