Lucky Afternoon Part 5

The day finally arrived whe I absolutely had to get my boat out of the water and fortunately it was a slow day at work so I asked a couple of my employees if they wanted to assist me? They eagerly agreed because they would still be on the clock and it was a very nice day. I had them drive one of my company trucks and I took my own truck and told them to meet me at the boat dock. I decided to stop and pick up some beer and ice and figured we could run around the lake for a few times to use up some of the fuel before it was parked for the winter.

I hadn't talked to Nikki for a couple of days because we were both busy but I still thought of her all the time. The thoughts of the exciting time we had shared would get me hard in a quick minute! I got to the dock and my guys were already there. The one guy knew which boat was mine and when I got the cooler out they were both smiling. We loaded the cooler and as I waited for the engine to warm up I looked over and noticed that Nikki's boat was gone for the year. Found myself wondering what fun we might have had making love inside that cabin.

We made several trips around the lake and drank a lot of beer. Then I decided to go back to the dock and have them wait for me at the launching ramp and I would drive the boat over there. When I came around the bend I noticed a sailboat was there and apparently they were having problems loading it. Whe I got closer I saw that it was Nikki and another woman and an older man. My first thought was that these must be her parents and that this might be interesting to meet them.

Nikki saw me first and gave me a big wave. She was dressed as a boy but for me there was no denying her inner beauty. My guys had my trailer in the water so it was easy for me to drive forward and they pulled me and the boat onto dry ground. I got out while they tied the boat down and walked over to Nikki. She introduced me to the lady who turned out to be her mother and I could see why Nikki had such little body hair. Her mother was asian and a very pretty asian at that! The man turned out to be a guy who works as a groundskeeper for them as well as others in the area. I asked if they were having problems and they explained what the situation was. I called for my guys to come over and see if we could help and in about ten minutes, the boat was loaded and out of the water.

Nikki kept blowing me kisses and when her mother started to drive away I was heartbroken. Then, just as their truck was nearly out of sight, she turned it around and drove back. My guys were already gone back to the shop so I stood there expecting to hear that something wasn't right. Much to my pleasure, Nikki's mother invited me to follow them home and have a cold beer. I was in 7th heaven! I followed them down a few country roads and then they turned onto a road that I remembered and I knew it was a dead end. I also remembered that these homes on this road were very expensive and that I had done some of the electrical wiring on most of these homes.

They were near the end of the road when they turned into a driveway and I followed them. I offered to help the gardener with the boat but he was able to do it himself. Nikki's mother came out of the house with bottles of cold beer for everyone and thanked me over and over for helping them. She was a very beautiful woman and with that t-shirt and shorts she was hot! After a couple of beers she excused herself and now it was just Nikki and I in the driveway. I wanted her desperately and she knew it. She offered me another beer and of course I accepted. The beer was in a refrigerator in the back of the garage so I followed her in there and when she handed me the beer, all common sense left me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I pulled her close and we shared a kiss that meant so much to both of us! I could spend hours kissing her. The kissing got more intense and then we heard a noise. We turned to quickly see her mother leaving the garage. We had been caught!

This was not going to be good at all! I had no idea of what to say to Nikki and sure as hell could think of nothing to say to her mother. I told Nikki that I had better just leave. She gave ne a kiss and told me that she would take care of everything. I hopped in my truck and went home and sat there kicking myself in the butt for being such an idiot. My phone rang and when I answered it was Nikki. I knew I was not going to like what I was about to hear but her voice was cheerful. This had me confused and then the confusion turned to dread as she told me that her mother wanted to talk to me.

Her mother was matter of fact. She knew that her son wished he was a girl and that was his decision to make. She said she was sorry for walking in on like that and told me that I was very welcome in their home at any time. All she asked was that I not harm him or give him any type of disease. Then she had to go and handed the phone back to Nikki. She giggled and said, "The house will be empty tonight if you want to come over?" I asked her to come to my place and told her where I live. She said,"Give me two hours and I will be there." We hung up and I headed for the shower. I changed the sheets on my bed and more or less tried to straighten up the place.

Almost exactly two hours later I heard her car pull into the driveway and when I saw her get out I was about to lose my mind! I had seen her dressed before but this was something else! She had on very high heels, a very short skirt, and a tight fitting top that really set off her padded bra. I met her at the door with a camera. I simply had to have some photos of her and she was more than willing. When I assured her that no one would ever see them but us, she sexily lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down so I could se her lovely cock. I took a few photos of it as it got harder and when it was fully erect I put the camera down and took her into my mouth. I cannot describe how good this felt! She pulled me up and we kissed several times and then she got on her knees and took me into her mouth. I don't know which felt better but I knew that she and I were going to cum for each other several times during the night.

I led her to the bedroom and on the bed we kissed for a very long time as our hands fondled each other. She whispered, "Do you want to fuck me Honey?" I told her, "I want to fuck you, suck you and everything else we can think of!" She again whispered, "How long has it been since you have cum?" I told her that it had been the last time we were together and she said she wanted me in her mouth. I asked her how long she had gone without cumming and she said the same thing. I was greatly anticipating what she was going to feed me and I knew that with me waiting so long to masturbate that she was going to get a thick and long lasting eruption in her sexy mouth. I wanted to do her first but she begged me to cum first. She asked if I wanted her to get completly undressed and I said yes but when she got down to just her stockings I stopped her. Something about her beautiful cock and the stockings made her even hotter if that is possible.

She held my throbbing cock and slowly pulled the foreskin back. The way she does this is out of this world and then she covers it with her hot, sexy mouth. I watched her as she deep throated me and instead of pulling it out and stroking it as you see in the videos, she reached for my ass and invited me to fuck her mouth. No pussy in this world has ever felt this good! I very slowly fucked her mouth until I could no longer hold back and I told her that I was about to cum. She raised up enough so now only the head of my aching cock was in her mouth and with one hand she reached for my balls and held them tightly. This was our signal that she was ready. I lifted my hips and fed this pretty baby the results of many hard-ons and wanting to be with her.

I lay there totally exausted and spent as we kissed and held each other but when she raised up and I was able to see her fully erect cock, I was ready for more. I rolled her onto her back and went straight for her cock. I knew she had to be about ready from all the precum oozing from the beautiful head of it. She immediately began to fuck my mouth. She needed to cum and I was there to help her in any way possible. She pulled her lovely cock out so just the head of it was in my hungry mouth and began to jerk off. She moaned, "This is all for you Honey!" And with that she exploded in my mouth! She had cum in my mouth before but never like this! Her cum was so thick and it just kept spurting! I didn't think she would ever stop but finally as she gasped for breath, she fell back and pulled me into her arms. We shared a kiss that only true lovers know and we fell asl**p holding each other and feeling the warmth of desire fulfilled.
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4 years ago
Another well written story. Thanx again. How long til the next one??
4 years ago
I am always waiting for new stories from you and once again, this is great!