My Friend Bill

After chatting with my new friend, Bill, we decided to get together in person for some much needed mutual fun. Bill was coming to my home so I had the place cleaned up and had gone out and bought lots of beer and decided to buy some condoms and lubricant just in case. When Bill arrived I answered the door and invited him in. I was very nervous just thinking that he and I were going to be naked together. I offered him a beer and we sat down on the couch. To sort of break the ice, I told him that I had a fantastic video that we could watch on the big screen tv. He was all for it. The video started out with two guys watching porn together and the one guy placed his hand on the other's lap. They moved closer together and began to fondle each other and then they kissed very gently at first but then it became much more passionate. The one guy unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick which was fully erect. when the other guy saw it, he began to undo his pants and pulled them down and then his shorts. Another hard dick came into view. I moved closer to Bill and simply could not resist reaching for his dick. Even through his pants I could tell that I was about to see something that I had often jacked off to. I wanted to see it, hold it in my hand, kiss it and take it into my mouth. Bill reached for my dick and smiled as he ask, "How long has it been since you have cum"? I told him I had saved up for two days and that my balls were aching. He told me that he had saved for three days and his balls were absolutely full and aching as well. I softly whispered that I would like to see them and ease the ache. I suggested that we go into the bedroom and take our clothes off. He was all for it. We quickly undressed in front of each other and gazed at each other's hard dicks. I had shaved my dick and balls the day before just for this occaision. He was unshaven and asked me if I would like to shave him? I was on fire! I asked if he would mind if I kissed him and his responce was to pull me close and bury his hot tongue in my mouth. After several kisses like this and fondling each other's dicks, we both had precum oozing from our throbbing erections. We stopped long enough for me to lead him to the bathroom. I told him that I was shaking too much to use a razor so I got out an electric shaver that has a beard and mustache trimmer built in. He laughed and I sat down on the toilet seat and he stood before me with his legs parted. The bright light in the bathroom made his dick look even more exciting. I wanted to have it in my mouth so badly! I held his dick with my left hand and the shaver in the other. His balls were bigger than mine but his beautiful uncut dick was about the same size as mine. After using the beard trimmer, I switched over for a super close shave. When I touched his balls with it I guess it felt like a vibrator and his dick was really throbbing. With all the precum he was producing I figured it might not take too much to have his dick shooting three days worth of hot cum onto my face. I wanted it in my mouth and when I finished with the shaving I could hold back no longer. I took him in my mouth and used my tongue beneath his foreskin to expose the beautiful swollen head of it. He pulled me off of his dick and we kissed very passionately. Then he dropped down and took my dick in his mouth and used his tongue on my foreskin as well. He pulled it out of his mouth a looked at it as he milked it so see my precum flowing. He sucked it out of me and we kissed again. I reached down and held our dicks together while he fondled my aching balls. I told him how badly I wanted him to cum in my mouth and we went into the bedroom. I got on the bed and he stood there for a moment slowly jacking off . I started to jack off too and the he joined me on the bed and we really kissed this time. We broke the kiss long enough for him to turn around in a 69 position and began to suck each other. He stopped for a moment and sucked my balls and I did the same to him. The thought of all the sweet cum in them just drove me wild. I had to have his dick in my mouth again. It felt so good! It fit my mouth perfectly and I took him as deeply as I could. He did the same to me and I told him that I just had to cum. He told me to go ahead and that set me off. The first spurt was pure heaven and then he started to cum as well. Nothing on this earth ever felt so good. His cum was very thick and I sucked for every last drop of it. Finally we had drained each other and we lay there for a few minutes to recuperate. Bill wanted another beer and when I started to get up, he told he would get them. Seeing him walk naked I wanted more of his dick. He came back with the beers and mentioned that he had seen some condoms and lubricant on the kitchen counter. He asked if they were for use on my gf and I confessed that I had bought them for he and I in case we needed them. He chuckled as he asked, "what would we need them for" I smiled and told him that he had gotten me so hot that I was more than ready to see how it would feel to have him put his dick in my ass. He kissed me and asked me, "Would you like to fuck me?" I smiled and we kissed and felt our dicks growing hard again
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1 year ago
hot story
3 years ago
awsome one...did u post the other part?
3 years ago
@treeman13, I just submitted part 2 a few minutes ago. It may take a day or two before it is posted, Thanks for your interest.
3 years ago
would like to hear how the next meeting went. did you get to find out how it felt?
3 years ago
Very hot!