Just Could Not Resist

A couple of years ago I was so horny I found myself jacking off to all kinds of things that I had never experienced. I would check out different websites but never really felt safe with any of them.
One day I was on Craigslist and decided to check out M2M. I saw a lot of photos of guys showing their cocks and then there was this one where a guy was just looking for a jackoff buddy. I was tempted to respond but then changed my mind. Next day, after thinking more about it, I decided to take a chance. I answered the ad and an hour later I got an answer. I could tell he was as nervous as I was but we finally set up a date and time.
I fully expected the law to be waiting for me at the site but it was just him. I waited for him to pull up beside my car and we sat there and talked for several minutes. Finally I invited him to sit in my car and I had a bottle of booze to try and make things go smoother. He went into a convenience store to get some soda and when he came back, he reached into his car and got his laptop and rejoined me.
He went straight to xhamster and asked if I had ever watched any videos from there? I told him that I was their biggest fan and he asked me what I liked to watch? I told him to log in to my account and check it all out.
I had a mixed of several things and clicked on one that I thought we would both enjoy.
It was a video of two guys rubbing their cocks together and both of them cumming. By the time the video had ended we both had exposed our cocks to each other and were more than ready to rub them together.
Just as we were about to get into position, a cop pulled into the parking lot and we could see that he was watching us so we settled down and left the area.
We both knew what we wanted and he said he would get a motel room where we would not have any problems. I told him that I would pay for half the cost and I guess that indicated to him that I was as ready as he was.
At the motel we entered the room and no sooner than the door closed we were kissing. I had never kissed a man before but this was much hotter than kissing any woman than I had ever met. Our tongues just felt so right together and the way he fondled my balls and aching cock had me on fire!
I reached for his throbbing cock as we kissed and found myself whispering, "I want to suck you off."
We had only planned to give each other a hand job but then we wanted to rub our cocks together and cum but now I had this desire to let him cum in my mouth.
He asked if I had ever sucked a cock before and I had to honestly tell him that I had not. He told me that h would tell me before he started to cum so I could stop sucking and with that I took him into my mouth.
I had masturbated while sucking on a dildo shaped like a cock but this was completely different. It was hard of course but the outer skin was so soft and it just felt completely different than I thought it would. This really felt good! I worked my head up and down and with each stroke I tried to take more of him into my mouth. After a couple of minute I was able to get all of him in my throat.
He pulled me off his throbbing cock and kissed me. Then he switched positions and started sucking me. I had women suck my cock but never with the passion of this! I told him that I was going to cum but he only took me deeper into his mouth and reached for my balls. I was almost about to explode in his mouth when he pulled away and we kissed again.
We were both totally naked and he quickly positioned himself above me and took his hand and held both of our cocks together. This felt fantastic and we both worked our bodies together. We kissed and looked at each other's cocks making love. Our tongues were dancing together and finally I had to whisper,"Honey, you are going to make me cum." His responce was, "Go ahead Pretty Baby, I'll cum with you."
At the very first spurt of my cock, he erupted also and there was cum everywhere! It was like there was no stopping it! Everytime I thought I was finished, he would spurt again and set me off!
All I can say is that if you are a guy and have thought about what it would feel like to have a man's cock in your mouth, give it a try. I still like women but a nice cock beats te hell out of a pussy that wants to get married and take you to the cleaners
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1 year ago
agreed! nothing as exciting as making a cock hard in my mouth and mine in his mouth!
2 years ago
mm cock is so tasty
3 years ago
nice story, n i know what u mean
3 years ago