Lucky Afternoon Part 3

I was awakened by Nikki turning over so that now her little butt was pressed to my groin. In this position, of course my cock rested between the cheeks of her butt. I pulled her closer and found that she was awake also and she sexily wiggled her butt to excite me. She turned to face me and suggested that we need some condoms and lubricant. I agreed and she suggested we run out to get these items and possibly grab a pizza or something to bring back to the room. I thought for a moment and then ask if she would like a steak dinner? She admitted that she loved steak but was unsure about us going out so close to people that might know us. I told her about a place about half an hour away that had fantastic food and there would be little chance of us being caught. She said that she wanted to dress and fix her hair and I sure as hell had no problem with this!
She took her bag and went into the bathroom while I fixed myself a drink. Afetr several minutes, she walked out and this time when I saw her I thought I was in heaven! She had on slightly more makeup now and she wore a black skirt and a white blouse. She also had added a padded bra and when she slipped on her heels I defy anyone to think she was anything but a young, beautiful woman. I had already dressed so we were ready to go out. I kissed her and then I just could not resist what I did next. I dropped to my knees and lifted her skirt. She wore pantyhose and I pulled the down and tried my best to swallow her dick. She pulled me away and told me that I could have it but after we get back. I reluctantly got back to my feet and we walked out to my car. I had to give her little butt a squeeze on the way out and she smiled and said, "You can have that also". I had to be dreaming!!
We made it to the steakhouse and she told the waitress that we wanted to have a few beers before we ordered. This kind of surprised me, I figured she might want wine but she confided that she was trying to gain a little weight. I said nothing but found myself thinking that she would really be something else if she weighed maybe twenty pounds more.
After about three large glasses of beer each, she decided that we should order and get on back to our little love nest at the lodge.
After the waitress took our order, Nikki needed to go to the little girl's room. At first this didn't ring a bell with me but then she told me that she had never done this before. She was a little nervous but I assured her that she looked more like a woman than some of the females in the place. She walked to the restroom without a fault and when she came out she was really smiling. She had done it!! I noticed a few guys looking at her as she returned to the table and found myself wondering what their reaction would be if they knew that she had a very nice dick between her legs. I felt confident that they would suck her and try to keep her to themselves.
This girl can really eat! We ordered porterhouse steaks and everything to go with it. She ate all of hers and part of mine and then she had dessert to finish everything off!
She insisted on paying the tab since I had paid for the room and then we in the car, heading for a very nice night in bed together, sucking, fucking, and whatever else we wanted to do to and for each other.
She had me stop at a convenience store and she went in and came back with a bag of goodies. I knew condoms and lubricant didn't require a bag that large so I asked her what she had purchased? She had all kinds of snacks and a couple of old comedy movies on dvd. I knew that she loved old comedy classics and so do I and she said that we could just snuggle, snack, and watch the movies later on. Then she gave me a sly wink and placed her hand on my thigh. I moved her hand to my crotch and she asked, "Want me to suck you off?" I told her that I would love but I was saving something for her tight little pussy. She kissed my cheek and whispered, "I want you in my pussy so badly!, I want to see what it will feel like, I'm sure we are both going to enjoy it."
She went on to ask me to please take it slow because it would be her first time and I assured her that she could set the pace. She kissed my cheek again and whispered "I truly do love you." We got caught by a stoplight about that time and I kissed her deeply and found myself trying to tell her just how much I loved her. She got the message and from there back to the lodge I was trying to set some sort of speed record!
Nikki reached for my hand and asked, "Would you mind if I smoked a cigarette?" I sort of chuckled and opened up the console and let her see that I was a smoker also. We both laughed at this and she reached into the bag of goodies and brought out a pack of her brand. She fired one up and lit one for me. We laughed all the way back because we were afraid that we might not care for smoking.
Finally we got back to our room and I carried the goodies while she unlocked the door. As soon as he was inside she kicked off her heels, in true ladylike fashion and headed for the bathroom. She called through the door that she was going to take a shower. I asked if she wanted me to join her but she said she preferred showing alone. That was fine with me. A few minutes later she appeared with only a towel around her but she was sure to keep her "titties" concealed. I took a shower then and came out with only a towel. She had fixed a couple of drinks and was sitting on the side of the bed. I sat beside her and she showed me the condoms she had bought. She asked me to open one of them and as I did, my dick was growing hard. I pushed her back on the bed and took the towel away. We kissed for what seemed to be forever and then she asked me ever so softly to, "Kiss and suck her titties" I love this and apparently she does too. I reached for her dick and the precum was flowing. She grabbed mine and she sat up and reached for the lubricant. I took it from her and had her roll onto her stomach. I spread the cheeks of her little butt and instead of applying the lubricant I found myself doing something I never thought I would do. I parted her cheeks and teased her rectum with my tongue. I could not help it! She was so clean and hairless. She asked me to stop and she reached for the condom and we both watched as she rolled it the full length of my aching dick. I applied the lubricant while she got on her hands and knees and with one hand she spread the cheeks of her ass. I applied lube to her little asshole and then to one finger and very slowly inserted it in her. I slowly worked it in and out and then used two fingers. She was helping by wiggling her ass and backing up against my hand. After a few minutes of this she whispered, "Honey I'm ready for you. Put it in me and make me cum."
I started to get in behind her but she wanted to lay on her side. I snuggle up and she helped me part her little ass cheeks. I positioned my raging dick to her rectum and gently applied pressure. Her hand reached for my ass and she pulled me closer until I felt the absolute pleasure of the swollen head of my dick inside her. She let out a gasp and moaned, "Oh honey! It feels just like I knew it would!" "Put it in me a little more!" I gave her some more and felt her hand go between her legs to hold my balls. I reached for her dick and it was swollen with pleasure. We tried to kiss as much as we could and she asked, "Do you want to cum in me honey?" I moaned that I did and then she whispered, "Take that condom off and fuck me properly!" I pulled out of her and quickly removed the condom. I started to reach for the lube but she told me, "Just fuck me baby! Put it all in me and fill me with your hot cum!"
I buried my dick in her and she wiggled her sexy ass and kept moaning "Fuck me! Oh God! I love your dick in me! Harder Baby! Oh Yes! Just like that!"
I started jacking her off in earnest and she told me that she wanted to get on top of me. She pulled away and I lay on my back. She mounted me and while I spread her ass cheeks, she guided my dick back inside her. The expression on her face told it all. She was about to explode in streams of pure passion. I raised my hips slightly and she rode my dick and moaned obscenities until finally she fell forward and bit me on the shoulder as I started to explode inside her. She had the desire also and with her swollen dick pressed between our sweaty bodies I felt her heavenly cum spurting onto my stomach and chest.
I am not sure who finished cumming first but I do know that we kissed and clung to each other for a very long time and the afterglow of our lovemaking was an indicator that we are going to spend many enjoyable days and nights together.
I find myself wondering what it might feel like to have her inside my backside?
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4 years ago
nice read....real nice read. Thanx.
4 years ago
see what i mean about shemale they know all the best moves thanks
4 years ago
All your stories are great hun, but this series in particular :)
4 years ago
that was great!!!
4 years ago
Your stories set me on fire! I had a friend read all of them and he fucked my brains out right here on the floor! I gave him a suck job and after he exploded in my mouth he quickly pulled me up and kissed me and took his cum into his own mouth and swallowed it. Now he wants me to find him a shemale to suck off. You have corrupted him badly!!!
4 years ago
that was so hot you made me cum twice and thaTS GREAT THANKS