Lucky Afternoon pt.2

For this to make sense, one needs to read my other post.

Nicholas,(his name) also known as Nikki,(her name) had agreed to get together again a couple of days later at the boat dock. She is all I've had on my mind since our first encounter and I arrived at the dock a few minutes early. Much to my surprize, she was already there. I took this to mean that she was looking forward to this as much as I was. She was sitting in her car and I pulled up along side. When she rolled down the window my heart started racing. She had styled her hair slightly and really looked like a doll!

After telling her how nice she looked, she said,"we have a problem". My heart was breaking as I asked her what was wrong. She pointed to the area of the dock where our boats were tied up and said, "take a look". I looked over to see a bunch of boat owners laughing and joking and I realized they were all there to remove their boats from th water and also to mess up what Nikki and I had planned.

She asked me to get in the car with her and she gave me a very soft and sweet kiss. She asked, "What are we going to do now?" I thought for a minute and told her that I would call the lodge that overlook the lake and see if they had a vacancy. She really gave me a smile then and placed her delicate hand on my thigh. I made the call and was informed that did have a few vacant rooms and I reserved one on the lower level with the patio facing the lake.

I got back in my car and she followed me around to the lodge. I went inside and registered and when I went back to Nikki's car she was in the trunk. She had a small bag that she handed to me and said, "I think you will like this." Then she grabbed another bag that had a bottle of vodka and another bottle of mix and a couple of lemons. We walked quickly to the room so we didn't run into anyone who knew us and once inside, she suggested that I fix the drinks while she was in the "Little girl's room.' I had to go out and locate the ice machine and when I returned, she was still busy. I fixed the drinks and waited. It seemed like an eternity but the door finally opened and out stepped the most beautiful creature I have ever seen! She had applied a little makeup and her choice of lipstick was perfect. She wore a pink nightie with matching bikini panties. She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered, "Do you like this?" I put my hands on her little butt and pulled her close so she could feel my dick which was already hard. We kissed each other deeply and I could feel a bulge rising in her sexy little panties. She pulled away long enough to turn on some soft music and take a sip of her drink. She walked to the bed and sat down and held her arms out to me. I joined her and we kissed very sofly at first but then, after several minutes, our tongue's were searching deeply into each other's souls. I kept caressing her lovely butt and the she pulled her nightie up and invited me to suck her "titties". Her skin was perfectly smooth and I when I started on her nipples she moaned ever so softly. She pulled my mouth back to hers and we kissed and exchanged the saliva in our mouths. After several minutes of this she broke the kiss and looked deeply into my eyes and whispered, " Do you want to suck my pussy?" I was so hot I could hardly speak. She sat up so I could remove her nightie completely and I kissed my way from her mouth to her nipples and the on down her supple body.

When I kissed her belly she moaned and when I looked at all the precum wettness on her panties I knew she was ready to feed me. I pulled her panties down slowly and noticed that she had very little hair down there. This was the first time I had seen her like this but her beautiful dick was lovely as I remembered it. It tasted the same also as I sucked it into my hungry mouth. I just had to try and get all of her in my throat and when I did she repositioned herself so she had a better view of what I was doing. I pulled it out long enough to take in the full beauty of her throbbing dick and the I had the head of it in my mouth with my tongue investigating the source of her heavenly precum. She begged me to squeeze her balls a little while I sucked. Then she arched her back and gasped, " Oh Honey! I'm going to cum all over you!" My tongue invited her to do so but it was all going to go in my mouth. I had my tongue ready and when she erupted I loved how thick it was, Then spirt after spirt and her body shook as I drained her. After I milked the last drops away I gave her balls a loving kiss and lay beside her with her in my arms.

After a few minutes her breathing returned to normal and we kissed softly. She cupped my face in her small hands and looked deeply into my eyes and whispered, "I love you" Then she said that although she had never done it, she was willing to let me screw her in the butt if I wanted to. I still had a raging erection and I asked her to just jack me off right now. She reached for my dick and said, " there is no way I am going to waste any of your cum." With that, she kissed her way to my dick. She held it for a moment and then she had it in her mouth. She reached for my balls and squeezed them. I had never felt anything as good as this. It was as if she wanted more of me than would normally erupt from my exploding dick. She took me deeply into her throat and then used her heavenly tongue as I had done to her. A few moments later I could hold back no longer and I was filling her mouth. She swallowed and sucked for more and I gave it to her until I felt like the top of my head would blow off!

I pulled her up into my arms and kissed her. She snuggled up real close and as we lay there she gently fell asl**p. I pulled the sheet up to keep her warm and comfortable and as I fell asl**p with her I knew we still had the night to spend together.
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4 years ago
Great strory I would love tobe in it wow thanks
4 years ago
4 years ago
so good! thanks
4 years ago
You are really a writer. And the story made so horny I'm still wanking
4 years ago
You are a talented writer. your stories had a nice flow to it. I am going out on a limb but I think there will be more... Thanx
4 years ago
I'm luvin part one and two! Good writing!