My Step-daughter

A few years ago I discovered that my wife had a daughter who was a real slut. Problem was, she wouldn't give me any pussy. I had wanted to fuck her since she had reached puberty. Seems like everybody else was but any sexual advance from me brought on a confession to her mother and that created a lot of denial on my part. She would tease me with her big tits and get me to co-sign loans for her and anything else she wanted.

One day she told us she had found a job with an excellent chance of advancement and her mother was very pleased. I overheard her saying that she would be working with a lot of black people but they were very friendly and more than willing to help her with her new job. I had my doubts but I was just wanting her to repay me for the funds I had loaned to her.

She lived in a small house that I owned and after she started working, I found that she never got home until about 5 or 6 hours after she got off work. Really none of my business but she had a 15 year old son who was there by himself most of the time. I overheard her saying something about,"Black, never go back." and I got the feeling that she was getting herself some black cock and apparently she loved it.

Then one day she had her camera at our home and forgot about it being there. I was up early the next morning and decided to see what kind of photos she had on there? Man, was in for for a surprise! The first few shots were of her but you could tell that she was high. The second shots were of her laying on a bed and it was readily apparent that she was in a motel. The next few shots were of the same bed but with a black guy laying there with no shirt on. I had a feeling that this was going to get more interesting and I was right!

Next few photos were of her undressing and then smiling as she offered her tits to the camera man. Then he was on the bed exposing a huge black cock and I knew he was going to fuck her with it. Then the photos stopped and there were a few of just boring f****y photos. I did a fast-forward and got back to her. This time there were photos of her and her friend, apparently taken by a third person. They kissed and fondled each other until I finally got to what I wanted to see. She actually took his cock into her mouth! Next photo was of her with another black cock in her mouth. Then I got the shock of my life when I saw a photo of her and her son both in the same bed and black cocks deep in their mouths. The next photo was of her son with a full erection and a cock in his mouth. Next photo which had to have been taken by her, was of her son on his hands and knees with a cock in his mouth and a huge black cock positioned to fuck his ass. Next photo was of her son with that big cock deep inside him. I would give anything to find a video of what they did that day.

I still wanted to fuck her but she played the religous card. I have often wondered what the church congregation would think if they saw what I still have on her camera
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3 years ago
3 years ago
hot story!
3 years ago
well you have the bitch now. threaten her with social services & the law thats jail time with her son
3 years ago
I say get into both their panties.
3 years ago
Blackmail that bitch and get into her panties.