Hottest Day Of My Life!

Yesterday morning I had to do some much needed shopping so I visited the closest mall and when I walked out, the rain was pouring down. I always park away from other vehicles so my car doesn't get beat up with dings and dents. It was raining so hard I just stood under the canopy to wait for the rain to let up a bit. Several other people were waiting as well and this young guy pushed his cart near mine and asked, "Remember me?" He looked familiar and then refreshed my memory by telling me that he went to school where I worked. I immediately remembered him as a very feminine boy who was hated by the other guys and loved by all the girls. I also remembered that I often thought how many times he had gotten his dick sucked or something slid into his cute ass.

We talked for quite a while and he asked about a car that I would drive to school at times. The k**s loved that car. I told him that I still had it at home and he really wanted to see it. I told him that it was in an attached garage at home and that he could stop by anytime. I was kind of surprised when he asked, "How about a couple of hours from now?" I told him that was fine with me and the rain had let up so we headed for our cars. He came running over and asked for my cell number and I gave it to him and we split up.

I got home nd as I was carrying everything inside, my phone rang. It was Jason and he said he may be a little late because he wanted to take a shower. That was fine with me but I have to admit, The thought of him being naked in he shower kind of got my dick swelling. I thought back to the school days when I had thoughts of seeing him naked and wondering of the chances of maybe at least holding his dick or better yet, sucking it.

I quickly cleaned the place up a bit and he called and told me that he was on his way. I fixed myself a drink and found my dick getting very hard at the thought of possibly getting his clothes off. That would be hot but I doubted that it would really happen.

Jason pulled into my driveway and rang the door bell. I invited him in and right off the bat, he made a comment about my well stocked bar. He showed an interest in a bottle of rum and I asked him if he would like a drink? He was all for it and said he loved Rum&Coke. I fixed him a rather stiff one and another for myself. We talked about cars for a few minutes and had another drink. I invited him out to the garage to see my car and he was all for it.

I keep my car in an attached, heated garage and covered with blankets when I don't plan to drive it for a while. He helped me uncover it and I thought he was going to actually drool on it! I invited him to sit in the driver's seat and he was very excited. Beginning to think that maybe I had a chance to get naked with him, I asked if he would like to take it for a spin? He could hardly speak! I handed him the keys and sat in the passenger seat as the garage door opened. We went about ten miles up the road and he was in love with the car. Got back home and he helped me cover it up and we went back inside for another drink.

Another stiff drink and I told him that I had a video of myself racing the car. Of course he wanted to see it. He sat down on the sofa beside me and immediately I noticed that guys do not sit as close together as we are sitting. During the racing scenes, I found him moving closer until finally his leg aand mine were touching. He was getting cuter by the minute!

Another drink and the video had finished. He bagan to tell me about his car that had been totaled in an accident and had photos of it on his phone. Of course I was interested so he searched his phone for the pics. At one point he chuckled and said, "I don't think you want to see that!" Whatever it was, I wanted to see it. He handed me the phone and there was a cute ass with pink panties on. I told him it was very nice. To told me to continue. Next photo of the same ass but with the panties pulled down to the knees. I told him I absolutely loved this one! I did tell him that I thought this might be a guy. He chuckled and invited me to go on. Next photo of the same body but now there is no doubt that it is a guy, a beautiful dick, although limp, still desireable. Next photo of the same dick but with a complete erection!

I was shaking with desire as I asked Jason who I had been looking at? He told me that it was himself and if I approved? My reaction was to reach for his crotch, pull his mouth to mine and kiss this pretty baby all the way to the bedroom where we spent the night, sucking, fucking, cum sharing and having one of the girls from school watch as we please each other.
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1 year ago
should have taken him in your car or on the hood of the car!
3 years ago
Hot! Tell us the rest of the story please!
3 years ago
Hot stuff!! More please.
3 years ago
Loved this one!
3 years ago
mmm nice but what happened more please
3 years ago
u are whoremunger