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I have met a guy on this site that shares the same desires as myself and although we live about a thousand miles apart, he has friends in the area that he was about to visit. I suggested that we might meet and that he might be interested in meeting my wife as well. He was all for it. We had talked about our desires and everything just fell into place.

He told me the exact date that he would arrive in the area and that he had to spend at least day with his friends before we could get together. I saw no problem with this although I was very much wanting to meet him asap. Two days after his arrival he called me and we agreed where we would meet. I had suggested a riverboat casino just across the state line. Reason for this is that my wife deals cards at this place. She has worked there for about five years. She is a sexy looking woman and whenever I go there she has more guys at her table than any of the other dealers. She has large natural breasts and does not mind showing them off. Seems like the more cleavage she reveals, the more guys, and women, are at her table.

I met Marc at a predetermined spot and when I pulled my car next to his I asked him to park his car and ride to the casino with me. He got into my car and he asked if he needed to pick up anything? I told him everything was taken care of and we drove off.

I just couldn't get the thoughts out of my mind of what we were about to experience and I found myself looking at his crotch. At last I could not stop from asking, "Mind if I have a little feel?" He smiled and said, "It's all yours." I reached my hand to his crotch and felt pure heaven. He had told me that his cock was 7 1/2 inches and from feeling him there was no doubt that what I was feeling would grow to be at least that big. I felt him getting hard and found myself saying, " can I see it." I thought he would simply unzip his pants but much to my pleasure, he not only unzipped but unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers down where I had a view of the most exciting cock and balls anyone could ever imagine! He stroked it slowly and aimed it at me. I knew I had to pull over and at least kiss and fondle it, after all, he was going to be in bed with my wife and I in a couple of hours. When I pulled into a parking lot I leaned over and held it. He liftd his ass off the seat so I could fully see his balls and I just couldn't resist kissing them. I wanted him to cum in my mouth and was about to work toward that end when another car pulled up and we decided to get out of there.

Back on the road. he slid his hand to my crotch and unzipped my slacks. I was sure he could feel the precum on my shorts as he reached for my aching cock. He pulled it out and I wasn't sure what his reaction would be because mine is about an inch shorter than his. He seemed not to mind as he leaned over and kissed it. I was about to tell him how good it felt when he sucked it into his mouth. My god! I am about to get into bed with this man and my wife. I wanted him everywhere. In her pussy, her ass, her mouth and the same for me. I found myself wondering what her reaction would be if I had this beautiful cock spurting hot, thick cum in my mouth?

We were able to resist each other long enough to get to the casino. I parked the car and we walked inside. The place wasn't as crowded as usual and we walked toward the gaming tables. I spotted my wife right away, that's where the titty lovers hand out. I lied to Marc and told him that she must be on break. We strolled around for a couple of minutes and suggested we play a little blackjack. We went straight to my wife's table. She gave us a big smile and said, "You guys feeling lucky this afternoon?" We both got a chuckle out of this and she gave me a wink that indicated that she was ready for whatever we were going to do with her. All I could think of was how her lipstick was going to look so nice on his huge cock.

After a couple of losing hands at blackjack we decided to ove on. I Marc how he would like to fuck that big titty dealer? He said , "Hell yes! And did you see the ass on her? I just smiled and whispered to him, "That is my wife and you and I are going to be in bed with her." We walked away but he had to take once last look at her. I looked also and she blew us both a kiss as we departed.

When we got back to the car my phone rang, it was my wife and she asked where we were going. I told her which motel and it was on her way home so she was happy.. She also told me that she was getting off early because she felt bad which was a lie. A moment later she calls again and says that she is on her way. I was sort of hoping to have some time with Marc, alone but such is life.

Marc and I had just barely gotten into the room when she pulls up. I had called her and told her the room number and when she knocked at the door, we knew who it was. She walks in and says, "This looks interesting" She kicked off her heels and fixes a drink. I told her that we had just gotten there a moment before and she says, Maybe I should have waited so you guys could get better aquainted" Then she gave us a knowing wink.

There was a disturbance of some kind in the parking lot and we were all standing there to see what was going on. Marc and I were both behind her and I felt a hand on my cock. I thought it was my wife but was pleasantly surprized to find it was Marc. I reached for his cock and found my wife's hand already there. She was ready for him and my thoughts went to what her reaction would be when she saw this fully erect cock and the huge balls that promised to fill her with his cum.

She walked away from us and began to undress. Once she was competely naked she cupped her swollen titties and invited us to suck on them. Marc looked at me and I told him that it was fine with me. He reached for one tit and she held the other for me. We sucked her and then I could not resist the urge to kiss Marc. She looked down and saw what we doing and said, "You guys need to get naked." We both stripped before her and when she saw the size of Marc's cock I knew she wanted him in her.

Marc's cock is bigger than mine and my wife wanted to see me take it into my mouth. I did as she asked and she asked me to take it all and hold his balls. I took him as deeply as I could and I heard her saying to him, "Kiss me and fuck his mouth." He began to work his huge cock in and out of my mouth and it reached for his ass and held him. She saw what was happening and told him."Don't give him any cum. I want it all in my pussy and he is going to suck it out of me. Are you ready to fuck me honey?" Marc pulled his swollen cock out of my mouth and joined my wife on the bed.. She reached out for his cock and guided it to her little pussy. I watched as she lifted her sexy ass off the bed and the lips of her pussy were stretched as Marc's cock entered her fo the first time. I was ready to cum all over myself.

She held him away from her body at first to enable herself to see his massive cock going in and out of her. Then she reached for his balls and held them as she begged him to fuck her. He did just that! It was hard to believe that any woman could have something that size penetrating her that deeply and trying to get even deeper. She was going crazy by this time and was gasping, "Oh Baby, put it in my ass! I want your cum in my mouth! My pussy! And please fuck me in the ass with that beautiful cock. Cum in me baby!!

Marc did just that! He grabbed her ass and held her tightly as he shoved his big cock into her pussy. I mean if it were any deeper he would have had his balls in her. After she had quit going wild she rolled over and just relaxed. Marc turned to me and showed me what was left of the erection he had fucked my wife with and there was no stopping me. I had to take him into my mouth and worship his beautiful cock, his thick cum and the promise of what we were going to do next. We love you Marc, please add on to our adventure.
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4 years ago
VERY sexy story! HOT.
4 years ago
wow that was greatr hope i find somebody on xhamster too thanks
4 years ago
4 years ago
wish the story was longer i was wanking to it cheers
4 years ago