Happy Memories

A few days ago I ran into my ex s****r-in-law who I haven't seen in many years. I had no idea of who she was at first but then she mentioned a fun time we had experienced and I knew right away who she was.

I was 19 at the time and happily married to Margie. We had sex everytime we got a chance to be alone and that included every room in her parent's home and each side of the house except for the front yard.

Margie had driven me to masturbation since the 8th grade. She, along with her best friend, Barb, had the biggest tits in school. Large tits just drove me wild. They still do but I have learned that small ones can be just as much fun. As long as they are natural I just adore them.

When Margie and I were first married we both worked and I was always doing side jobs to try and save for a down payment on a home. Her dad had bought the house next door to his own home and asked me to rewire it. I knew this was a chance to make some much needed money so I agreed. We hadn't set a date for this to take place but then about two weeks later her mom called and was telling her that they had a reunion they really wanted to attend and that they would be gone for a week. The problem was that, Robin, Margie's younger s****r could not go with them. As Margie explained to me later, if I could take a weeks vacation, we could stay at her parent's home and keep an eye on Robin and I could do my electrical work in the home next door. Margie could not get off work but during the day, Robin was usually with her girlfriends who lived in the neighborhood. Sounded good to me so she called her mom to get the dates figured out. It was the middle of summer and my boss had already know that I might take my vacation on a moment's notice. He had no problem with that.

Robin was 13 yrs old and a major pain in the ass for my wife. They were constantly yelling at each other. I found her to be rather cute with promises of what was going to develope if she turned out like her older s****r. We got along very well and I was always sure to never show too much interest in her. That always made me nervous because she could do things that caused me to take it out on Margie's pussy, if you know what I mean?

Finally the day rolls around that Margie's parents are leaving. We meet them early in the morning and over coffee, her mom gives us instructions. One thing she really stressed to me was to make sure the bathroom door was locked when I was in there. She told me that, "If you don't, she will just come barging in!". I kind of chuckled but assured her I would keep the door locked.

After kisses and hugs, they were on their way. I went over to my project to decide where I wanted to start and ventilate the house a little. I could hear Margie and Robin already yelling at each other and I knew this would be an interesting week! Had no idea just how interesting it would be!!

Next morning, I was awake when Margie left for work. We had coffee together and off she went. I decided to take my morning shower and shave. I stepped out of the shower and dried off and was starting to shave when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I figured it was Robin so I looked to see if the door was locked? It wasn't and when I reached to lock it, something told me to just leave it alone. I was standing there naked wth just shaving cream on my face and suddenly the door opens. There stands Robin. I at first try to grab the door but then I figured she would close it. She didn't! She was staring at my cock while saying how sorry she was for walking in on me. I didn't try to conceal myself, I figured at her age she needed to see a full grown cock.

Over and over she told me how sorry she was and begged me not to tell Margie or her mom what she had done. I assured her that it would be our secret forever. She backed out and closed the door.

A few minutes later I had finished shaving and had thoughts of her seeing me naked and what if she had caught me with a hard-on? When I opened the door, she stood there in he hall, once again asking me not to tell anyone. I told her again that I would never tell anyone and I walked into the bedroom that Margie and I were sharing. Robin followed me, telling me how they would yell at her and all that. All she had to do is go downstairs but she stood there. I dropped the towel and reached for some talc and as I rubbed it onto my genitals I turned so she could see what I was doing. Her eyes never left my cock which was getting harder by the minute!

She kept saying how sorry she was and then said, "I mean if you walked in on me in the shower I would never tell anyone." This got me super hard and I told her, "I will remember that!" She chuckled at that and in a slightly less timid tone se said, "I am going to take a shower now."

My mind was going wild! I simply had to see her naked. I wanted to glue my mouth to her sweet little pussy. I wanted to show her how hard she had made my cock and what her older s****r got at least three times a day.

Robin was in the shower and I was trying to decide what to do? Hard cock always seems to prevail at times like this. I opened the bathroom door and there she stood in the shower, totally nude. She looked at me with a smile and never once tried to hide anything. I asked her if she wanted me to wash her back and she turned so I could see her fantastic ass that was developing.

I got into the shower with her and pulled her close. She wispered,"Do you french kiss?" I was absolutely out of my mind at this point! Nobody asks that anymore! I slowly slid my tongue in to meet hers and then it got too dangerous to stay in the shower. We quickly dried each other and went to the bedroom where I showed her what her s****r gets fucked with and what is aching to make you into a woman.

Robin watched as I stroked my cock in front of her and I asked her to show me her pussy? Without hesitation, She positioned herself before me and parted her legs. To this day, I cannot remember a more beautiful sight! If there was ever a pussy that needed to be licked and sucked, this was it!

I slid into bed with her and whispered, "Pretty Baby, this is the way you need to be french kissed." And I tried my damndest to get my tongue deep into her lovely body. I reached for a pillow and slid it under her ass and then her pussy and my mouth had sex. She would raise her ass and I would hold her tightly as I sucked and licked her. Begging her to cum for me. I remember whispering, "Fuck my mouth Pretty Baby." She did exactly that!

When I could stand it no longer I passionately kissed her mouth. I reached for her pussy and she grabbed my aching cock. It happened so quickly, I was on top of her and she guided me to where we both wanted me to be. I was drenched with precum and it made for very easy penetration. Our eyes were glued together as we committed this terrible sin but at that point, neither of us cared. We just needed to cum and that we did, time after time until Margie got home. More to follow
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4 years ago
great story
more please
4 years ago
very good hot & naughty
4 years ago
Let me get this straight. You're 19 and you're MARRIED? What the fuck? Finish school first, you cock-blocked idiot.
4 years ago
great story so hot!
4 years ago
By the way, Robin says that we can all get together some night. She is cute and very ready!
4 years ago
Just so happens that I know your sister-in law and she told me this adventure a few years ago. I hope you finish the story because Robin just goes nuts when she reads about what has happened so far